Games with well written interesting characters and story?

Are there wg games that are well written with interesting, multifaceted characters that aren’t just fapmaterials / mannequins for fetish events?

I’m yet to find a game here that is a truly interesting story with interesting characters, even if you remove the wg parts (but they are even better with the wg parts).
Which is pretty disappointing considering that tfgames had at least a couple of games with high quality writing.

(Disclaimer: Note that I’m not trying to talk shit about the games on this site, there are a few pretty good ones and not every game has to be a masterpiece, I’m just asking about whenever or not there are games here that would fit the bill for these specific requirements.)


You should check out Apostles and Some Bullshit then - truly amazing stories.


The most recent story-focused wg games I remember playing are round railroad, edypos and growth academy.

I also second the Apostles recommendation, but I am not caught up on its most recent release!

I believe all these games are still in development, but perhaps they may have what you’re looking for

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Cosigning livegoeson4 (especially Some Bullshit, which is the best-written comedic RPG on the site) and adding:

The Gloucester Estate Spooktacular: a short, multi-ending twine game about attending a Halloween party in college. With efficient and flavorful characterization throughout, it feels genuine and sweet

Witch of Gluttony
Olive And The Ruby Bra
Depending on your taste for the style, these both do a fine job with certain anime/jrpg personality archetypes. Note that neither are finished quite yet

Avril’s Appetite If you like meta moves (writing and gameplay) and bratty characters, lachevite is the creator for you

:purple_heart: Insatiable Hearts [v0.1.2D] - A monsterfucker+Weight gain Twine Game: As a work-in-progress, this one is light on finished character arcs, but has flavorful NPCs in spades. Twine adventure game built on wandering a strange, dreamlike world

On my Watch list: Myre’s Massive Mealtime - a stuffing game (v0.37 now with android), a game about a first date between two characters who are into this, but don’t know how to approach the subject

(And I can see you’ve tagged this as bbw and female, but in case any bhm/male fans are reading):
Cards of Gluttony - a gay, weight gain card game [v0.3 released on 25/10/2023!] Deck-building game with an on-going story and a growing (heh) NPC roster, from the gruff and sarcastic barber to the himbo baker to the domaneering rival (and more!)
The Curse of Something: A RPG Game About Large Furry Men Twine life-sim/rpg with a perfectly breezy tone. Characters are fun and plentiful.
Enthralled - An interactive story about a hedonistic vampire and his servants Dark horror game about escaping a vampire’s compound after you’ve been hypnotized. If you vibe with the tone, this goes full tilt, with layers of character history and tragedy to find


Apostles and Some Bullshit are my top picks as well. SB for the more light-hearted comedy and Apostles for the more serious drama. That isn’t to say that they don’t do the other just as well, though.

You mentioned tfgames so I will bring up Between which is my favorite on that site. Although I’m not caught up completely.

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Some great suggestions already, I’ll throw a few more into the mix.

Coven of Calahree - RPG centred around a trio of witch sisters. I haven’t played much of it admittedly, but what I have played was pretty good.

EVORIA - Clue’s in the name, but this features vore and stuffing primarily, with weight gain further into the story. I must sound like a broken record to anyone who’s seen me give recommendations before, but the story in this is genuinely one of my favourites.

Archerquest - A hilarious romp with stuffing and weight gain shenanigans, alongside a touching backstory to drive the whole thing forwards. Early in development at the moment, but a very promising start nonetheless.

The Abugida Effect - Episodic Sci-Fi RPG with multiple intriguing plot points and characters, always keeping me guessing as to what will happen next. Features stuffing, weight gain and inflation (so far? As I said, I’m always guessing).

@Weirdobeardo89’s Joseph Earnwile series, starting with Goddess of Gluttony. This whole series of text adventure games is in my backlog at the moment, but from what I’ve read they all link together and follow the same character.

Neon Dreams - Gain Jam game with a compelling story and optional voice acting. Very impressive what was made in such a short time honestly.


I played apostles a long time ago but from what I heard the project got reset so in the current version there’s barely anything.
I also tried the Some Bullshit Stuffing game a while ago, but I guess I could check if there’s new versions since then.

Housewife Sim is a bit over-the-top, but it has a good bit of story. It is lighthearted and has fanservice, but was designed to actually follow a storyline that has character development. Chapter 2 has a lot more story, and there’s 3-5 planned. Housewife Simulator - FREE DEMO OUT!! ❤

I’m working on another game (Dairy Tale) that’s very narrative and has a lot of story, but I haven’t released any details on it yet.

I haven’t seen Forks listed yet Forks: A Weight Gain Visual Novel (Cancelled, all assets posted for everyone) - Forks was cancelled, but the storytelling is great.