Super Fatty RPG: Full Version!!!


You shouldn’t have told him though.


One of the best games i’ve found on this site, creative, funny and a little macabre in occasions. Those were 4 hours well spent while trying to discover everything that it had and then searching throught the guide to see what i missed. I played the demo but i didn’t expect such an enormous expansion (pun totally intended) on the concept. Even if it stays as it is right now, it still is and enjoyable game.


This was honestly just a great game in my opinion, even though I’m sad to see it’s over, I’m excited to see what other things you might make eventually.


Loving this game so far! It’s making me want to draw up some fan art. More People need to know about this game. =D


Thank you!!! I actually highly encourage anyone who wants to draw content from the game!!! (if you have time of course UwU)


The bunny in the penthouse wants to be enormous, though, sadly, I don’t think we’d get to see her in super massive sizes like the player. Heck, I had a few ideas for the slime class, mainly stuffing enemies like the gum gun, but expanded to work on more enemies like lost cows and polly. Heck, stuffed lost cows being able to produce more milk or a side quest to bring the farmer fattened up lost cows from slime or the gum. And maybe a few quality of life things, like boobs on the non-cow class and wolf class if you go part time or use BOB-3 Gro.


I was never able to achieve the slime class, assuming that feature actually made it into the game. The wiki walkthrough said I could find it by visiting… what was his name, Byron? Whatever, the Bat dude. The wiki said I could find the stuff necessary for the slime class by visiting bat-dude’s office, and catching him playing with ‘The Boss’, only I only ever found him playing with the fox lady.
Not a big deal, but mildly frustrating.


their is a problem I cant get out of it city! I got the gate pass but the gaint security wont let me thorugh he keeps saying cant let a runt like you get through? Is their another exit because I am so confused please help me


that is a gate to a different part. The gate pass lets you get through the building with the green tent over the door.


Question as a cow class do your boobs grow over time or are they fixed that and do the bob grow thingy that is supposed to give boobs without changing cow class actually show boobs on your haracter or not?

  1. With the cowgirl class your boobs grow between 3 different sizes per visible weight class.

  2. Only the full time option gives you boob on your character. Otherwise you just have the same sprite as normal


umm i have two questions: how do i get the special slime status because i have been looking at the walkthorugh and it says their a is a chance when i enter the new floor in the casino that the boss will be their and be bloated? but i hae tgreid a lot of times but i have not beena ble to trigger it. am i doing something wrong or do i have to keep trying
the second question is about the gum gum gun that is a specail event from henreite ho doi trigger that because it is not very specific on what to do.
also is it possible to eat lost cows?


I’ll try to answer your questions as best as i can:

First, to get the Slime Status you’ll need to finish Bradley’s Quest for The Boss and then when you visit the new floor in the Casino, The Boss will appear bloated by Bradley’s magical tricks and you’ll be able to extract their slime and take it to Henriette to get the item you need. If The Boss doesn’t appear just keep entering and exiting Bradley’s floor in the casino until he does, it can take a while.

Second, for the event to get the Gum-Gun, you’ll need a Dinner Voucher from the various patrons of the Casino, as soon as you have one, head to the Restaurant Floor and sometimes Henriette will appear on that floor, partaking in the buffet. The first time you find her, she’ll give you the Gum-Gun and then you can equip it as any other weapon in the game.

Third, as far as i know you can’t eat the Lost Cows, just use the Milking Machine or the old fashioned way throught Submitting.

And that’s all, i hope i was able to answer all of that in an orderly manner. Good luck out there!


Is there some requirement to equip the 90’s skate gear? I never seem to be able to. Or be able to ‘equip’ ANYTHING.


There is an equipment tab in the menu, you have to equip things there and not through inventory.


What does the slime state really do?


AFAIK, it only increases your belly capacity, i don’t know if it has some other effects.


Does it make you look different?


Slime makes you green, cow gives you horns and boobs. I’m not entirely certain what vampire does, and werewolfing gives you a wolf head.

Equipment doesn’t change your appearance.


I don’t think slime changes your appearance.
Cow makes you green and gives you boobs, I think. Haven’t tried it out yet.
Vampire is only a new weapon, the vampire fangs, so it doesn’t change your appearance.
Werewolf gives you dark fur, a wolf head and a tail.