Elfas hambrientas

Hello, if anyone could help, I’m stuck at the part where you are in a temple with six pictures. Was it meant to have anything after it?

it is a riddle, but if you do not know Spanish, it will be difficult, in any case the sifra is 238

No problem man, sometimes that happens, it would be cool if you say so next time, so nobody judges you! x_x

I guess I will have to. But better for now let the topic continues with normally and do not fill it with off-topic.

please make it playable for android my laptop is destroyed so i only got android left

Sorrry for the necro but is there any news regarding the english translation and if not, where do I find out when it comes out.

Hello, for what I see is paralyzed, 2 people were offered, and then say they were busy, at least for now. In any case I’m working on updating the game, which will be released mid-year and surely the game will be finished by mid next year. I think that then I can devote to translate it if this team of 2 people does not work, but it will be done by the google translators as I do with this message, and I do not know how well I do it

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I played through the game typing the dialogue into Google Translate and was able to understand pretty much everything. It was slow, but if you can’t wait for a translation, it’s a reasonable option.

I agree, there’s nothing wrong with making the translation a low-priority item. Even if the current translation came back finished, that still leaves the rest of the game needing it. Plus, this gives Alvarez the freedom to go back and change earlier dialogue if he wants to.

I can help with some side quest, may I?

Thanks for the responses. I’d indeed make translation a low priority item and I’m just using translator++(https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/translator-game-translation-tool.102706/) to batch Google translate it.

Fantastic, looks very promising and works in my game? Have you already tried it?

how do you even get it to translate the text? as it doesnt seem to support anything other than japanese, or do you copy the text and get it translated on google translate?

You probably downloaded one of the earlier versions, later versions support changing the translation text, also those later version need the translator++ folder in the C: folder to work. Also when I saved the translation it worked, as well as any google translation works, with a few bugs that damaged the game file and prevented it from playing so having a back up of the game before translating is probably important, though the bug probably came about because I was messing with the Translator++ program without knowing what I was doing so I probably missed a important text, took me several hours and multiple downloads of different version to read the patch notes and realise the C: thing.

Could someone send me a machine translated version?

I’ve managed to get a translated version of the game working, it has most but not everything translated, though because its done by google translate and some bits didn’t translate to english most of it doesn’t make much sense so you have to use your own English skills to figure out whats being said.

I haven’t used RPG Maker myself so I don’t know exactly how the system for entering text works, but I imagine that the best option is to copy every piece of writing into a text file, label each one with a short description of where it belongs, then have an English speaker manually add a translation next to each one.

Machine translation can only do so much. A good translation essentially requires a lot of lines to be rewritten. For example, the phrase, “Al diablo” literally translates as, “To the devil.” This phrase makes little sense in English, so it needs to be replaced with something that conveys the same meaning and emotion. Luckily, English has a parallel phrase: “To hell with it.” The words themselves are different, but English speakers can read it and instantly know what it means, whereas “To the devil,” would be confusing.

Is there any way to use cheats in the game? I dont feel like farming money for food to continue the game. So is there a way i can cheat money?

@TZed After starting the game and saving for the first time, use an online save editor for RPG Maker to give yourself as much money as you want. Use the link below:

Thank you, it worked!