Elfas hambrientas



books are a source of knowledge


Spoilers for the racetrack incident: During the police chase, going south instead of east gets you arrested. You’ll lose most of your money, if not all of it. However, once you’re out of your jail cell, search the bookshelves in all of the cells for hidden recipes. You’ll then get an additional WG scene and a Peacemaker gun upon leaving the jail.


Ok, I’ve fed batty in the castle now but i am confused where to go from here. Can anyone help?


hey there a item that prevent confusion, i really need it…


i remember playing this before! great game, excited for the new content! any word on the english translation so far?


go southeast crossing the bridge, where is the small desert


it’s an item that I still do not believe


If you have not reached the volcano, it would be a lot, wait a few days more than you will make the tradccion


I can’t beat the wolf, is there no way to beat the demo?? It’s impossible.


In the case of the wolf you have pepper, use it. I plan to make many fights have small puzzles in the future, for now remember to use food for female enemies

PD: I hope you get my answer, I do not know if I answered in my previous attempt


Thank you! Sorry for being a bit rude X_X


Does anyone have the patch notes for this game? I’m curious about how much different the English version posted by Candrew is from the newest update.


I’m at a black screen where the only thing to do is interact with a “corbatas rojas”


hey dude im in the mission or something to get the George’s old truck and i know that i have to do the race thing to get the truck fixed but dude do i actually havo to pay the 100,000 dollars thing , and i am spanish so reply me in spanish if you want


no solo tienes que pagar 1.000, cualquier cosa mi discord es Tipouno#4128

you do not just have to pay 1,000, anything my discord is Tipouno#4128


is the english translation still being worked on? 0: hopefully it gets released soon, i cant wait to play it


hello, the translation was supposed to be before the end of December, but the person who volunteered said he had personal problems, if he does not answer this weekend I’ll look for someone else who can translate it well


is it possible to play this on Android ?


hello, no, you can not, I know there is an application to play RPG makers on android, but I try it on my cell phone and tablet and it does not work, maybe it’s because in my country the acequible technology is about 5 years late , if you find any way, please tell us how it was


what is the name of that application? i dont know the name