How to machine translate Japanese RPG maker games

There has been quite a few new Japanese RPG Maker games that are relevant to Weight Gaming so I figured I would make a guide to help people with playing these games. The two main programs you need are sjisunzip and Translator++.

Sjisunzip is a program which helps with unzipping Japanese games. If you unzip Japanese games normally, it is likely that RPG Maker wont be able to find the correct game files. Sjisunzip helps convert from the Japanese locale to English locale.
You can download Sjisunzip here . To use it just drag the .zip file for the Japanese game onto the .exe found in sjisunzip_v0.1 and it should automatically unzip.

After extracting the game with Sjisunzip, the game should be technically playable with no errors, but still in Japanese. To translate it, you need to download the latest public version of Translator++ which you can find here .

Run the Translator++.exe and “Start a New Project” (You can probably ignore any of the updates and missing 3rd party software). Select the Game.exe and it should bring you to screen 2 of my picture. Click on the “Batch translation” button highlighted in picture 2, then click “Translate Now”. After a bit, the game should be fully translated.

Last step is to do text wrapping. Often times the machine translation will have too much text per box for RPG Maker so some of the text isn’t visible. To fix this, right click on the stuff on the left, select all, then right click again and click With XX selected -> Wrap texts. You will have to change the Target Column to something other than the Source Column and then you can click Wrap text. Wrap text will make text boxes a little more janky with random end lines put in but it does make all the text readable so it is worth it.
Here a picture that shows the steps a bit better.

edit: I forgot the final step, exporting the translation once you have done all these steps. After translating the game, you must export the translation back to the game folder. The export button is the little box with an arrow pointing up and to the right and is 2 buttons to the left of the batch export button. Select “Export to a Folder” and then find where your game is located. You export to the game’s “www” folder. If everything went well then you should be able to launch the game and English text should pop up.

Please let me know if there are any issues. I apologize for the messy formatting, technical writing is not my strong suit.


Very nice tutorial! I hope that maybe this might help get more RPG maker games translated.

Also as a side note I moved this to Project Help Game Engines as the how to category is for the forums themselves and not game engines.

Is there more to this tutorial? I tried to translate a Japanese game and I didn’t see any change with the text in game. Am I suppose to replace a file? or am I meant to save the project as a new TRANS file and put it somewhere?

Any further help would be great

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you’re supposed to export after translating + wrapping and replace the game’s data folder with the exported one

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Whoops, Allom is right you have to export the files into the game folder. I will update the original post shortly.

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