Looking for a potential backup artist


I’m posting here just to see if anyone would be interested in acting as a backup artist/writer/etc! I say this because I struggle with motivation sometimes and I’m honestly unsure if I’d be able to get through the Gain Jam. I’ll certainly be trying my best though!
I’d only ask for help making sprites after the rest of the game is complete and ready to be published, as I don’t want any work to go to waste!

The art should be fairly simple; pixel art in a monochrome style. I’d do my best to help make sprites as well! My main visual inspiration is Impossiblesnail’s style, such as with SUPER FATTY RPG. So, hopefully the art won’t be too much work!

Tl;Dr this would be a pretty light background job, likely done during the last week of September or so. If you’re interested, I can give you more details on the visual style, premise, etc :]

Thank you for your time! :slight_smile: