Elfas hambrientas

so um…im stuck at the computer at like, really close to the beginning, and it says I needed the sound file that usually breaks…so I tried to fix it and it didnt work, i put the correct O in there and it still doesnt work, it says it’s missing despite me having it

Can you try it again by renaming that file to this : Sonido Modem (Dial Up) - Conexión telefónica with copy and paste?

Hey everyone,
I finally got back to fixing things up, and I managed to fix the weird “fade-out” Bug as well as some other things. I still don’t rightly know about the Audio File, but I tried encrypting the Data, so maybe that will prevent them from getting messed up? I don’t know.

Anyway, here you have the non-encrypted Version as well as the encrypted one, one of them should work at least.
As always, feel free to tell me about any bugs and I’ll try my best to fix them.


No dice with any off these versions; they all give me this error: “unable to find tile: Graphics/Tiles1/Fountain”

All the downloads have nothing in either tile folder so I have no idea what the deal is with that.

Works fine for me, but I experienced another CTD when I used the desktop in the mansion, something about yahoo site missing. This is using the encrypted version.
Also found another glitch, during the guardian boss battle, the screen fades to black and you have to do your last turn in pitch blackness, then Moni and Cytia returned to their slim character sprites, but the fused elf remains fat. If you return to the human world Moni and Cytia return to their fat character sprites. Weird.

Hey everyone
I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that I created a new Topic where you can post your bug reports without cluttering the original Post. It’s here.
I will update the Links posted there whenever I manage to fix something reported to me; I will no longer be posting them here, as I believe it to be easier for everyone to only have to watch the top post instead of searching through a sea of posts and links for the newest Version.

Also, regarding the Guardian and the Party:
I looked into the Battle thing and strangely enough there is not even a fadeout programmed into it, so I just tried doing what I can, but no guarantees.
The Party randomly switching between their fat and not fat Sprites is something I remember experiencing at random times in almost all Versions of the game, and I think it’s just the Game taking the wrong spritesheet for some reason, I don’t exactly know how I could fix that, since it apparently doesn’t have any one consistent Trigger and just happens sometimes.

So yeah, just head on over to the new Topic and post any weirdness you encounter there!

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I have no idea where to go after “defeating” the 3 lieutenants in the castle and talking to the demon (maybe the demon said something but i overread it).

There’s a Statue outside of her room, interact with it and go down the stairs.

Ah okay thanks, i did overread it.

bruh what is the answer to the 6 painting 2 tales only one is true

Well, you only have to look at all the paintings and then try the numbers they give you.
If you already did that and can’t find the correct one, just tell me and I’ll tell you.
Remember that the Stories they tell you may not be in the correct order, but the code has to…

Does anyone know how to change the order of who is in your group? Like, who appears on the fight screens?

Uh, There are only four Members after a certain point in the Game, and you don’t actually need to follow the Setup given to you by the game, since you can just press right and left to switch between the Group members.

Oh cool, Thanks I appreciate it.

Sorry i really suck at these little puzzles I really dont get for some reason can you please tell me

It’s ok, the right Answer is 238.

thank you by the way were is the double choclate cake

You have to complete a Quest to get it.
In order to start the Quest, you must enter the Supermarket with a white Chocolate in your Inventory.
My Hint: Don’t give the Chocolate away.

How many mothe are in the deamon castle.

There should be 5, once you have them you need to go back to the little Imp.