Looking for games where you get immobile/blob

I’m looking for games where you get to a point that you are immobile or extremely slow moving.

They can be mods, games with sprites or text only.

Does not have to be immobile but at least considered a blob, like in Starbound big fatties mod which is a good example of what I like, I wonder if there are other stuff like this?

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in Super Fatty RPG you can become a blob and is really good. you will be mobile most of the time tough and your move speed will never decrease

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Thank you! I have indeed downloaded that and hoping to play soon. Do you happen to know more games like that?

unfortunately not. hopefully someone else knows because I would also like play something featuring blobs

Starbound Big Fatties Mod. It features a menu for gaining weight and has different weight levels including blob and immobile. I suggest you check it out

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Already did I play it a lot! Do you happen to know more games with these stages of fatness?

If you don’t mind some of the darker aspects, Gaining Perspective is a text-based game where you reach immobility pretty quickly.


Eat the Dungeon features very heavy weight gain where you can be heavily slow down by your weight, though it can be removed by upgrading. The adventurers (all of them are female) are at significant weight levels but not immobile yet, though with in two major updates the third set of weight gain portraits will be featuring immobility in them (though they still can do things).
Best part you can decide how fat/heavy they can be, though they go back to being normal when you extract the weight from them.

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