Elfas hambrientas

Hello everyone, I hope to do it correctly, here is the game of Hungry Elfas in their versions with and without RTP, at this moment there is someone in charge of their translation into English if they do not want to wait, here it is:

RTP: Elfas Hambrientas 0.6 con RTP

PD: if I’m doing it wrong when I publish in this way, I apologize, my English is not very good and I can get confused


It seems interesting. I hope the English translation is available soon. How do I get out of the car?

hello, in the transit cone or spot on the ground

A word of advice for anyone playing, look for little sparkles on certain objects and in the first encounter in the forest, use the little shaker you got from the home down the road to the left of your house. If you can speak Spanish, you probably won’t need to hear that last part from me.

I’ve got the girls at my house and I click on the sparkle and the player walks to the table but I don’t know what I have to do next?

You have to go to the bathroom to look for sleeping bags

Got those out already I’m stuck on the sparkle after that one where they all walk to the table.

how weird, they never told me about an error like that, because they load a previous game and try again

I go to the sparkle that goes ‘A dormir’ walk to the table, then I have no idea what I have to do next. I try to walk out the front door but it doesn’t transport me outside, and when I walk into the bathroom or bedroom and come out the ‘A dormir’ sparkle reappears.

I know, they have to investigate on your PC (which is in your room, in the game) is something important that is lost by not being translated

Thank you, that worked. It might have helped to have a sparkle there, like with all the other points I had to investigate.

What are you meant to buy at the market?


that part is free, the idea is that the player learn with success and error, I recommend some food weapons and medicines, the kind of camping is very useful to cure the team

you know where to get some money?

to earn money you have to sell the crystals that the enemies give you, but some you will need them for exchanges, but then in the game much more money will appear

ok i about to go the city now but what next? i am part there the elfs are in his rooms… and i went to his neighbor’s house too but nothing

talk to the chief of the dwarves and at the inn look for a barrel

Hi! Loved this game when I last played it! Have you got a link to the latest English translation?

no, because it is lost when the first page fell, but someone is already translating this update

sorry for post again but what the hack gran joya for? man i can not wait for translates be complected