Round Railroad: v0.2.0 Valleyville Update

:star: Game overview:
You are a student from the far-away region of Demarara, visiting the Olford Region to experience their their unique culture, industrial technology, and sprawling wilderness. However, your adventure goes awry as the Cult of the Hommunculi strikes and throws you into a dangerous quest to save the land from the creation of an evil god. Travel from town to town and explore large wild areas as you race against the cult to collect sacred Relics- possibly gaining a few pounds along the way. Meet a range of interesting characters, craft special items and weapons, and battle all sorts of enemies as you experience the “growing” world of Olford…

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Windows - Here
Mac - Here
Linux - Here

:star: Other:
This is the first major update for Round Railroad! It includes the first town and wild area, as well as a bunch of different quests to complete. It isn’t the biggest update I plan on releasing but there’s a bunch of brand new content for you to explore. Take your party to the town of Valleyville to help protect their relic from the Cult of the Hommunculi! There’s a bunch of things in store for you with this update. There’s a good bit of story to get the world set up, as well as several instances of fattening and weight gain to scratch that itch you’re here for.

There may be bugs, spelling mistakes, and other errors. Please report these in the Round Discord server if you find any! I’ll be using the same server as Roundbound. The server will be linked below, along with Roundbound if you’d like to check that out.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Feel free to reach out to me on discord (Round#8776) if you’d like to help out with art or programming! Enjoy the ride on the Round Railroad, everyone!

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Alright I uploaded the Mac version and I still kept it under the development name “Project Explore”. It’s the same game but different name, sorry if this creates any confusion!


Just getting the game started and I love the atmosphere you’ve set up. Burnout is a bitch, and I’m glad you’re putting efforts into something you enjoy!

Can’t wait to dive into the game and get the ball (train??) rolling.


Omg the train went “choo choo” this is the best game ever


Fun project~. Love the sense of ambition and style the game has! The Koikatsu art is cute, the taller sprites are great, I like being able to self-insert as a moderately cute bookworm. It’s nice to see your talent with RPGMaker blossom as much as the girls in game do!

I think, if you want to go hard onto the Action Command minigames, you probably want to switch to a Standard Turn-Battle System, not the Default on. Having to play back-to-back minigames with no breaks, especially ones requiring mashing, gets exhausting fast. I also found the minigames to be rather difficult, haven’t managed to land a Perfect on any of them. It’s why in Paper Mario, you do your action immediately after selection.

I found the pacing to be a a bit too fast. Watching the entire town get destroyed in a matter of moments, before we even really done much in it, is a little silly. You dropping a lot of lore and mythos onto the player’s lap without giving them much to actually do or focus on.

And for a more petty complaint…Dawn is NOT 4AM. Do you live in Alaska?? Greenland?? Where in the world is the sun up at 4AM??

Still, found myself enjoying the demo. Hope you don’t get burnt out on this and you find a good conclusion to Roundbound!


Promising project here. Dialogue is charming enough and the scene we do get is satisfying on the kink level with the buildup and everything.

I do have a few issues though. For one the intro town does progress too quickly. Felt a bit of whiplash from the tone briefly changing which made things jarring. Combat as well could use a few tweaks. Wasn’t aware the combat was a minigame styled one and was completely caught off guard the first few attacks so at least a reminder or tutorial message would help. And while the timing based minigame is fine the mash one is not something that should be for all of the damage abilities a character can use. Windshear notably seems impossible to even get a perfect on. Otherwise the combat balance is fine in just having enough depth starting out and at the right difficulty for the start of the game.

Other than that best of luck with the project.


I plan on moving the mash based minigame to healing spells, as they are used less and buffing the bar increase rate from 70 units to 140 units so the mash event is easier. And to your point about the town going by too fast, I’ll look into adding in some more activities for the player to do.

Haha yeah… I tried to make all the times relatively balanced out. Day and night are the longest periods intentionally, but I didn’t want dawn to be too short so I made it start pretty early which ended up being 4AM. Once I implement more wild/quest areas I’ll probably need to tweak the times a bit more.

IKR?!I fucking love Trains.


In Canada, the sun can rise about that early in the summer I think? closer to 5:30 I think actually but still, it can rise pretty early ^^

EDIT: did a bit of research and at Fort Nelson, the sun rises between 4:11 am and 4:04 am in June, with the lowest time being 3:59 am between the 15th of June and the 22nd of June ^^

so anything further north than that and you’ll get even earlier times ^^

I mean, if it’s his made up world, 4AM could be Dawn in Roundversetopia, haha.

But in seriousness, yeah, the rest of it are decent things to bring up. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The start of this game is so good. Insane potential. I love all the lore, and the characters are brilliantly written. I can’t wait to see more (but of course, no rush).

Just a couple of bugs I noticed: The desk in front of the museum lady can be walked on, and if you try to go back into your bedroom after the first night in the city the two character sprites are still there.


I am not able to open the game in mac

It might be my 'tism, but the train is such a cool idea. I would love to see some events happen in the train (I know the game primarily is focused on the settings you have fleshed out). I like how the combat is more interactive than the standard RPG-maker games. The only issue I encountered is that the game lags significantly after the attack by the cult. This is resolved after you board the train. Overall, a very exciting start to the game and I look forward to seeing more!


Murder on the Olford Express?? :eyes:


that translates the game into Spanish says ???’

Hi, I’m trying to download this game from mega, but when I finish up Windows Defender says that some of the elements are Trojans and the download fails in the mega app, is there a mediafire link I can use instead (Or maybe check the download link for trojans)

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Well this is a nice Idea to start with and I can see how this game can be easier to add stuff to so I can not wait to see what is next for this game.

It’s most likely a false positive.

I liked it a lot, definitely already feels pretty polished despite being a short demo. I like the combat minigames, eventing felt nice and clean, world and dialouge is solid (although I do see why some people feel the town was a bit fast, didn’t bother me much). I am not caught up on roundbound but from what I remember I can definitely tell you put that experience to use for a fresh project.

My only real nitpicks:

  • It makes zero sense to me how staying at the inn was somehow integral to the cultists plan
  • While it takes all of two seconds to realize what’s going on and adjust, it was a little jarring to have no tutorial/info pop up about the combat minigames. Could see that being an issue for some players.
  • I don’t know if you specifically tuned it this way for the demo, but I don’t think I got hit by an enemy attack more than a few times which made combat a bit trivial

Just wanted to pop in to give a little feedback.
First of all, I really enjoy the premise, the concept of a hub area that has travel to different spots is often overlooked as traditional RPGs tend to have a more direct flow to them; go here, do this, discover new area… Which is fine, but the hub area allows for more open ended (even if experience level won’t allow it) exploration.

The premise is also fine, although a little forced (I get this is a demo so it’s fine). But if I’m not mistaken the story has two premises, one that is almost glossed over, the PC is from a magical academy and is being sent to experience other cultures. This got my neurons firing with possibilities, you’ve already got a character select in place, why not offer different options, like different specialties (attack magic, debuffs, maybe even different elemental focus) perhaps? This would allow for some minor changes in portrait and hairstyle without having to change the body, unless you want to do that (differing weight distribution for example?) Well, I guess it all comes down to if you want to do the others also :joy:
The other bit to this is perhaps start the story off with this as the main premise, then drop the world ending cult a bit later, perhaps after a town visit or two, or just some train action in general.

Speaking of, felt a little let down there was no action on board the train. Considering it’s one of the focal points, here’s hoping it’s used for more than just getting to point B.

I feel I have more but I think it’s already been covered by others, but I will leave with this last bit of feedback. I have played Roundbound and it was enjoyable, however I kept feeling a little let down by the fact that the weight gain (for the PCs) wasn’t permanent, in fact you had to use gaining and losing it as a solution to puzzles (right? Or am I getting this confused with something else?) I know everyone is different but if I get the option to have my character be a glutton I want to see the results, as a permanent thing you know. Unlike Roundbound (where a goddess can just magically unfatten the characters) I feel this one might lend itself to more permanent gains. Just a bit of a personal thing, but just something I wanted to say regardless.

Anyway, with that said, TL;DR, I enjoyed what’s here so far, keep up the good work

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are you sure its a false positive? mine is doing the same thing.