Feeder Fantasy by Fallboy - Translations & Mods (Ver. 1.3.1, Original Ver. 5.0)

A Simple Town

Mordau - A peaceful, quiet, high-fantasy town known for its delicious food. The Heroes, three powerful and beautiful young women, have returned to settle down after successfully defeating the Demon King, and now they just wanna relax and enjoy living in the company of their admirers.

No one is prepared for the new arrival in town though – a fourth person that’s been blessed with special powers by the whims of the Gods. Only, this power is nothing so noble or incredible as elemental magic, or incredible durability, or the strength to wield a holy sword.

Put simply…

It’s the power to be able to fatten up other women reaaaaaallly really easily ~

Gather Up Food!

Explore town for moneymaking opportunities and delicious treats to feed to your girl of choice! Ways of earning an income range from the usual activities like dungeon spelunking, to helping folks in town out with their problems, to getting fed by an overeager elf ~

Feed the Heroes!

Stuff the girls’ faces with their favorite foods once a day to see them gradually pork up! None of them are particularly looking to get fat, though. They might have to be convinced to keep eating somehow…

Fatten Up Everyone!

The three Heroes aren’t the only girls in town that can put on some weight, not by a long shot. Look for ways to corrupt every woman you can lay your eyes upon into ruining her waistline! Targets range from the local nun, to a spunky goblin girl, and even to yourself ~

Get feeding!


Hey everyone, and thanks for giving this project a look!

Feeder Fantasy is an RPGMaker quest-type game made as a passion project by a Japanese creator called Fallboy, who can be found here:


The dude has worked on it on-and-off for several months, continuously adding more content and assets over time. He’s good friends with Sunny3257 and has commissioned the guy for loads of CGs that are now included in the game, so be sure to send him some thanks if you enjoy this project! None of it could happened without him.

Mod Ver 1.3

That said, this topic was created since the game has been extensively modded by a number of different creators since its first mention on WeightGaming. At first, it was just simple stuff like English translation, but in the time since, it’s expanded massively to original content, text modifications, more art, etc.

Any future updates our little development team makes will be hosted here so as to have a more centralized and customizable hub for sharing news to you all. The biggest changes from the last batch of updates are included here:

Changelog Ver. 1.0
  • Original creator updated from 4.0 to 5.0, introducing a handful of additions:
    • Liz the Guard, Maya the Info Broker, and the Wildcat Bakery Shopkeep now all have CGs drawn by Sunny3257
    • “Church Route” is now mostly implemented, connecting the relics in the Food Labyrinth to fattening up Sister Maria.
      Has a unique ending at the end of the questline. She currently lacks any CGs or changes in sprite though.
  • All new content translated + scores of typos corrected. A few may remain, and several lines are pending rewrites
  • “One Feeding Per Day” limit relaxed to “One Feeding Per Girl Per Day” limit
  • Rates of growth for all main heroines tweaked to try and pace their progressions better relative to each other
  • Goblin Cave extensively modified:
    • No longer requires Church/Labyrinth questline to access, can just be entered from the start
    • Goblin/Trap damage tweaked to make level progression and weight somewhat meaningful in combat/exploration.
    • Ability to Game Over from reaching 0 HP replaced with kicking you out of the cave
    • Extra exploration event added as a rare outcome of the crossroads event, along with a nonstandard ending that triggers if you activate it while at Weight Level 4
    • Goblin Girl can now be reached consistently by using a key item obtained from feeding several goblins into submission rather than being a totally random event
  • Judy the Maid’s questline heavily reworked. Weight Loss items are now obtained through a questline involving the blacksmith and the orb in your house rather than the sweets shop fairy
  • Late-Game NPC and new area added allowing you to freely change your weight for a fee. Discovered through a somewhat long questline also involving the blacksmith and weight-loss items
  • Bookshelf at home now has a streamlined system for leveling you up and notifying you when to examine it
  • Elderly couple near top of town now reacts to sweets shop fairy gaining weight
  • Stools in your home can now be examined, and flattened at Weight Level 5. Done as an experiment to see how fast and how well we could cooperate with our artists to get new assets
  • Most “gratuitous” feeding options for minor characters at max weight now have unique flavor text for each thing they can be fed rather than generic text (Wildcat Shopkeep, Ai, etc.)
  • Teleporter glitches and softlocks should be entirely removed. You can now use it anywhere without fear of breaking stuff. Item is disabled in areas where its use would clearly break or interrupt something
  • Loads of conversations tweaked for logic/consistency/flow/QoL

Though a more all-encompassing changelog is included in the ReadMe in the MEGA.

Finally, the previous thread can be found here as a sort of archive of the development process:

Once again, thanks for all the support, and hopefully we can keep working on this going into the future!


Quick question.

What’s the password that you need to enter at the start of the game?


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the password is like a cheat code also u can find them in the read me file bottom


maybe add the ui that shows your hp while you are in the cave? (would be handy to have)


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This game is absolutely brilliant! Everything from the writing to the art just really hits the right notes for me! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the effort into bringing this forward for an english speaking audience! :smiley: Totally utterly awesome!

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Well, this seems quite interesting.

So does this mean there will be a thread for a version of the game with an improved translation and without the mods?
And NO I’m not saying I want one directly machine translated, I’m just asking if there will be a thread for the original game and not the Kitsune version.

welp i found a crash (prob a error more than a crash as it softlocked me after doing a side quest and having some items than trying to sleep)

and i did found a very effective way of leveling up and grinding gold

Could you explain in more detail exactly what you did and/or share the save file?

maybe add the ui that shows your hp while you are in the cave? (would be handy to have)

Goblin Cave is a good ways from being in its final state. This is one of the things we’re thinking about

No, that would be redundant. Anything along those lines will be a tangent to what goes on here.

Please stop asking about this, I’ve mentioned numerous times that we’d ideally like to release something comprehensive enough to meet your wants, but seeing the only demand for it coming from someone regularly hostile doesn’t do much for motivation.


My apologies.
I ask multiple times due to the confusion that I had earlier about what was and wasn’t part of the mod/translation/etc., and any miscommunications coming from that and the thread that was becoming cluttered with various mods and translations and I hadn’t received a proper response that wasn’t buried beneath a mountain of replies or missing the point of my questions due to misinformation on either parties part.
Also, I am not being hostile in anyway.
Persistent? Yes.
But in no way hostile. Please do not assume I’m some kind of brutal, obsessive fan.
However I will stop asking since you asked, that’s all I needed to hear.


You can kind of cheese the goblin fights just by choosing Throw Food → Block repeatedly. Seems to increase their fullness level and stop them from attacking even though they’re not actually being fed.

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Thanks for making this! Being able to actually play it without being confused is great.


Lovely game all around. quick question, is there any way to fatten up the neighbor? I feel taunted living next to a perpetually skinny milf.


As far as I know, you can’t. (unfortunately)

Oh this is some amazing news.
Just curious, is there the male MC version of this somewhere? Or is this newest version just for the female MC?


There is only a machine translated version link in the orginal game thread of fallboy’s 5.0 release. Other than that the orginal 5.0 japanese dialogue is your only other option at the moment. However, fallboy’s orginal version has male wg art with it as well, so might be worth a check out even if the translation will be rough.


Seeing as this has come up a few times, if any of you want the original version translated, I’d recommend either looking into commissioning someone to do the translation for you or consider attempting to do the translation yourself. With Translator++ you can do a pretty decent translation without even knowing Japanese.

Just create a machine translation and then go through each line and attempt to fix the grammar and flow. There is plenty of dialogue you could reference from the mod translation as well if you get stuck. Of course it isn’t going to be perfect but if you start putting in the effort, others can help fixing the smaller issues. Here is a small example I did in a few minutes to show how the process would work.

The left column is the initial translation, second column would be the machine translation and the last column is what I did. Of course this is a pretty lengthy endeavor which is why it is unreasonable to ask the mod team to create another translation for the original version of the game in addition to their current translation.

Here is a slightly out of date guide I made for the initial machine translation and unzipping of the game How to machine translate Japanese RPG maker games . If you need any help with the initial setup for Translator ++ feel free to ping me or bring it up in the original Feeder Fantasy thread.

With all that out of the way, I love the modded version of the game and while I think Fallboy made an excellent basis for the game, the modded version improves it significantly. Good luck to your team going forward!


Hey, just a quick question. Does Feeder Fantasy have a “time limit” of sorts? Like is there a certain deadline in the game to complete everything or do you have an infinite number of days?