Elfas hambrientas

What are you meant to do after you get the Gem Fusion de Almas and have seen the scene of the wolf girl looking through the town? I’ve already went to Britany’s apartment and Sharon’s room but I don’t have any money to buy stuff for them. What do I have to do next?

it’s a magic amulet it’s just part of the story

it is incredible what is lost by not knowing what is happening, you have to travel south of the city and run a race, I recommend going with money and using the translator that part is complicated

I’d forgotten this game, but after I saw this topic I remembered I still had the old English translation from before the site died.

I still have it too. Can’t wait for the English translation to come out

Sorry, but I need to say it in Spanish.

Sr. Álvarez, una pregunta. ¿Cómo se traducirá el juego? Me refiero, ¿me puedes decir quién? No te molestes tanto, no respondas si no debes.

hola, el mismo que tradujo la anterior version se llama themaninmidnight101

¿Y es también Español su idioma natal?

asi es, pero, de todos modos intanta no hablarlo en los foros por que puedo molestar a algunos

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Finished the game, well I didn’t feed some of the people in the human world but that will be easy after all the money I got at the bunny’s tower, and I must say I really enjoyed it. Besides the mine part that is, during the mine the random battles during the really slow moving puzzles was annoying, on the third floor I once faced off against: two bats, a spider, and two rats and got paralyzed from the start so all I could do is watch as my party was defeated without being able to do anything, the battle against group of bats after the bat girl caught me unprepared so I was defeated when I had low health after the bat girl fight, and the low run escape rate when fleeing from battles against bats was really annoying and tedious.

Other then that and the whole not reading Spanish part, it was enjoyable and I loved the weight gain, I hope you plan to do some more, do you plan to expand on this some more besides the English versions release or is this finished, and if so can we expect another game then? Also have you made any other games like this or was this first?

Help, I dont know what the 2 schoolgirls want to eat after I gave them the icecreams and cakes. Can’t remeber what they wanted.

50 wackburgers, 50 helando doble and 50 pollos fritto.
Now my question is: where the heck do I find fried chicken?

Thanks, for the pollo frito you need cook it by yourself in a kichen and it doesn’t need a recipe

How do I cook it without a recipe? And which kitchen?

Go to a cooking table and the ingridients will show up to cook a fried chicken.
These are:
1 pollo
1 aceite
1 sal
1 condimentos

I guess the game bugged out, because it doesn’t show the recipe, rip.
Thanks anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

You can buy fried chicken at one of the shops in the lower right of the city.


hello, the fried chicken is a secret recipe, it is found when they are arrested

Ah, thanks, and sorry for calling it a bug :0

books are a source of knowledge