Feeder Fantasy by Fallboy

Whilst browsing Pixiv, I found this:

And was curious as to whether anyone had had any experience with it, as I can’t get 7zip to extract it in such a way that file names aren’t corrupted, and thus can not actually play it.


Looks like you may need to activate Japanese locale to get it working. Not a whole lot there from what I saw for non Japanese readers. From my short play through you play as an adventurer with a feeder fetish and every day you get to gift a girl some food item which over time would fatten them up. It’s all in text descriptions and no changing sprites. You can even get your character fattened by a woman at the bar that pays you to eat. Maybe a machine translation would help, but those descriptions would suffer a bit.

Here, I’ve converted it to UTF-8 so it’ll work when you extract it:
I used this to convert it.



here i made a translation verson


Thanks for the translate ! but what is key for mega?


I’m a bit nervous to dive in, is the protagonist’s gender ambiguous or is it explicitly stated that you’re male/female? If the answer is either ‘female’ or ‘optional’, then I’ll take a look for myself. Until I’ve seen someone sample the berries, I’m not taking a taste, myself. (Reference to a reference made in an episode of House)

I’m almost certain that the protagonist is male, but almost every other character is female. (I’ve only played the untranslated version)

what’s the key to download dude?

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Thank you, that utility will likely be incredibly helpful in future.

I’m attempting to learn Japanese, so trying this out shouldbe an interesting venture.


here is the better link


Has anyone discovered the code to the secret behind the house?

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The code is 29290141

The informant lady in the top left building gives it to you but with the current translation, the text box gets cut off.

Alright, thanks. I might check it out, but I’ll try to avoid having the protag gain any (not really my thing, unless he’s really feminine looking)

Is there a translation with better english/text box not getting cut off?


was the best i can do but i will keep trying


No problem man hell you are a hero for getting it up at all that fast

well i will keep trying

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I’m gonna work on one, though I will change some things in the dialog. I’ll also edit some of the sprites and change the main characters gender, etc… I’ll upload it when I’m done.


isn’t there two other games that fallboy has made

Yup, one has a machine translation(I think) on here, the other not to my knowledge.