Super Fatty RPG: Full Version!!!


~10 hours of playing and i beated the game,i really enjoyed it,this is why i finished it in one session,i hope more updates would come and,good luck with its development


Last I heard, the game is done. No more progress being made, creator moved on to bigger better things.
And while I hate to play negative nancy, it’s better than letting you get your hopes up.

Any male centered weight gaining games?

Why did the cows near the farm decide to go into the fattening grass that got them so fat?


I think that’s up to interpretation. Probably got lured in by the taste! P:


Excuse me, I don’t seem to have the item cotton candy, and funnel cake on my download. Mind if you can tell me how to earn them, please and thank you?


Let’s see if i can help. The Cotton Candy and Funnel Cake can be found at the Carnival, to get there you just need to use the bench outside the city. The funnel cake is sold at the stalls but to get the Cotton Candy you’ll need the Slime X-tractor from the swamp and get 3 samples from the enemies slimes located at the Carnival.


Excuse me to interupt, but when will the update on the full version of Super Fatty RPG come? I mean I LOVE the game, I just downloaded it, and I was wondering if you guys, or the creator of this game can inform me when the next update will appear? :slight_smile:


Sorry to say, it’s not going to! Super Fatty RPG is complete, and no more updates are coming.


So, He doesn’t make rpg games anymore? :scream:


hello? are you online? if you are. Know this, If we get your RPG Game 5000 likes, then you must update it. deal? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He did make a short Holiday game for the site’s game jam.


@Zeborah_Hill do not pester the devs for updates on their project. Not only does Impossiblesnail clearly state his game is in a finished state and will not release any updates outside of bug fixes; pestering devs for updates under any circumstances does not add anything to the discussion and violates our community rules.

Please do not ask any devs for when the next update will be out in the future. Thank you.


If you really want more SFRPG you’ll make that “donations” instead of likes~

I appreciate your eagerness and love for the game but I’ve moved back into paid projects. SFRPG took months to make and I sacrificed all that time doing something that could have made me money for something I genuinely enjoyed and learned a lot from but, ultimately paid no bills. It was only because I took my old job back that I could even afford to do this in the first place.

Though there are a myriad of reasons I can’t continue the project, as usual, money is most of them. I don’t want to be rude but I just want to make this clear to you and others who have asked the same.


I understand, perhaps when I get enough money for your bills and donations. Perhaps maybe then, it’ll be decided. So, think of me as a good ally.


Sorry, my apologies. I understand the circumstances of this website. Please, forgive me.


I like the game i am waiting the complete game whit sound, thanks for the experience of your game, please finish it.:+1::+1:


Sorry, game’s dead. Developer is working on other stuff.


I want to see all sprite in this game ,but I don’t see any sprite in folder. (Lost cow,Henriette and other)
(I really like this game)


Is there a way to launch game with bigger resolution or something? Late-game player sprites are so huge, so they won’t just fit on the screen, but also cover everything else


Part of the intent was that having the player sprite being so big would be cumbersome to the player. You sacrifice utility for well… indulgence.