It Came From Lantrum! Stuffing/ Vore Focused RPG Maker Game

Our story begins on Planet Daucus Sativus: A verdant lush planet in the Asterids Sector. It is the Capital to one of the most powerful interplanetary institutions this galaxy has ever known: The Gemuse Empire! Controlled by the mysterious and cruel Empress, this highly advanced society spreads their influence like a growing weed, taking over planets and subjugating those it conquers to a life time of hardship and slavery.

Hope is not lost, however! The Freedom Rebellion wages a heroic struggle to free not only the enslaved planets, but the Gemuse people as well! Undermanned and underfunded, “The Free” look for every advantage they can get against the dreaded Imperial Forces.

A rumor has spread on the grapevine of a new weapon the Imperial forces have discovered, one that can defeat even the most powerful shielding technology. A daring and risky plan is put forth to acquire this technology for the good of all people…

​As the player, you will help the Free break off the shackles of oppression and take down the Empire, using any method possible! Even if it exposes the rebels to one of the most dangerous predators the galaxy has ever seen!

This is a fetish game, primarily vore and stuffing focused, with some minor weight gain elements as well. While not essentially that a player starts with my first game, Some Bullshit, Some Bullshit by Nerds1, It Came From Lantrum is sequential in the story and some character’s backstories will be more clear. So it is recommended you try Some Bullshit first!
This is a first release, so please let me know if there are any obvious bugs.

It Came From Lantrum! v.01

Hi Everyone,

It’s been some time since I released the final update for Some Bullshit. During that time I figured I would take a break and relax from the whole fetish rpg maker thing, and I did! However, I also had some new ideas bouncing around and I talked to Clinko about it and he thought they had some merit, so I brought it up with Desayn and he thought it sounded cool. One thing lead to another and here we are with a new game! Clinko and Desayn have done EXCELLENT work as always. Seriously, tons of new sprites and face updates are required from this game and both of them went above and beyond with their efforts. Also, small shoutout to @Cj-x4.3 for making a really cool alien spaceship!

Terms of specs, this is going to be overall a much smaller project than SB. However, this first update clocks in around 3 hours long, so I hope you still give it a try! I sadly will not be able to keep the same pace with the updates that I did with Some Bullshit, but I will do my best to keep it flowing at a consistent rate.

First release there are bound to be some bugs. If you run across one, please let me know! Same to feedback or if you get stuck anywhere. I tried some new things for this game and my testers Crower and Bel did good work, but its impossible to catch everything. Otherwise have fun and I hope you enjoy.


Quick update regarding development on this game:


From the thumbnail alone, I can tell that this will be amazing!

Always glad to see new stuff from you



3 Hours already? damn


Can I ask for more information on the vore? What kinds are there, who does it, ect

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New game from Nerds and the Gang?!


Cool. It’s nice to see more of a science fiction angle. I’ve been interested in something like that myself since I felt like that was a kind of setting lacking in the fetish scene.

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Huh, you know when I woke up today. I was not expecting a new game by Nerds and Crew. Can’t wait to play! When my dial-up internet finishes downloading it of course.

Clara’s gonna have a blast

More Clara, more burps, more vore, more eaten Gemuse, more of the ol’ SB humor, more Clinko’s art, more Desayn’s sprites, more Nerd’s writting, and a cam focused on Clara’s tum???

The only downside I see is only being able to like the post once.


It’s very good. Play it!


Am I forgetting something here? I got the Blood, Lactose, and the Saliva.


You know, I was expecting a couple of hours of goofing around with the veggie vore. I was not expecting an entire actual sequel-type situation. Dis gon be good.


Wish i had a pc or laptop for this… man! Anyway to make it mobile playable at all?

holy cannoli, new game

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Top quality, Nerds.

Every WG RPG should have a belly cam. Such a good idea. Clara needing to sit down or lie down after basically every “battle” is also a nice touch (she comes across as a lot more lazy now, which just further sells how much willpower she is exerting when she avoids WG). Also, I loved the Mission Complete splash image, gotta have more of those. So many solid improvements on SB!


Still playing through but can’t describe how much I love this face


You have to get a stomach sample. Talk to Clara and buy her a soda.

Did that already. Am I missing something else?

Edit: Never mind I just needed the Autograph.

this is like when they announced pikmin 4

U can play this and some bullshit on mobile. (this is an edit cause first explanation was bad) download joiplay and then download the plugins so that the games are better!!! then download the game on yo phone and unzip ez peezy lemon squeezy.