Elfas hambrientas

So after i have defeated the big tentacle boss with the bunny and bat girl i cant seem to continue the game? Am i missing something or is the game finished at that point?

Dont answer ive decided i dont want to finish the game i have watched a youtube video

are you planning on uploading this somewhere?

Hello, I plan to upload the update of the game the first days of June


I have beaten the white rabbit two times,in the tower , and now I can’t go upstairs because of two trapdoors… How to close the trapdoors?

Hi, it’s down on the right, hidden by the perspective

-Espero con ansias la actualizacion!
Me ha encantado el juego desde que lo descubri hace unos meses atras.

What do you think of the game?

Hi everyone, does anyone know how to beat the monster north of the gnome village?Is there a trick or do I have to fight it? My characters are level 25…
I need suggestions
Thanks in advance

Have you beaten the rabbit and bat girls? If your problem is after that just buy ‘cerdito asado’ to take them out of the way. Otherwise go to the tower that is east from the gnome village.

Whats going to be new?

Asking again, but can someone post a machine translated version of this game? Can’t get it to work on my end.

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Hi,sorry for the trouble but after beating the three treacherous cats where and what should I go?

you have to talk to the red demon and she will tell you to see the statue that is south of her

Hmmmm…I could provide a proper (not just machine) translated version of the current demo, but it would be several hours of work. Would payment be possible?

Well, if someone wants to pay someone else to be translated, I do not even have a credit card or any means of virtual payment, in my country besides that they charge a lot of tax the national scam is very discouraging

PD: at the end of this week I plan to release the update.

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I could offer to make a non-machine translation for free, however it would take me some good time due to being overscheduled right now.

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I know I’ve been gone since Christmas but I’m not dead. Here’s a portion of what I’ve translated of the game so far. I lost some data half way so the map names aren’t in English but the dialogue until the Enchantress’s house should be good. Tell me what you think, feedback helps.


You left the RPGVXAce project in instead of creating an encrypted archive.

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Hey, can someone provide me with a save file before you talk with the wizard in his tower? the one where u need to get his staff. I cant use my save files from the previous english version and i dont want to play through the game again. It would be greatly appreciated.