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so when i click on the trash in the computer the screen goes black and i can make it stop when i hit quit
(btw need to translate that)

Works fine for me, it just says “there is a reason why these files are in the trash” and that’s it. You aren’t missing much.

hey, um, how do I get access to the two ladies in the Wackaburger as feeder characters like the model in the fisher house

Thanks for the Feedback.
A question: did you have the newest Version of the Game installed or was it an early one? I’m still looking for the messed up Texts, but I think I found the majority. If you are playing the newest Version, could you tell me whre the Text was? Just a general Indication like “In the Mines” or even more specific, like certain events. If you could provide that, I wouldn’t have to scour the entirety of all Screens for the line and could go straight and fix it.
As for the Names: I wasn’t completely Sure if I should translate them, since Juan is a normal Name and Moni is just a Nickname (Her Name is actually stated as Monica in the files). I mean, I could change them, but finding every instance of the Names in the Game would be a collossal Pain in the Ass, so don’t expect it in the next update.
As for the Title Screen: It took me a while to actually find the correct config. File, but it’ll be fixed in the next Version.

This one is actually pretty funny, because it seems that you managed to catch the only broken Trigger there. Don’t worry, I found it and fixed it, so it’ll be ok in the next Version.

The majority of the games Sidequests are dependant on your Progress in the Main Story. Don’t worry, you’ll notice when their Quest continues, so just keep going with the Main Quest and remember to go back to the Human World periodically.

I’m just before the dark Casttle after the volcano part.


That… that is actually fascinating.
Did you do anything special before? Anything that could’ve made it disappear?
I just checked the Code and there is really nothing that could’ve made this happen.
Maybe try interacting with the Spot or going on a Date? That could reset the Trigger and unfuck this… I hope. Otherwise, I think you might have to load a Save.

how can i always fuck up like this ? well … i don’t think i’ve done anything spécial. The dates seems to be not changing anything and i keep trying to find an “invisible car” but it seems like there is nothing to interact with.

Well i’ll have the opportunity to do it all again ( and to not have only 1 save files :smiley: ), or i’ll find a downloadable save on the thread.


Give me second to see if I have any Saves that are roughly around there, maybe I can put it up just for you.

Ok, so I found a fitting Save.
It’s not perfect, but it also has some pretty Nifty Food and lots of Money (I think a bit of a cheatsy Save is ok since you’ve had such bad luck), but remember to save in multiple Slots from now on.


the one I have is called the moth build, I’ll have to check it after work tonight

Hey Guys, remember how I said I wouldn’t have the Names done quick?
But yeah, new Version is up that fixes some Bugs, unfucks Text Weirdness and also changes the Protagonist’s names to be a bit more English!
I know that not everyone will like it that way, but I don’t think it really changes much, since the Names are pretty much the same, only slightly adjusted for better Immersion.
(Also, sorry about the terrible FIle name, but I just had to)

Ah yes, that one is a bit older.
Just download the new one, you can even paste your old Saves over to it if you don’t feel like playing the game over again.

The names thing wasn’t a big deal and I don’t know why there were complaints about it, does being non-anglo really matter? Anyhow, glad to see bugfixes.

I was questioning that name thing myself, but I guess some people need more “parameters” to be fullfilled so they can really get into a story.
Seeing as most people on here are English/American, having an English name that you hear often can make the Story feel more grounded, and it really wasn’t a big change anyhow, since the names are really repeated only shockingly few times within Dialogue, so I was done with that in like 20 Minutes.
Also, I want to add that keeping all the Names consistent within the Translation was a nightmare, because in the original Spanish Version, the Names tended to hop around, for example Lila was also Lily, Crisy frequently changed the Position of her y etc.
That last bit really has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to say that, anyway, feel free to send more Bugs my way.

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I’ve been a long time lurker here and finally decided to make an account here to say this game is among my top favourites. I just have a quick question (it’s probably starring me in the face, but I’m honestly lost on where to go) about the “susan and Brittany” side quest with the 50 fried chickens. That is, is there a hint to where do you obtain them? I got everything else and been circling the shops all over the city looking to either buy it or buy the recipe to make it

Edit: Also, I’m not sure if this bug has been mentioned already, but i found if i talk to the bottom dwarf guard on the inside of the gate, the screen goes black when he mentions to be careful of the wild boars and chickens. The only way to fix it after encountering it 3 times is to reload the save

First of all, I’ll look into the Dwarf Bug Right Away.
Second of all, the Fried Chicken is a pretty asshole-y thing, because you can only get it by actively going AGAINST what the Game tells you by driving south in the Forest and getting arrested!
… Maybe I’ll put in some sort of alternative way to get it, but we’ll see.
Also, if you want to thank someone for the game, thank the Original Creator, @juan_alvarez over at the original Topic, I only did the Translation and fixed some small Bugs.

It’s just a tricky part, but if you let them arrest you, in addition to getting several recipes, you can get a very powerful weapon and activate Sharon’s events.

Oh hey Juan!
Yeah, I know that’s true, but I still think that people at least need some way to get to the End of the largely unrelated Quest, so I maybe did something about that… That’s not a Problem, right?