A new japanese weight gain RPG from @3GPG93kDyAAWbKS on twitter

Not a long ago i found a japanese weight gain game called “メイドさんの長期休暇” (translated as “maid long vacation”) from this person on twitter :

there is an online version of this game on nico website : https://game.nicovideo.jp/atsumaru/games/gm15629?link=share_twitter here the new online version from the 19/01/2021 enjoy!
Well here the download version https://mega.nz/file/tnhn3ALK#hgDjzVQDqenh7ikMkCIDeHR7NH-tCDUrYaOesPI3Gzs

It’s an fast and easy to play game you don’t even need to understand japanese to play it and there is even some artwork in game.
I thought it’s an good idea to share it with you.
Like always remember to Control + e and put the language to Japanese . (if someone can do a tutorial to how to open correctly japanese zip in would be grateful.=
PS : sorry if their is some spelling mistake (im french) and this is my first ever post on this website.


Made a quick and dirty translation, and since there are still files with the japanese text in their names, I included the sjuinzip thing.

Just read the readme.


If i click on the translation it not working
It says 403 forbidden

Is it’s normal?

Nevermind it’s work just fine. thank you!!!

I don’t understand a thing of the internet version. Is the poorly translated one understandable? Like, actually written in a semi-decent english? Do the phrases make sense?

To unzip jap stuff i usually open the file in winrar and then press ctrl + e, after that set the language to japanese and then extract the file, works for me most of the time.

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I’ve been slowly working on a translation for this. It’s good, but only 10 of the 20 days are done. I’m planning on releasing a complete and not machine translated version once the game has all it’s content.


being a non native speaker of english i dont rly understand what you mean but the internet version is quite easy to understand. You start in the room, eat the bread on the table, then get out of the inn, get the apple on the tree, go to the panel outside on the left, choose a job then you will automatically go to the diner choose what you want, after that you can go on a map on the right choose what you want to eat, finally return to the inn to sleep or take a bath in the bath you can see the progress of your weight gain. Then sleep and redo the same routine the next day.
PS : their is different clothes that change how much money you earn, how much calories you consume or use.
I hope you understand ^^

To expand on the clothing a little more:

  • the maid outfit makes you the most money, but also has the lowest rate of calorie gain (you gain weight the slowest)
  • the standard outfit, what you start in, has a balanced income/calorie dynamic
  • the loose outfit (pink) has the lowest income modifier, but the highest rate of calorie gain.

Additionally, the three food buildings available in the afternoon modify hips/stomach/chest, respectively. The squares on the ground are a nice nod to what effects what.

As tedious as it is, getting the fruit every day is actually the most impactful mechanic in the game currently. It increases, permanently, the rate at which you gain weight. Get it every morning, as soon as you leave.


Played it for a bit, first off the translation is just a quickly done thing in Translator++
As for that being normal on the Sjuinszip, yes.

Now onto the game itself.
There are actually some little things that you’d miss.
First off, the fruit raises your hunger attribute by 1, meaning you’ll eat more, and thus more calories.
Second, if you forgo working by going to bed, you skip out on lunch, but you also decrease your physical fitness by five, which means you burn less calories while working. You can also lower it a little by working at the church, AKA the first choice.
Next is the clothes, The ones you start with are the middle ground, the maid outfit makes it harder for you to get fat and earn more at jobs, and the loose robe makes it easier to get fat, but you earn less from jobs.
Finally, in the afternoon(AKA after doing a job), you can go to the right side to hit a small street with some shops, these will boost one of your measurements by at least one(I didn’t pay close attention to the numbers there because I thought it increased calories), the donuts go to your hips, ice cream to your belly, and cheesecake to the bust.

Which just as I was going to post this, Tharsus explained some stuff


@onipuck You did highlight the fitness aspect, which I overlooked. After my first pass, I’ve been using the modded infinite money save, so the cycle of church → max calorie lunch seemed like the best play.

For those more visually motivated, you get a new sprite (for the chest and hips, at least) at both 80 and 90cms. I haven’t done a middle playthrough, but I suspect it’s tied to actual weight (or at least, that’s the only time I’ve seen it change for me)


Can someone explain the the loitering gold giver because I’m confused

Oh, he’s a painter, he pays you based on how thin your waist is because he’s a plebian

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Any other NPCs to be aware of

I’ve never used Zippyshare before so I’m a bit confused. The download never begins for me when I click the orange button. My browser blocks a popup when I try to download the translation, is that the file I need?

The lady in the upper left of the hall area will give you a corset if your waist gets to 70+. This lowers your waist stat by 10 when equipped, letting you get money from the artist outside 1 or 2 more times, so like 800 more gold from him if you’re lucky or if you line up everything just right intentionally.

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would love to play this game in english but zippyshare is not useable in the uk

It’s very interesting

Pardon my ignorance but I have 2 questions
You said at certain levels new sprites would be revealed, did you mean for the bath check or the overworld? And how many are there?
And what are the purposes of the cat, horse, kid and receptionist? Are they simply flavor or?