Super Fatty RPG: Full Version!!!


Oh… interesting. Why is that?


Sorry that was one thing i could never get working with RPG maker. They dont give you screen resolution options as well as some other things I needed to make the larger sprites work.

But I figured it was better to include them broken than not at all.


Also this. Large sprites being unwieldy is somewhat of the appeal~ sucks they dont center on the screen is all.


So you will continue whit the project? -sfrpg- I really want to explore all the game at the max


The project will not be continued. The game is finished. It is no longer being developed. It will not receive any further updates. The game is in its completed state. There is never going to be new content. It is done. This is the final version of Super Fatty RPG.


Unless someone pays for it


Well I understand the reason for not continuing this, old code and shortcuts that work well enough are a hell to find/fix and not break everything. Though if Impossiblesnail was thinking of working on a project with similar themes I would gladly help with funding.


What type of emulator uses super fatty rpg?:thinking::thinking:


Rpg maker i presume VX Ace.


Yep, VX ACE. That’s the one I’ve got, and I can befuddle a project file out of it.


I seem to be having trouble finding Trent and Elijah’s dorm… or any dorm for that matter, in the frat house, and I’ve combed over the walk–or rather waddle through and the threads and haven’t come across anything about where to look in the frat house or how to get the scenery to actually change? Every door I go through just leads me back out to the entrance again.

Haven’t run into any 'Cubi either, but… that’s more a personal hoping for encounter than anything really missing. lol

Any help from anybody would help, plz?

EDIT: also having trouble finding where to buy/get the “Big John” and “Double Fatty” sandwiches? They aren’t showing up in the menu at Fatty’s for me, or any other restaurant menu. Am I just missing something? I’m WC 51, if that matters.

EDIT 2: nvm went back to Fatty’s after going to the penthouse again and now they show up on the menu XD lol


I’m just going of of memory here so I’m sorry if this isn’t 100% accurate.

The layout for the frat house was something like: stairs, 3 doors, then stairs. (and of course it repeats forever in all directions)

The center door will take you back outside and the other 2 doors will be a random dorm room or trigger a fight.

I may not have the layout right but the doors will not always take you to a dorm room.

I hope that helps. GL


Oh wow! How’d I miss that XD

Thanks bunches!! Got the final tokens now!! Woot!!!

@Impossiblesnail and @Hungryleviathan this was an epic game!! and for the record I adore the Deer Game from the Fat Fortnight competition too!! Looking forward to whatever else you release to the “starving” public. hee hee hee Best of luck with everything you’re currently working on


Could you tell me how to get tokens?


Theres a walkthrough that you can follow if you are having trouble finding tokens


Where is hell brew?

Also, what should I do if I do not get an ace card?


You get hell brew later in a game once you get to the outer city in a different area.

As for the Ace card, again, later in the game. you’ll have to talk to an npc and he’ll give you the item to use for the mission.


Thank you for telling me!!!


Pardon me for asking, but how do you “capture” enemies? I’m mainly talking about the blue slime mission. Am I supposed to eat it or what? I only ask because the walkthrough doesn’t specify how.

Also, I freaking love this game! I’ve played a LOT of belly themed rpgmaker games, and lemme tell ya, they’re not exactly stellar. So many of the games I played are either super lazy or way over the top. Most games I’ve played simply copy and paste RPGmaker assets, such as effects, backgrounds, and tiles. The only original bit is the character artwork with the obvious fetish. Heck, most of them don’t even bother with the overworld sprites. It’s just an ordinary rpg with some fetish implements. Then you got games with ambitious and complex weight gain or vore mechanics that are way too hard to make sense of.
Not to say this is always the case, some fetish rpg’s are dope!
Your game however, has found the perfect middle ground. The thing that stands out to me most is the game’s consistent style. All the characters are drawn in the same art style and the backgrounds and environments always have this cool digitized style to it. This goes far beyond the typical rpg, and I really appreciate it! Another thing that makes this game stand out is the mechanics! It took me a little bit to figure out (after dying about 10 times XD) but once I learned how it works, it was clear what i was supposed to do. Your constantly having to balance your fullness. If it gets too low, you starve. Too high, you lose mobility. Not too complex, but still unique. Even if the fetishes weren’t a part, I’d still play this. I can tell you really wanted to make more then just a flash game or a sloppy rpg. You my friend have made a good game!
On that note, the fetishes easily steal the show here! You hit every dang weakspot. Weight gain? Check. Vore? Check. Big boobies? Check. Furries? Check. BBW wolf lady in a tight pink dress? CHECK!!! Not to mention the characters themselves are intriguing. I find myself clicking submit, regardless of wether or not I’ll die, just to see what happened!
I love this game! Thanks for making it!


Couldn’t agree more, surprisingly well thought out mechanics that work well together AND play into the fetish is rare.

Anyway, made an account to let you know you need to use the extractor item (I think it’s under key items and I THINK you have it already if you’ve seen the wolf lady). It should be under key items during the fight if I remember correct.