Elfas hambrientas



I’m a little stuck at the moment, I’m at the part where you need to get George’s truck, however there’s no one in the house and I do not have permission to enter most of the house, I can’t figure out if there’s anything else I should be doing!


it is a sub mission you have to fish and get ingredients for Reacheal, I recommend you to be with the translator by hand, or wait at the end of the month, when the person in charge of the translation said that it would be at the end of the month


I remember that from the earlier version I played! But in this, for some reason she is nowhere in the house, and I can’t get through to the outside where I can fish :frowning:


the fish are where ever, south east of the house, passing the door, remember to cook them


I just finished the latest build. I’ve brought this up before, but I feel that it bears repeating: PLEASE take out those chickens’ Confusion Song ability. It’s unfair and makes fighting them utter agony. If the game has an item that can negate the effects, I have no idea where to find it.

Please understand that I’m not opposed to using that kind of ability at all. In fact, I think that it enhanced the fights with Babs. However, not only is she a boss enemy, there are no instances in which she isn’t the only enemy who can use that move.

The chickens, on the other hand, are clearly meant to be a low-difficulty filler mob that the player grinds for free cooking ingredients. As they are, however, they can pose a bigger threat than Guardian Cocunti. They have a few qualities that aren’t so bad on their own, but they become ludicrous when combined.

  1. The chickens’ Agility is higher than all of the party members, so they always attack first. Plus, escape attempts almost always fail.
  2. They can spawn in groups of eight, which generally results in the party having to endure at least three Confusion Songs.
  3. Confusion Song targets the entire party, and any given attempt always charms at least one party member.
  4. A Confused party member is essentially immobilized for the duration of the effect.
  5. If a party member takes a hit and loses the Confused status before attacking, then any techniques that I chose get replaced with regular attacks.

Put all of these together, and the result is a fight that provides nothing but misery. Every time I think about fighting chickens, I save right before triggering the fight. If the game spawns eight of them, I immediately hit Alt+F4 and reopen the game. As it is, this enemy is a source of nothing but keyboard-pounding frustration.


haha sorry that I laugh, but it is a mistake that made me notice for a while, create an object that prefers the confusion, but never put it in the store, in the next update not only will be this object but change the attack of the chickens and their speed


Any news on the English tranlastion of the latest update?


Yes i’m intresting also, i can’t wait to try that update!! :slight_smile:


hello, and a thousand apologies, the person in charge said to me last day in which we agreed that there would be the translation that could not. I do not know why I wait at the last moment to tell me, but I’m sorry to say that the translation will not be, if someone with knowledge in English, Spanish and RPG MAKER VX ace, let me know by my account in Discord Tipouno#4128


I can do a quick translation using a program called Translator++. It will be purely machine translated but should be playable until a proper translation gets done.


Please do! I had to use google translate constantly and I just ended up feeling burnt out, even if it’s not perfect, as long as we get the gist it should be fine!


Let me go ask Tipouno on discord if it is alright to upload, I had to decrypt the game files and I want to make sure that fine with him before I do anything.


Any luck in the end?


Sorry to leave your hanging, I contacted him on discord but he ended up saying no. I think this was due to communication difficulties, I know almost no Spanish so I imagine my English did not get properly translated. I think he thought I was trying to be the official translator rather than me just uploading a jank translation of the game here but I’ll respect his wishes.


yes, I think it is better someone who knows enough of both languages, anyway there are already 2 people who seem to be enough, I hope they do at any time


Besides the fact actually the game is filled with misspelling. A lot.

Translator++ would have done it so bad. But I am not blamming Translator++. Mr. Extruded Squared is not wrong; Hungrys Elves just need a jank translation.

But seems to be mr. Álvarez want more that only a cheap one. Translate another’s work is not easy stuff. Not only you need this to be understandable but enjoyable as the original one. You should (I do not know if I am explaing myself) catch the original author’s style to translate something. What the author wanted to shape. Blah blah blah.

Like I said: Elfas Hambrientas just needs a jank translation. Just that. But before if really you care, mr. Álvarez, better fix its orthography atleast. No offense.

And I written it in English because I need everybody to understand it.


That’s right, it’s not only that it’s Spanish, but also that I’m Argentine, and that it’s in beta form (being able to have a lot of script changes so the spelling is in the background until the project is finished, since I’m planning that each main character has a particular way of speaking mixing idioms and old Spanish), in fact now the game is in many changes. Not to mention that because Argentine is sure that any atutomatic translator will fail, so if someone wants to do it, they must have full knowledge of both languages.

PD: for something the game Minecfraft has several versions of Spanish, create me to write “this” using the translator makes me speak like an idiot for my countrymen


Neh, no creo que Minecraft haga bien poniendo tantos idiomas españoles.

Es ridículo tanto. Yo digo que basta con español latino y español de España. Aunque he visto que el manga de Ocarina of Time tiene edición española, mexicana y argentina.

Y el traductor intenta mejorar. Aunque eso, intenta mejorar. Pero no creo que sea por ser argentino.

Y no sabia que EH está en beta aún. Uhf. Y el hacer que lo personajes empiecen a hablar de esa manera va a dificultar el traducirlo a inglés. Aunque suena muy buen, la verdad

And no: I will not translate what I said. : P


Bueno, puesto que estamos en un foro de habla inglesa, creo que es una falta de respeto no traducir lo que dices para que todo el mundo te entienda. Asi que como no te vas a molestar en traducir… Ya lo haré yo.

I´m going to translate what “LaCabra” said, since he won’t bother, apparently.

"Neh, I don’t think Minecraft does good by putting so many different spanish variations.
Its ridiculous that there are so many. I’d say its enough with Latin Spanish and Spain Spanish. Though I’ve seen that Ocarina of Time’s manga has a spanish, mexican and argentinian versions.

And the translator tries to improve. But just that, tries to. But I don’t think its because its argentinian.

And I didn’t know that EH is still a beta. Uhf. And doing that the characters start talking in that way will make it harder when translating to english. Even if it sounds so good"

Something like that.


Estuve cansado, no es que no me importo. Igual, tienes razón, tuve que. Gracias por hacerlo.

I was weary, it was not I did not care. Anyway, you are right, I had to.
Thanks for did that.

Besides that, I expect a lot for the translation, mr. Alvarez (@juan_alvarez). I do not know how so big the game will be, so the only thing I can do is to wait. I hope luck for you and they.