Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game

Having fun with this game so far, really like how you balance the Mana and the Belly fullness.

Also Sugar rush is pretty meta and fun

Yo, this might legitimately be the first time I’ve played a stuffing/weight gain game and been more interested in a non stuffing character. Pro is such a fucking top tier protag, love the comedic writing, looking forward to more whenever it drops.

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This game…
At first I was all like "Mmph, another RPG Maker game. sigh ".
But after I started playing it, my low expectations were shattered.
Excuse my French, but HOLY FUCK This game is good
The dynamic between the two main characters is downright amazing!
Prometheus playing the straight man to Emile’s ditzyness is just the best.
The gameplay is above average for RPG maker stuff, and the visuals are serviceable (still an RPG maker game after all), but the writing lifts this game through the stratosphere!
Every interaction in this game has something to give. I gushed about the main characters, but the supporting and background characters are just as good.
Somehow, every single time a joke can be made it is.
There was not a single wasted moment in this relatively short demo, and there are even a few secrets and side-quests for observant people like me.
There are few words that I can use to describe this game without spoiling it, which I won’t do because that would be a disservice to you all.
It’s a couple hours in length and I would advise you try doing everything, because it’s worth it.
I almost don’t believe that it’s this person’s first time making a game.
I haven’t even mentioned the music choices which were perfect for every situation.
There have only been a few fetish games that I played that I’ve been so excited to see more of, and I’m glad to say that this game joins the ranks of the greats with flying colors.
-Visuals: C+
-Gameplay: B
-Writing and story: S
You’ve truly impressed me Nerds. You’ve proven to me that it’s not the tools that make a game great, but the talent behind them. I cannot wait to see what more you have in store for us.


Just gonna sound like a broken record at this point but I’ve got to agree with everything said above. You’ve done such an awesome job with writing Emilie, but more impressively Pro. I’ve never seen one of these fetish games where the mail party member is as interesting as the female fan-service character but you’ve knocked it out of the park. Pro is super enjoyable everytime he’s on screen and Emilie bounces off of him super well! Only thing I’d want is weight gain stuff but you’ve said that’s coming down the line so I’m excited to see where you take their adventure next!


Thanks everybody again for their kind words, I didnt expect everybody to like Pro so much! I guess everybody can appreciate somebody who is really tired of dealing with nonsense all day.


I have to say along with everyone else that this is just stellar work. The dynamic between the two is super cute, and the dialogue had me smirking more than I’d care to admit. I’m also really impressed with the detail, I was shocked when it let me go back and drink at all the bars, very nice touch!

Only thing is, I went back to the first town, did the minigame, and got caught in this weird loop? Other than that, great, great stuff. I’ll be checking on this thread almost daily for updates, that’s for sure.

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Can you explain the loop or when it happened? Screenshots and info around what text box/ thing was happening at the time also help!

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can someone tell me why the game freeze? One moment I play than it stop.


Got to echo the comments here all already, stellar character writing and the Ski Free section was inspired. Kudos to you!

Only major bug I had was where going back up the mountain and into the mountain pass triggered the snow and wind effects to keep looping outside of the mountain climb scene. I have a game file where I’m stuck with it constantly.

Best of luck with the continued development of the game! Definitely one to keep on the radar.

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Along with everyone else here, I really enjoyed this, I do have a question though, do you have a consistent update schedule planned, or is this a “I’ll work on it whenever I can and upload it then” kind of deal?

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Also edited into the first post
Final update for the .6 version. Most bugs related to the mini games are fixed, and some additional “Good Girl” scenes are added in for the purity run. Added a scene on the boat for not eating in the warehouse, a scene for not stealing the food in the Wippsbruck Inn, and a post murder mystery scene after you leave town. Please be on the look out for them!

Working on the next update, sadly no ETA when that will be done, as I am planning on making it similar size to ski town, which took me about a month to put together.

And to answer the question above, I do work on it whenever I can, but I generally try to finish a whole area before releasing. I added to the .v6 version because after I released it, I realized it wasn’t really done, needed to make some things to fill it out. Plus I needed to fix the bugs.


Lol at the causal mention of a “murder mystery scene” just thrown in there :3

I have problems with the graphics in the game, every first dialogue in the scene is displayed incorrectly or blinks, and in battle the dialogs blink and there are no labels on some buttons. How can i fix this?

Honestly, I have no idea. You did export the files from the zipped folder right? Otherwise is might be a hardware issue?

First of all, great game. Enjoyed the previous version very much, and I enjoyed this one even more. (Tried the “Good Girl” run this time around and surprisingly liked it more than the gluttony run.)

Secondly, I’d like to ask a question that no one else has so far. Regarding the future WG stuff, will it be permanent or temporary? (I, for one, am hoping that it’s temporary. I don’t like WG much at all, and am mostly into stuffing/inflation.)

sorry for asking, but I suppose tp do after the bear?

Pinkballon, it won’t be Emmie but other characters. One will be more permanent, the other is temp only. It will not be a focus of the game as I am with you, I am not really into WG (despite posting my game on a WG forum).

Maria_House, sadly, you will need to wait for me to make more content. That is the end of the game for now.

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Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up.
(Also, sorry if I sounded a little whiny there, lol.)

Just played through the demo yesterday.
I like it, very solid, and the ominous evil belly voice is rather interesting.

Also, totally knew it was gonna be that yeti from that one Skiing game

I’m a little stuck, and can’t figure out where to go

Blockquote I just finished the lunch portion with the ski guy, and they pro and Emilia talked about going to a new town. I went to Switchback, sunset happened, and I don’t know where to go from here.

also, does the “special” beer do anything? it doesn’t appear to