The Stuffing Chambers - RPG Maker Game

My first (and probably last) RPG Maker game!
I just felt the urge to try it out and see how far I could get.

I like to look at it more as a multimedia art project.
The whole writing process is best described as ‘improvisational’.

You run around the different chambers, solve puzzles and get rewarded with
fetish content! (Heavily focused on: Stuffing, Burping, Belly noises.)

Almost every character that you will encounter has several different responses,
depending on the progress you have made so far. Especially when you are getting close to the end, some NPCs will get rather ‘kinky’.
So there’s definitely some reward in visiting them more than once.

There is no set order in which you have to solve the puzzles. All hints are accessible from the start and no puzzle depends on the completion of another one.

Additional Information:

  • Playtime: under 30 minutes
  • No battles
  • No options menu, you will have to endure the sound mix
  • You can save though!

An Option for the window to be in full build would be quite nice, otherwise its so tiny

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i do have to say there alot of stuff that needs work on otherwise it’s ok for a stuffing game

Damn this was great ^w^
It’s not very often that you see purely stuffing based games here, or anywhere frankly.
The puzzles were fun as well ^w^

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I like the game, bu unfortunally I dont understand ow to get the oil to the cook

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i cant figure out what lisa wants

At the moment I only have access to JoiPlay on my phone, and for some reason I cannot get this to play. Bit annoying.

However, I am very much looking forward to playing it, because as SilviaNexus said, stuffing games are as rare as a double blue moon.

I can’t figure out the button puzzle, I tried doing what the note says in the bottom right chamber but he says its wrong

Lisa want’s to hear a certain phrase that you need to find somewhere.

So the note says to not pay attention to the colors of the buttons, but to consider their numerical value. There is a second note in the game that is also having to do with Connor and the buttons that will reveal the solution to the puzzle.

so there to hints to that the number order in lisa room and the button order you have to push the buttons in the number order but i tried in both ways of the two hints but i still couldn’t get it

You must find an item to make the cat friendly, the cook mentions that the cat has the oil. If you need a further hint, Cats tend to like catnip which comes from a plant…

thanks. I figured it out. For a further hint, the book about Connor getting caught matches up with certain room numbers, SIX rooms specifically.

I am completely lost on Lisa’s puzzle can I get a hint or something

nevermind, I figured it out

this was good it’s a shame it was so short though

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im stupid, i need a better hint, sorry

Just talk to everyone and you should be able to get an in game hint as to what it might be. Maybe look for a certain Catcher who is usually found In the Rye. I also appreciated the subtle reference to that book.

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I can’t seem to get the exe to extract the game?
Yeah, I just extracted it into a different area and it just worked, idk why.

Hey I Love The Game!! What Software did you use? I love the Principle of the Game and wanna try myself on making an RPG like that (Private use only for now im not as good as you :smiley: ) but i still would love to try and it would give me something to do during corona.
Thanks in advance. Nicky!

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