Are there any RPG Maker games with art in them?

Kinda like how that Japanese maid game or “money in the city” had it where the portraits of the character progressed as they gained weight

Off the top of my head here are a few. I feel like there has been a post like this before but I couldn’t find it to link so other than Fantasy Feeder and Long Maid Vacation linked above here is a list.


I really liked Feeder Fantasy. I’ve played through it multiple times. That and long maid vacation (that was the game I was talking about in my original post, I just couldn’t remember the name) is kind of what I’m looking for with the whole “stuffing romp” shtick. Sorry if this post has been made before, I didn’t check.

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Also worthy additions to the list are Edypos and The Big Fat Vore RPG if you’re into monster girls or anthros respectively.


I can plug my project here! Okusim’s big draw is that the portraits are currently the only major content in it. But, you know, eventually we will have more. Soon :tm: