Super Fatty RPG: Full Version!!!


When I update I’ll make an edit to the initial post with the date of the update and some instructions~


Haven’t quite finished the game yet. I just wanted to stop by thank you for 2 of the events I’ve run into so far:

The BE potion lady event(can’t remember her name), and the imps turning on the Incubus in the frat house. Both of these were a complete surprise and completely blew my mind honestly.

Thank you for this amazing game, and all the little touches you’ve put into it.



well compete whole token and reach 90 as a cowgirl i hope there more permanent transformation after update


Does anyone know how to get the “funnel cake” ?


SO! I went ahead and tallied up what Bonne-Buns wants:


  • 1 × Bakers Dozen Do-Nuts


  • 1 × The “Fatty” Patty
  • 1 × Ultra-Cheez-e Pizza
  • 1 × Bakers Dozen Do-Nuts


  • 1 × Bakers Dozen Do-Nuts
  • 1 × Half-Dozen Box
  • 2 × The “Double Fatty” Patty


  • 2 × Bakers Dozen Do-Nuts
  • 2 × The “Double Fatty” Patty
  • 1 × Large Shake


  • 2 × Ultra-Cheez-e Pizza
  • 3 × The “Double Fatty” Patty
  • 1 × Bakers Dozen Do-Nuts
  • 1 × “Hell Brew” Beer Keg


  • 3 × The “Fatty” Patty
  • 2 × The “Double Fatty” Patty
  • 2 × Large Shake
  • 1 × Funnel Cake


  • 3 × The “Double Fatty” Patty
  • 2 × “Hell Brew” Beer Keg
  • 2 × Large Shake
  • 1 × Ultra-Cheez-e Pizza
  • 1 × Pineapple Pizza
  • 3 × Funnel Cake


  • 2 × The “Big Jon Regular”
  • 3 × The “Double Fatty” Patty
  • 2 × The “Big Jon” Shake
  • 3 × Bakers Dozen Do-Nuts
  • 2 × Cotton Candy


  • 5 × The “Double Fatty” Patty
  • 3 × The “Big Jon Regular”
  • 3 × “Hell Brew” Beer Keg
  • 4 × Bakers Dozen Do-Nuts
  • 2 × The “Big Jon” Shake

So, in total, you need:

Qty Description
20 The “Double Fatty” Patty
7 Large Shake
5 The “Big Jon Regular”
4 The “Big Jon” Shake
4 The “Fatty” Patty
12 Bakers Dozen Do-Nuts
1 Half-Dozen Box
4 Ultra-Cheez-e Pizza
1 Pineapple Pizza
6 “Hell Brew” Beer Keg
4 Funnel Cake
2 Cotton Candy


Take the bus (activate the bench just outside the city) to the carnival, and one of the food stands will be selling them.


I’m so grateful you did this tbh I honest to god did not write any of it down myself lol. I may actually copy-paste this into the walkthrough later is that cool?


I was kind of hoping you would!


Also, you need to change the word “taunt” to “taut” in a lot of places. Not sure if it’s a persistent typo or a misunderstanding, but it’s not riiiight!


Hey my sweet sugar pops, how are y’all this evenin?

Name’s Levi, and I’m one of the writers who helped contribute to this fun game impossiblesnail has made for everyone (Player Character Descriptions and Vore/Combat prose). They really outdid themselves, and I’m super elated that y’all are enjoying the content. And I’m also grateful to be included inside the game briefly (if it ain’t obvious who it is heh)


Unmmmmm. Who invited this nerd???

Lol. Welcome~ try not to eat anyone.


better set out some appetizers then


you need bus ride to get it


dunno why but that bunny remind me of this bunny…


Bonne is ABSOLUTELY based off one of my favorite pokemons~ I couldn’t help the resemblance.


I kinda noticed that too, but chose not to say anything. Lopunny is quite the looker!

I think. I’m not attracted to women, so I’m kinda going for a character design perspective…
Oh! I just remembered something. Are you gonna put more stuff in the carnival? Because there were a lot of stalls there that were empty, last I checked. Only some food stalls, a quest, and a couple enemies.


hm… that explain alots


There were plans for the carnival, but the game is not receiving any further Content updates.


Aww, don’t tell me it’s gonna remain empty!


It’s going to remain empty