Super Fatty RPG: Full Version!!!


Oh… interesting. Why is that?


Sorry that was one thing i could never get working with RPG maker. They dont give you screen resolution options as well as some other things I needed to make the larger sprites work.

But I figured it was better to include them broken than not at all.


Also this. Large sprites being unwieldy is somewhat of the appeal~ sucks they dont center on the screen is all.


So you will continue whit the project? -sfrpg- I really want to explore all the game at the max


The project will not be continued. The game is finished. It is no longer being developed. It will not receive any further updates. The game is in its completed state. There is never going to be new content. It is done. This is the final version of Super Fatty RPG.


Unless someone pays for it


Well I understand the reason for not continuing this, old code and shortcuts that work well enough are a hell to find/fix and not break everything. Though if Impossiblesnail was thinking of working on a project with similar themes I would gladly help with funding.


What type of emulator uses super fatty rpg?:thinking::thinking:


Rpg maker i presume VX Ace.


Yep, VX ACE. That’s the one I’ve got, and I can befuddle a project file out of it.


I seem to be having trouble finding Trent and Elijah’s dorm… or any dorm for that matter, in the frat house, and I’ve combed over the walk–or rather waddle through and the threads and haven’t come across anything about where to look in the frat house or how to get the scenery to actually change? Every door I go through just leads me back out to the entrance again.

Haven’t run into any 'Cubi either, but… that’s more a personal hoping for encounter than anything really missing. lol

Any help from anybody would help, plz?

EDIT: also having trouble finding where to buy/get the “Big John” and “Double Fatty” sandwiches? They aren’t showing up in the menu at Fatty’s for me, or any other restaurant menu. Am I just missing something? I’m WC 51, if that matters.

EDIT 2: nvm went back to Fatty’s after going to the penthouse again and now they show up on the menu XD lol


I’m just going of of memory here so I’m sorry if this isn’t 100% accurate.

The layout for the frat house was something like: stairs, 3 doors, then stairs. (and of course it repeats forever in all directions)

The center door will take you back outside and the other 2 doors will be a random dorm room or trigger a fight.

I may not have the layout right but the doors will not always take you to a dorm room.

I hope that helps. GL