Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game

Have you ever wanted to escort a ditzy, hungry girl across the world? Well, now you can with:

Some Bullshit

This game contains mostly stuffing with food inflation + burps. Small amounts of weight gain, with some more coming in the future. Roughly 11-12 hours of game-play has been made depending on how fast you mash that enter key to skip dialogue.

One character is your more standard fighter, however, his companion has been gifted with magical abilities. This magic is fueled by food she eats and digests in combat. She gains skills throughout the story and through your choices in events, you can set her on the path of purity or gluttony - with corresponding rewards. Along the way, you will ski preppy kids, steal bad guys food, market fancy goblin beer, and return some slabs.

Often times you will be presented with choices for a character to steal food or not. As this is a stuffing focused game, YOU WILL BE REWARDED FOR EITHER OPTION, so pick whatever option you think makes the most sense for yourself!

It is early in development so expect some bugs and please let me know if you run into them.

Hi everyone! It’s been some time since the last update… but we finally got here!

Update 11 - Bad Borked:
The gang has finished their mission to the south sea islands to gather some magical fruit to purge the demon out of Emmie. Not only that, during their time out adventuring the gang managed to capture a high ranking enemy in Lord Wynnsbittle! Now back in the Capital, they can return to the King and report their grand success and implement the plan. What will happen next?

[[Some Bullshit v.112 ]

Please see update number 11 to my game containing the next batch of content which progressing the Some Bullshit story forward.

  1. Chuck has been added! Chuck’s a great guy, you’ll love him. For those playing from a new game, you can run into Chuck very early in the quest. For those reusing their safe files (probably everyone at this point!) no worries, Chuck will be patiently waiting for you in the second town in the game, Schalehafen (you can return there from the Bierbrunnan docks). After you do a little task for him there, you will meet him in other towns, Wippsbruck, and the main square inn in the Capital in that order. I HIGHLY recommend you visit Chuck before continuing the main quest onward. However, he is optional, so it isn’t a requirement.
  2. A whole major new section of the story has been added! Lots of fun, roughly 2 hours worth of content to play through. Talk to the King or Grand Archivist to start the next section.
  3. Eloa’s replay and another new one from the new story section has been added in. Look forward to replaying those fun scenes if you have completed the pre requisites.
  4. For those who are interested, there is an upgraded secret password that will enable some non canon, what-if vore scenes. Only two in the game atm, but there probably will be a few more added. Not into vore? Don’t worry, these are non canon and just for some fun with no gameplay or story impact. You can avoid them without any issue. How to get access: You talk to the Nordenhaven Inn cultist where you entered the first password with Emmie in front. After getting the VIP ticket, talk to him again with Emmie and enter 888888. One of the vore scenes is in the VIP section of the Nordenhaven Club, the other involves a very horny goblin in the Nordenhaven Inn.

A very special thanks to all my testers for helping make the game playable so quickly! Seriously, my beta’s are horrible, spoil stuff, and are very confusing. The game would be nearly unplayable without all your hard work.

Besides the game content I wanted to remark on the 1 year anniversary. I’m a week early, but I don’t think anybody will mind having the game released now rather than later. So this game was a major impact on my life this year in, I believe, a positive way. Kept me busy during Covid and introduced me to many new friends. I was a serial lurker my whole life (fetish wise), not interacting with anyone and just watching from the outside in. While I still like my overall privacy, meeting many new people has been great fun.

I know I thanked him above, but @clinko_clinko really deserves a large shout out here. If anybody were to refer to Some Bullshit as “Nerd’s project” they would be wrong. Instead it is “Nerds and Clinko’s Project” because he has been so instrumental in making this game, he has to be considered a co-creator. Not only the insane amount of high quality art he has made for the game, but he constantly helps me workshop new ideas and story beats. I don’t know where my ideas end and his contributions begin at this point. Give him a big thanks.

@thuasluhuall Also deserves a lot of credit here because he has made this endeavor possible with all new sprites. His new sprites allowed for many ideas to come to fruition that simply would not work without his help. Furthermore, the man sometimes would come up with new ideas himself, make an example and show me, and it was so good I had to put it in. Every time he sends me something I am blown away. Try and guess which sprites fit that description!

A year and 1,750 hours of RPG Maker MV later we are not done with the game. I never thought it would go on this long or get the response it did. I really appreciate everyone for playing and helping me make it a more enjoyable experience. I am hoping to have an update out in a couple of months finishing up the sidequests I didn’t get to for this update (we have some VERY good ideas coming) and then from there we have 2 more story beats and most likely another side quest update. Keep an eye out and thanks for playing!

Edit 1. Several bug fixes like walking on walls and extra events not going away like they should.
Edit 2. A couple more bugs fixed, honestly been awhile since I did the fixing, so I forget what, but consider this the most up to date version.


aight this is pretty tight. the writing made me chuckle, and i love ditsy hungry girl dynamic. Emily is great and i like how you managed to make hunger and eating relevant to her character. Ultimately I’m in it for the scenes. I’ve only been doing the glutton route because why the fuck are we even here for otherwise, but im curious to see how the purity route goes and if it scratches any itches. I like how the gluttony route so far has actual consequences and it makes it feel much more immersive. im all in man this is some good stuff.
I did find some bugs but they’re kinda nitpicky. the names on the menu are too long and get obscured by the stats, but i can live with it. sometimes during the scenes where you play as emily there are two portraits of her in the menu, like for the warehouse scene for example. Also in the jail segment, in the dungeon the back wall has no collision and you can just walk right on through.
Im still going through it but I’ve seen enough to know this is pretty great. Im hoping to see more of it!

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Thank you for your feedback. I should probably get to fixing those. A lot of the early game I was new to using RPG Maker, so I would do dumb stuff like instead of switching removing the fighter from the party, I would simply swap his sprite. As it goes on, especially after town/area 3, it gets more complex and hopefully better. Scenes also escalate as time goes on.


yea i just got past goblintown and im in the mountain area. I really really like the devour ability. im glad to hear that i still have some more to go.

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After you finish the goblin town and you get the certificate, don’t forget you can go back to the previous towns to play a mini game with each bartender there. That will be a long running quest line throughout the game.


another nitpick bug, sometimes pro tag gets stuck in skiing animation instead of returning to the walking animation. unsure how to replicate. it happened after finding the dead body in the back country and leaving the storehouse after checking the crate. the bug self corrects tho. great music choices man this game has it all. 80s skiing montages, the man in gauze, cute hungry girl, goblin beer, always sunny, a proh tagonist

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aight im done with the glutton run in the demo. fantastic stuff. one last nitpick bug - heading back to other areas after ski town results in constant snowing and wind blowing sfx. can’t wait for the next installment i really enjoyed this. never realized all those hours on ski free would pay off like this
tomorrow im gonna give the pure run a go next and see whats up. gotta be honest tho its gonna be hard to top glutton run as far i’ve seen


I will admit, right now the purity run is lacking. The main scenes you have for being a good girl are resist eating the towns stolen fish, not eating the warehouse food, and not drinking the bad barrel. Even then, the rewards are very very small for the second two I mentioned. I have some things I plan to implement, especially with the preppy kids food, but it isnt in yet. There is some small dialogue changes as well, but they are indeed small and dont impact that much.

I plan to expand this more for the next update.


Its… actualy good? Like, realy good, at least for RPG maker game. Of course its a shame that there is no weight gain content, but that is here is good. Jokes mostly land, characters are likeable and they even kinda change trought the course of the story. I espesialy like Pro, how he go from loyal guardian to sick of all this shit. I even dont hate most of the references, that pretty rare
So yeah, its probably first RPG maker game that i look forward to see updated. But name is some bullshit, its kinda dont fit, do you consider to change it?


Thank you for your kind words!
And yeah the name is something I would say when people asked me what I was doing on rpg maker on steam. I dont know what to call it yet, I will change the name when I do, because it’s pretty bad at the moment.

There will be WG stuff later in existing and new characters, just female though.


wuh oh found somethin weird during the pure run. i tried to do the marketing event in the fishing town and the minigame didn’t show up. it just went straight to game over. my sequence of events was

  • i got the certificate from the goblins
  • went back to the woodcutting town and did the event there
  • headed to the fishing market and tried to do the event there
  • once the screen faded to black it just cut to protag sayin i didn’t serve anybody and game over screen
    im not really sure whats up with that. hope this helps
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oh shoot another thing. i got the refillable keg and it seems whenever i try to activate it the game tries to load a missing audio file here’s a pic of the bug.


Aha! Would you believe you were the first person to ever pick that option? Seems everybody always wants poor Emmie to be bad. I’ll go through and fix the bugs soon, thank you for testing. I also think I know what broke the mini game, should be an easy fix

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a picture of me picking the pure optionspicture of me
truly i walk a lonely road


Holy shiz dude, One of the best RPG maker games on here in a while lol

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This game is off to a great start, having a party member who’s stomach capacity has to be converted into magic and constantly having to refill her is a good game mechanic. Would love to see an overstuffed negative side effect if you have her eat too much, maybe on her next turn she only can only choose digest and nothing else. The only issue I found is I couldn’t figure out the tablet/pillar thing after you break the bridge. No matter how many slimes I had her devour, could never get the second tablet

Hope the devour ability comes back in future updates

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secret candy room? please tell me that is some mess up joke for them…

You have to fight slimes by the slime on the pedestal itself, it was a dumb way I set it up to count kills, that I will probably go back and fix. Sorry about the confusion.

Secret candy room because I couldn’t think of another reason why there would be more food after you just ate/burned down all the guards warehouse supply. But players earned a scene after the boss fight, so it was the best I could do.


purity run is complete. ski town was completely clean as far as i could tell.
i gotta say tho its nice to see Pro’s softer side to Emmie in the purity run. its nice to see Pro not get mad at every little thing we subject Emmie to. anyway good stuff my man, here’s hopin to your good health! im happy to wait as long as you need for whatever else you got comin down the pipeline! bill murray he point