Hungry Elves "Stuffed" - On hiatus until further notice

Hello everyone, it’s me again.
After some time during which I was able to take a step back and replay the game I have
decided to start work on it again. At first, I only wanted to rewrite the lines of text that
I wasn’t particularly happy about and that I thought sounded flat, but I got kinda carried
away and rewrote nearly everything.
I want to repeat here that I did not make this game and that the original creator is @juan_alvarez,
whose original project can be found here. All I did is translate the game and (newly) added a few minor things here and there. A more complete list of features can be found after the link.
Regarding the link: Originally, I had one encrypted and one unencrypted file for download, but since
barely anyone used the unencrypted file I have decided to remove it. If a lot of people have a problem with that, I can put the file back up no problem.
Anyway, I hope you like the new “update”!

Download the new update here!

Changes in the new “Rewritten” update:
-Rewrote most lines of dialogue and other text
-re-added the first floor during dates and included new dialogue
-added some items that make replays less grindy
-added a new area with a unique function
-added tiny mini-sidequest to get into previously mentioned area
-added some more detail to the ending texts of some quests
-made the girls’ rooms a bit more personalized
-made the girls’ characters and dialogues more consistent
-added new (text-only because I’m not an artist) final dates for the girls,
excluding Catty and Lila because I ran out of ideas. These won’t cost you, but you will have to look around the house a bit
-added new descriptions to the girls’ rooms that change based on their weight
-added some books that try to explain (my own made up) lore of the world,
these can be skipped and are only for people who like worldbuilding
-fixed Babs’ diary being in Spanish the second time around
-removed the last bits of the name “Juan” that I missed
-(hopefully) didn’t create any more weird text cutoffs

Changes in the last fix:
-made it so that you can actually interact with things in the house
-fixed the 2nd Floor bug
-fixed certain weird collisions
-removed some text cutoffs
-slowed down some scrolling texts so they are easier to read
-The fire is now animated
-You will no longer get stuck in permanent ass-view after one date
-The delivery can now be picked up
-The secret items have been fixed and are obtainable as promised
-The tablets in the more secret room can be used without breaking the game
-you can now actually get all the dates, unlike before
-fixed some minorly broken events
-Licriemce will no longer randomly appear downstairs
-Licriemce will not magically lose all her weight everytime you leave the area

If you happen to find a bug, just tell me and I’ll look into it.


broke just after I got to the old man’s house. I tried to go to the forest and the game when to my inventory and would not let me leave it. also still need work on translation. words are missing

I noticed that the translation for the mobile phone says “Accept” instead of “Enter”, which is the name of the key that needs to be pressed. That should probably be fixed.

oh I had problem in the phone but I got based it. I was talking about the item screen where the pepper spay is

My apologies for not being clear, I wasn’t replying to you, but to the main post.

oh ok then that makes sense

I’m continously working on the Words Issue.

I looked around the Forest, but couldn’t find any Problems there, what exactly were you doing when the Game forced you into your Inventory?

I Uploaded a new Update, it should fix a rather funny Bug in the late Game.

A sidenote: It should technically be possible to place your old Saves into the new Versions, since I never touch any Event Switches or Flags, which means that the Game itself doesn’t change much from Update to Update.

I don’t know if I’m stupid or if there’s something I’m not getting, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to switch party members. How do I do it?

You don’t. The game switches them for you. If you keep playing you will see why.

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There is a broken trigger in the “Susan and Brittany” quest line. The stage where you are supposed to bring 50x roasted chicken, whackaburger combos, and double ice cream. You can bring them all the food and nothing happens.

A quick question: Did you read all the Stuff off of the Phone?
Or did you remember all they said to you? I think I found the Problem but I want to make sure about something.

Just going by what’s off the phone, I can’t quite remember what they asked for. Is something missing?

Nope, I just realized that I managed to write the correct Item everywhere BUT the Phone, sooo yeah, thanks for confirming, I’ll upload the new Version soon.

Out of curiosity what is it? Fried Chicken instead of roasted?

Precisely that.
I only asked because I noticed the Mistake but wanted to check if you didn’t remember it or whatever, cause if you had, I would’ve had to maybe readjust all the different Parameters of the Quest or whatever.
Now It’s just a small Problem I fixed in like a Minute.

New Update Has been released, this one is mainly about the Wrong Item, but also some very minor Text Changes

I’m sorry i’ve read the post and i never found something concerning the car in the human world disapearing is this normal or supposed to happen coz now i have pretty much no food left.
Thanks you

Uhhm, could you tell me where it was? I’ll look into it tomorrow, since it’s just past midnight.

Ok so I noticed a few things, there are quite a number of lines that get cut out meaning the translation should adjust for said lines, especially for those lines that are only on one line,
Names: while yes Juan can be used in English, it kind of breaks it a bit, Juan could easily be translated into John, and Moni, could be Monica.
Title card can be translated as well, don’t know if that was an oversite, but giving a heads up, I guess certain animations are hard to translate