Joseph Earnwile and the Goddess of Gluttony


My new game will be set in the 1930s, on the cusp of modern living. You are Joseph, an Anthropologist of rather new stock and dubious quality. You also consider yourself a bit of an adventurer, and now you have ended up in the small village of Gluttoz. Situated somewhat away from society, but still greatly influenced by their British conquerors, the small village is a weird mix of old and new. Your job as Joseph is to study the people of the village, take notes on their language, their culture and their habits. Then hopefully those old geezers at the university will finally notice you and your efforts!

The game is 18+ and contains optional darker material.

The latest version of the game can be found here: Joseph Earnwile and the Goddess of Gluttony by WeirdoBeardo89

All my links: @weirdobeardo89 | Linktree

Game Guide: Goddess of Gluttony Game Guide - Google Docs

I am in no way a professional game designer, coder or artist. This is my way to let out some creativity and fantasies, while also hopefully making something others would enjoy.

Hope to hear from you all. Have a great day.
-WeirdoBeardo89 out!


Two bugs I noticed very quickly.
The intended intro doesn’t function. There’s a broken thumbnail, and no other text of interest in the center of the screen. Pressing “show map” several times eventually got things going.
Two of the pages for cook’s tome just loop back to a general description of the tome (“You turn the pages of the giant tome. Several pages catches your eye.”). These are specifically the 2nd and 3rd pages.

Luckily not glitches, just unfinished parts of the game :slight_smile: When it comes to the intro: pushing spacebar will advance the text. This could be made clearer. I am working on getting text to show saying “continue” or something similar.

Edit1: gotten the continue button to show, and should be working in the next update. Thanks for the kick in the right direction there.

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Then the usual: career, interest, etc.

Feel like we are missing a certain senator here. Thanks for your feedback!

Nice to see you back, looks like an interesting premise. Being more condensed sounds better too, having loads of characters in the last game was cool, but it did largely boil down to a lot of minigames focusing on one character at a time. Plus, like you say, this allows for a lot more depth to be put into each character.

And now I’m back with my usual list of bug findings.

  • The jeweller’s “look at” description is cut off, and all of their messages when speaking to them are blank (except about themselves where they just say “the”)
  • Infinite money glitch, the jeweller gives you money without ever taking the jewel from you. It’s also not clear that you need to give the jewel to him in the first place, likely due to all the empty descriptions
  • Cooking oranges makes apple juice
  • The Barkeep’s “look at” description is the generic “nothing out of the ordinary”
  • Renting a room gives the same message as if you were to buy food from the Barkeep
  • I ended up being unable to buy anymore oranges, but the other fruits were fine, so I couldn’t make all of the recipes
  • If you put one wrong ingredient in the pot it becomes unusable as it obviously won’t create anything, but there’s also no way to take it out. You can eat the ingredient but the pot still thinks it’s there
  • There’s no exit from the temple

Overall looks like a promising start, a bit confusing in places (having to use the offering on the temple guards isn’t immediately obvious) but nothing too bad, plus I imagine everything will feel a lot more intuitive as descriptions are added. Looking forward to how this develops.

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And as usual I thank you for your due dilligenze in creating a well explained list of bugs to find and fix :slight_smile:

Hopefully these will all be fixed by version 0.2. Descriptions and dialogue for the characters and items already there is going to be my focus until the next major update :slight_smile:

played the demo and enjoyed it, though if their was one thing i think would be nice to add since you are working with a smaller cast is also make the MC gain weight since this is about a tribal goddess, i would think their influence would also affect those outside the tribe as to perhaps maybe assimilate them or fit in better

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So…is the caveman speak a placeholder or…

Hey there. The “Caveman speach” is based directly on my grandma and grandpa trying to speak to my british wife in English. It will probably be there to some degree, but has already been greatly reduced. You will probably see it exchanged more for the Glutton laguage combined with hand gestures and broken English as writing on the game evolves.

I am unfortunately neither bi-sexual nor into male weigh gain myself. As such I do find it hard to write male weight gain in a convincing way. There is no ill-will involved, it just ends up sounding stilted, weird and unnatural whenever I try :slight_smile:


I am happy to see that you are working on something once again; I quite enjoyed your previous game. Are there any fetishes you are planning on incorporating into this project beyond weight gain?

I was thinking some pregnancy and vore may make it’s way in there. Breast and ass expansion/hucow may make an appearance down the line. There will of course be feedism elements to the weight gain. Other than that I am open for suggestions :slight_smile: It needs to be some sort of natural fit though, not something I squeeze in just because I want it there (which I did do a bit in my last game…ho hum…). I guess that’s the best answer I can give you for now.


Apparently this forum does not update or notify people whne I update the main post. So: Version 0.3 was uploaded today :slight_smile: Lots of new stuff for guys and gals to check out


I’m not sure if it’s meant to be that way but it feels like I make no progress. I’ll feed super fattening items to Agaa and the wife a bunch and nothing happens. Great game setting tho, this looks very promising.

The gain is a lot slower in this one than it was in my last game, I still haven’t quite finetuned the gaining yet. With 0.3.5 you will be able to find items that will speed up the gain a lot. There is also a lot of writing left to do on the weight-gain side of things. This will be a focus moving forward, as most other systems, rooms, items and general setup is done. I can’t make any promises for when exactly 0.3.5 will nbe up, but it should be available sometime this weekend.

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New question for the group: any fetishes you would like me to try and add to this project? I am nearing a finishing line for planning things out, but can find room for one or two extra questlines if there is enough people who want them. Reply in this thread, on discord or here:

Edit: link is now dead, but i am still open to hear you out. Reply here, message on discord or comment on itch, and you will at the very elast be heard/readand will usually get a reply. (a hotfix) is up on

Go get it if you want it :slight_smile:

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Glad to see you back with another project!

Looks like your poll duration already expired if you still wanted more feedback from that.

Edit: I just noticed your result posts on itch, maybe add the results here as well

Good idea, it is just so simple to make an update on itch :slight_smile:

So, polls. My first poll was about art. My plan for art is as follows:

  1. People want the art, I want to keep my sanity. Version 1.0 will be my first goal. This will be a finished game, text-only.
  2. My second goal will be a 2.0 version of the game. This will add art to all the main girls at their different sizes. I am currently in the process of making this art whenever I feel up for it. The process will probably be a little slow, but will get there.
  3. Lastly there will be a 3.0 version. This will add art to the secondary and tertiary characters as well, and I will count this as the competely finished game when completed.

My second poll about what fetishes to include had similarly interresting results. You guys want:

  1. Breast expansion
  2. Ass expansion
  3. General expansion
  4. Lactation
  5. Vore

I have made plans to add these to the game already, and have spent most of the day today making up an expasion-friendly new girl. Hope you guys will be happy with the results. This one is a bit different from the other girls, as she can be made to grow in different areas of her body without it affecting other. This has been a little bit of a writing and coding nightmare, but I think I have made it work. I may even have got a bit of leather in there for the bdsm folks… optional stuff is optional.

Vore will be a thing for my dear Rose, live animals, smaller and same size. For now no human targets, but who knows. Maybe a new poll is needed there?

Lactation and even some breastfeeding may be added to the hucows if enough people wants it. Have a look on for news and polls.

Any other suggestions or something to add to the discussion: comment here or go to my discord. I am VERY open to feedback and suggestions.

-WeirdoBeardo89 out!