Super Fatty RPG: Full Version!!!


I am currently still playing the game, I enjoy it, keep up the good work.


how much wg is required to reach the wc 100?


i didn’t think you could, but there might just be an absurdly high limit. keep eating!


The only thing you get for reaching it is a sense of achievement, so don’t work too hard to get there!


It’s actually impossible to get to WC 100. That was my fault I should have fixed what lists as the cap. It’s on my list when I have time


Spoiler (I think):

The maximum is not 100, but 99. I reached it by glitching the game with Bery Berry Bubble-Gum! actually.




this is mine


GOOD GRAVY. Didn’t think you could even reach that size! Must make navigation… interesting.


This game is really hard, I can’t beat ANY enemies and i can’t get past 13


It’s not hard. You just need to be patient kid. Playtested this dozens of times by now. Grab tokens if you wanna progress in level and remember to run if you get overwhelmed. Your stats correlate to your weight and fat not how many enemies you kill.


Do you wish you were that size in real life? Or in the afterlife?


Is there a chance of you writing descriptions for the last two sizes? Honestly, your writing is one of my favourite parts of the game


Is it possible to make the window larger? Usually I can just click and drag the window for other games, but this one seems locked.


you should see the guide


How exactly did you get your character to that size? I was able to bring my charcter’s weight up to that level, but their sprite hasn’t changed since first hitting weight class 99.


Well thank you. It was fun writing for this (the weight classes. And then battle stuff for the slimes, werewolves, ghosts, and vampires. I may have done the gators but I cant remember at this point). I dunno if theres a plan to revisit this, so wether or not I contribute more writing just depends on that.


So… i have some questions as i got stuck
1… what do i need to enter in the gatorskate? i got the 90’s skate gear but i still can’t enter
2… from where i get the thing with what i catch the slime?


1.) IIRC, you need both the 90’s skate gear and the Skateboard weapon equipped to enter.
2.) Once inside the Gatorpark, talk to the gator at the counter and ask about Quests. If you select the Slime quest, you’ll receive a Slime X-Tractor item that can be used in battle to extract slime.


do you mean the sk8 board?


That’s the weapon he’s talking about. Although I’m fairly sure you only need to equip the 90’s skate gear in order to get in.