Super Fatty RPG: Full Version!!!

** 12/6/2020 FIXED THE DOWNLOAD LINK we’re on itch-dot-io now

** LATEST UPDATE 11/4/2018 (mostly to fix some bad bugs, there was a more major update on 11/3 skip to the bottom to read up on that) **

You can still use your last save file! Before downloading the new update, go into the folder of your game and save the “save.rvdata” file somewhere else (like your desktop)

Then, download the newest update.

Then, simply place the save file back into the new folder. Done!



BUGS? please keep them on the BUG REPORT THREAD!

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Special thanks to my friends Token and Daniel/Hungry-Joe and my partner for writing help!!!

I’d love to chat about the project with you all below! Please feel free to ask questions BUT, I’d like to go ahead and address a few things:

  1. There will be no more development or updates of the game after I finish cleaning this version up. I’ll make another post about that below. So don’t bother leaving suggestions or ideas or ask if something will be added in the future.

  2. If you’re stuck/lost please consult the walkthrough first. If that really doesn’t help then by all means feel free to ask (if enough people ask about something not in the walkthrough I’ll be sure to add it)

  3. Though there will be no more big updates I want to leave SFRPG as polished as it can be. I’ll keep up with bug reports/comments for a while yet and touch it up as much as possible so feedback on the bug thread would be much appreciated!!!

That’s it! I hope you enjoy~


  • NEW SPRITES: I’ve added the final two sprite changes for levels 85-95 and 95-100. However, these new sprites are impossibly massive and make the game nearly unplayable with your sheer size. But I doubt any of you will mind~ That being said, the massive sprites cause a number of odd collision/sprite layering issues. Don’t bother reporting these.

  • NEW ABILITY: I’ve added the “slime” status. Originally this was going to be a whole other class like the cow and werewolf but it was scrapped to alleviate some of the massive player sprite workload. However, the functions of the class were already built into the whole game, as well as the quest to obtain this ability so I tweaked it into a special “status” for you to still enjoy~ I will be adding the steps on how to obtain this in the walkthrough, but I highly encourage players to try and find it on their own. ** HOWEVER, YOU CANNOT COMPLETE THIS QUEST IF YOU HAVE ALREADY OBTAINED ALL 12 TOKENS AND THE BOSS HAS ALREADY LEFT ** Sorry about that…

  • FIXED THE FINAL BOSS: A number of you were having issues with the final boss. I believe I’ve squashed at least the worst of them. The infamous “repeating battle” should be fixed.

Other than that, I’ve tried to find and address the smaller bugs that have been pointed out to me here and there best as possible. I’d like to make this the last update of the game, so unless anything truly game-breaking is discovered, I doubt there will be any more fixes. Thank you all so much for enjoying my game~



I’m so thankful to everyone who’s enjoyed and loved the project this far!!! The making of this game was a wonderful learning opportunity for me to learn and teach myself some code and game design to peruse a long-time passion. All that being said, I want to make a somewhat bittersweet announcement:

I will not be making “Super Fatty RPG” anymore. This project was only ever meant to be short, sweet, and for myself to learn. And while it has been fun! It’s somewhat overstayed its welcome. I’ve learned so much in these last few months that I want to move on to new projects. I was never actually really interested in making an RPG or RPG’s in general, it was just the only tool I had available, and I will admit towards the end there production became a total slog as I just ran out of heart to spend on it. I don’t get too much free time and I’m trying to learn how to make the games I truely want to make, I just can’t do it all.

I certainly expect to come back and make kink games in the future! In fact I have one somewhat planned already~ (though don’t expect to see anything of it for a long, long time yet) But there’s other more serious projects I’m more intrested in as well.

SFRPG has been a wonderful introduction to game-making for me! I hope to come back later with something new and exciting for ya’ll to play~!!!


My awkward sleep schedule pays off! I’ll be able to download this first! I’m excited to tear into it.

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hm… i expect mira look more like cat than human…

Bittersweet or not, the main allure of the game was its originality and the obvious heart poured into it, so I am glad you learned a lot and enjoyed making it. I have yet to play the full game (3 am, not awake), but if you did not do a full 180 on the quality department it should be pretty good.
So, I am looking forward to playing the game and wish you godspeed on your fututer endeavors.

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uh sorry for asking this but is there a game guide for this game?

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Do you mind if other people continue your project? I won’t, but others may be interested.

It’s something I have seriously considered and may very well do. But. I will be removing mine and my friends personal sonas/characters

I’ll post about it sometime later.

Personal personas and characters? Interesting. I haven’t beat the game yet but I’m interested in knowing what they are after I beat the game.

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Question. I’m sure I asked this somewhere before, but since the only updates we’ll be expecting now would be more polished versions of the full game, would save file transference be possible between this full version and like v.1.1 or so?

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Absolutely. Unless something truely game-breaking rears up. The only reason you couldn’t go between the demo and the new vers was just cuz I rebuilt the entire way stats work and some critical event switches.

Thank you, and i can not wait for next update. I hope there more relate… sorry it just i love cute

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What do you think of the game so far?

I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of this game at first, but after this update I’ve got to say I’m addicted! Easily one of the better games on here.


Also, the guide says “Be sure to keep a bottle to take back to Henriette for her to reverse-engineer. (as well as potentially trigger a secret event~) about the breast pills you find in the barn. What is that secret event, and what triggers it?”

Do you think this is the best game on here now?

Yeah, it’s definitely a candidate lol, I’ll have more to say when I’ve finished it.

On that, I’ve had one very bad bug:

I got the special scene for Henrietta again, and used the Milk machine on her. After this, though, the screen went black but the game was still running (I could still walk around and get dialog and move to different cells). I saved and reloaded but the screen was still black. My 2 hour old savegame is fine though.

There’s a bug reporting thread to post your stuff in.

The “permanent black screen” has been a reoccurring issue…if possible. Find a way to die. It will reset the screen effects. The best ways are to find your way out of the town and run around until you die of hunger or, right next to the lab is a gumball machine that causes an effect if eaten that will eventually kill you if you keep walking.

Sorry about this. I’ll take another pass at the event and see if I can fix it. It seems to be somewhat random if it does that or not.

Hey, I’ve only realized this now. I didn’t ask if you’ll give a notification for when the game is updated or not.