Elfas hambrientas

how do u get the sharon side quest

Hi, i recently beat the game and am trying to go for the true ending. I beat the dragoness right outside the castle that spawned and i know that the true ending is unlocked once you’ve fattened all the girls, i checked earth and there was nothing new there (that i could tell), so i am confused as to what i missed, it may just be me being stupid, but since there is no official walkthrough that i know of i need to ask

Go Upstairs in the Library, all the way to the Back.

Bring a ridiculous amount of food.

i cant find the dragon can somwhon tell me pleas

I fought the dragon lady, trust me, i assume XD

At least two times more food, it is a really long battle

where do we get the Wakburger Combo? (it’s for britanny and her friend and i can’t buy it because it doesn’t show in the store)

Uh, it appears that I have mistranslated the Item, it’s listed as “Double Wackburger”, I’ll fix it and maybe upload the Fix, but I’d like to have some more fixes before I update the Other Topic.

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Hola, creo que el idioma en el que más te manejas es el español, por lo que haré esta crítica en ese idioma, intentaré traducirlo de todas formas para su mayor comprensión en general.

Después de dedicarle una buena cantidad de horas al juego (como mínimo 6) y de haberlo rejugado con la finalidad de desbloquear todo contenido, he de decir que es una obra bastante bien lograda, desde el aspecto narrativo, el sentido del humor y el manejo del fetiche, puesto que este es tratado (a diferencia de otros juegos) desde una perspectiva ‘negativa’ siendo una forma de atacar a los enemigos o ‘avergonzar’ a otras chicas.
Es bastante disfrutable y como dije, hasta cierto punto rejugable, no obstante tiene otros puntos negativos como podrían ser, en cierto modo la jugabilidad, no en el aspecto de las batallas porque este sistema está bien trabajado, si no en el hecho de tener que recorrer largos trayectos para volver a acceder a las tiendas, lo cual podría haber sido solucionado con otro portal o algún añadido que no te forzara a usar el carro a cada instante, de igualmente el sistema de ‘cocinar’ puesto que estos puntos se encontraban algo limitados siendo inaccesibles en zonas que no fueran el mundo humano, otro punto que podría haberse solucionado con el poder adquirir una cocina portatil o algo por el estilo, siendo estos algunos de los elementos que lo hacen a estas acciones algo monótono, no obstante te llegas a acostumbrar.
El último punto que me gustaría apuntar es el del apartado artístico, si bien con los sprites hechos en pixel-art, no hay problema alguno puesto que fueron bien logrados, los artes de los personajes, sufren una caída con respecto a la calidad, pudiendo haber sido mejor logrados (yo asumo que este trabajo ha sido con 0 presupuesto por lo que no se pudo contratar un artista para realizar este trabajo, el cual de todas formas hubiera sido increíblemente costoso)
Gracias por haber llegado hasta esta parte, sé que es bastante texto, pero espero puedas tomar esta crítica para futuros trabajos o quizás en algún momento un rediseño o mejora del mismo juego, una vez más: gracias por haber creado este juego, lo disfruté mucho y estaré al tanto de tus futuros proyectos.

Here it is the translation, hopefully it will be understandably for everyone.
So I played this game for a couple of hours (6 or so) with the intention of unlock every aspect, and I have to say that it’s a great game, with really strong points in it as the narrative, the sense of humor and the build around the fetish (that in many games is treated with other perspective, in Hunger Elves is treated as a ‘negative’ effect, like in the case of use it in the way to deal with feminine enemys, or to ‘ashame’ other girls in the game)
It’s very pleasent to play it, even to replay it, aswell it have some weak points, in the playabilty for example, to mention some: the sistem of shops, and the cooking sistem, that you need to travel around the map over and over again to deal with those, points that could be treated just with some elements as a portal to the store or a movile kitchen.
The last point is the art, but I’m not talking about the pixel sprites, they are very well made it, I’m talking more about the art itself, I suppose that the game have been made with 0 money on it, so you cannot afford to pay an artist to do every picture, but it doesn’t make the game less enjoyable.
Thanks for creating this game, hopefully you can read all and take this critic on the way to improve your future projects, or maybe a redesign of this game.


Hello, thanks for your criticism, I thought about the portable kitchen, but the return to the human world was important for the player to have the opportunity to find other girls to gain weight.

On the part of shaming girls, I didn’t get it.

I cannot deny the artistic section that what is not pixelart is very bad, although I think that I improved something towards the end of the project, I think it is not enough. About the cost of an artist is something incredible, I think in Vale City there are about $ 2,000.00 US dollars in total invested in the artist. In my case, for the country (Argentina), having my money on the internet is very fulfilled, things like Paypal you have to pay a lot in taxes, at least too much for my income which is the equivalent of $ 616.19 US dollars per month , and that I am a government office worker.

For my next project I will use much more PIxelart (Cya demo hopefully it will be in mid-March), in addition to making it easier for translation. On remaking the game of Hungry Elves I don’t have it planned, without having to have resources to do it in a decent way.

PS: I have thought about having a paetron for my next project, but in my work the heaviest part of the year is between the months of March to June, so I will see after that.


in my opinion, you could make the girls we made fat… Bigger…
for example the model of the lake house

Exactly the idea is that no, since to me that the fattening in the history is prerogative in the history, and also it is assumed that the fattening in the human world give improvements and when giving them it is when it finishes, but neglects, there is much fattening in the real end of the game

Having finished the game some time ago, I have to say that I look forward to whatever project you have planned next!

If it’s a similar RPG kinda game, then I sincerely hope that one of its additions would be a way to make your party members truly the biggest ones around. Maybe like a post-game golden ending of sorts? Especially since I liked seeing the girls’ gradual gain in this one!

In any case, good luck and keep up the good work!

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hello everyone
I wonted to ask where I find the secret monster to beat the girl in the library… I’ve been looking for him for a long time but I can’t find him

Secret monster? I mean there’s the dragon in the epilogue you can fight so you can get some better gear, but what you really need is to feed Licrimece to the max so you get the packaged feasts.

I did it… But it tells me that it is too strong to fight her

Hello, you have to go to the town to the pass and give the dragon scales to the shopkeeper, he will give you armor for everyone

thank you so much guys… I ask you the last question
where can I get the chocolatote?

in the city there are vending machines there is a mini game to get them