Take a Load Off

Just make the game a half hour long I said.

I’m not doing a repeat of last game jam, I said.

I’ll go to sleep before the sun rises, I said.

Foolish, Foolish was I.

Anyway, welcome to another Mythical Chikin Fustercluck. Is it bad, yes. Is it playable, possibly. Spelling errors? Guaran-damn-teed.

But it exists!

All jokes and factual self-criticism aside, this is my entry for this year’s ‘Lo-Cal’ Gain Jam, and my third time participating in one of these things! The theme this year was push the limits, and boy… I think I pushed my own… Maybe I’ll get some sleep Sunday…

This game is made using RPGMakerMZ and is stuffing focused, possibly vore-lite or rather vore-adjacent (someone more knowledgeable than me please confirm) with some moderate weight gain of the feminine variety. As far as adhering to the theme, I think it can pretty easily be justified to fit. But for me, I wanted to do something a touch different.

I draw a lot of inspiration from music, I’ve made several characters that were based off songs I love or albums I can’t stop listening to. So I asked myself, could I push that to the limit? And how would it work…

Well, the answer is base an entire game on a song! In case you are curious, the song I chose to base this game on is a song called “The Weight” by The Band, although most folk might recognize it by its alternate title “Take a Load Off.” Specifically the version I chose was from the album “The Last Waltz” where the Band and the Staple Singers collaborate to make an unmatched rendition of the song… I’ve been listening to this album nonstop the entire time I’ve worked on this game, and I’m still not sick of it.

Here’s a YouTube link to the song, try listening to it while you play. It definitely beats the default RPGMaker music…

The Band - The Weight - YouTube

So how’d it turn out? I dunno, I gave it a rough bug test and patched everything I found with the last of my duct tape. And I’m too tired to give any amount of objective or subjective assessment other than its only a little less crappy than I am as a flightless bird. I still got a day to iron out any bugs and do a quick art piece for an endgame splashcard (it will be bad). Might be slightly less than 2 hours of content here, based on my bug test saves.

I don’t want to get too much into the overall story, because I figure this game is best enjoyed blind. So long story short, Enjoy, or don’t. But whatever critiques ya have I greatly appreciate. It gives me a general direction for improvement, and dear lord do I need it.

Also bugs, please lemme know if there are bugs.
Take a Load Off by mythical-chikin (itch.io)

Screenshots from the intro because I forgot there were a bunch of viruses going around and you can never be too safe.


Do you have any screenshots of the game?

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Whoops. Sorry, I forgot about all the viruses and whatnot floating around.
Gimme a second


Good bok to you, my good chicken! Looking forward to your brand of humour (11 jokes and wisecracks) that you normally bring to your games!


One of my favorites so far. the Rae and Jackrabbit cameo was a neat touch

So, I was unfortunately unable to finish this up in time for the deadline, but I will leave this as a time stamp that I have another version uploaded approximately 45 minutes after the deadline expired. I’m unsure about the grace period on the deadline, so I will defer judgement to those who know. For those who want to download the newest version, download the ZIP file that has an actual version number… I don’t know how to change the file name once it’s been uploaded without taking it down first…


I was unable to do an endgame splash card like I had originally hoped because I just lost all energy to draw… However! I did go through and redo the faceplates for all the characters. What does that mean for? EVERYONE HAS MULTIPLE EXPRESSIONS NOW!!!
No longer does Moses have perpetual RBF. Annalee has more than just her default derp-face, and Luke’s has a wide range of emotion he can now NOT EXPRESS! And the PC too!
Here’s a sneak peak:

Seriously, I’m kicking myself for not thinking to do this sooner. I think it seriously changes the game. Annalee might actually be likeable now…
I also did some dialogue clean-up, but I know there is still more I gotta do. Oh well. Here’s the link again!


Wholesome story, crazy that you could make a game based on a song, I listened to The Weight on loop the whole time for immersion. My only criticism is I would have liked a visual representation of how fat your character gets