Neon Dreams

Hey everyone! Moose here. You may remember me from last game jam - I made Cowgirl Casino. That was a big hit, so I wrapped up the story in Cowgirl Casino 2, then just decided to make Overstuffed for fun. That said - most recently, all my work’s been on Housewife Simulator, which has Chapter 1 out for Patrons, and Chapter 2 almost done.

I’ve partnered with @Galactose to make an entry, and we’re making good progress. I’m posting daily updates on the Patron-exclusive discord channel (slutting my Patron out here: and hope to have a Patron pre-Alpha up in the next few days.

The game takes place in the dystopian city of Nova-Paragon, where you’re struggling to scrape a living as an indebted hacker to a mafia-esque organization known as The Council. Gameplay is a hacking-themed minigame driving a story that follows themes of weight gain, stuffing, and plenty of bedroom activities with a very curvy companion.

Download the game on Itch for PC or Mac, and ENJOY!! Neon Dreams by AnonymooseProductions


woahhhh very nice color palette.

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It’s been a lot of fun working on this! I didn’t have a creative hand in this at all, I just coded the skeleton of the main menu and the minigame and created the UI elements, but I’ll plug myself anyway because my influence on this menu is clear to see for anyone who’s played Research Station M-00. It’s been great working with Anonymoose and it’s been super exciting to be able to do this with someone whose game got me working in Ren’Py in the first place!


Heh for some reason the naming sense is making me think of the old MMO City of Heroes. I do like the art so far though!

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A pre-alpha test build was just pushed for Patrons. Progress is good - the minigame is done, the GUI is like 90% complete, the main story is written through Chapter 3, with 4 and 5 partially drafted, and the story outline complete. Images up to size 5 including nudes are done and in the pre-alpha, and all characters are pre-made to their full sizes - just not included in the build to give me time to work on them.

If you can, support me on Patron and tell me what you think so far on Discord. If you can’t - no worries - I’ll still release a free version for you to enjoy for the Game Jam! :smiley:

Testing went well. I fixed tons of bugs - thanks to everyone who assisted in debugging!

I just pushed Alpha 0.2 for more playtesting to Patrons.

I think Alpha 0.2 is more playable by a good bit than the previous release, so I’m hopeful I’ll be able to spend less time debugging tomorrow and way more time making renders and content!

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Alpha 0.3 was just pushed to Patrons. It has chubby blowjobs!

Also flashing! (NSFW preview below):

Support me on Patreon and help me test! Or don’t and wait a few days! Either way, help build the hype train to get me working harder on this! We’re getting down to the last few days!! :sunglasses:


Oh wow this looks awesome, out of the games so far I’m putting my money on this one it looks amazing!

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I’m committed to a release today - but I’m going to be just a few minutes late to make sure everything is perfect. Stay tuned! :sunglasses:


In the spirit of PUSHING THE LIMITS, I have fully embraced the flexibility of the deadline and am pushing the limits of the deadline until less than an hour before midnight the day the jam is over.

"Moose, Why did you wait so long?" Well, this game went way off the rails, and in a good way. I’m proud to present a complete and comprehensive, fully voice-acted game for you all to enjoy. I pushed myself to go way outside of my comfort zone to make something different - this game is a new style of art for me, developed in a different way, with lots of experimentation to test the limits of the engine I use. I truly hope you enjoy the experience that is Neon Dreams.

Since this is a Game Jam, I had nowhere near enough time to debug - so please report any issues you find so I can fix them quick. In addition, this game has a lot of plot, content, characters, and world building that I left out due to the time crunch - so please let me know too if you liked it so far so I know there’s interest on further development! Good feedback and encouragement makes me want to build more games like this.

Download my entry on Itch: Neon Dreams by AnonymooseProductions

I was going to have a browser-playable version, but the voiceovers put it WAY over the in-browser limit for file number. Let me know if there’s a lot of interest in playing this in browser and I’ll do a special release without any voice acting!

<3 - Moose


i really love this game. The story is great and i love the carekter.
The only problem that i have is that thehacking miningame is so boring and that you have to play it over and over again really slow it down. Mabey make it faster or make it so that the upgreat make you skip them.
Anyway i really looking forward to what eles do you have plant for this game.


The android version seems to have a problem with the hacking when tapping on the right side of the screen it does not respond so i can never get the 0 right

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I can’t test Android, but someone is having the same issue on Windows (not everyone though). I’ll look into it and put out a debug patch.

Noted. I’ll see what I can do in future updates to make it less of a grind in a future release!

Thanks for the fast feedback

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I just pushed a patch with a new APK. Can you try again?

I also tuned down the difficulty a bit and made upgrading Iris easier per requests from a few people. It’s in the version 0.5B on Itch!

Good game. Definitely worth the wait. Liked the cyberpunk story and atmosphere but the hacking minigames seems rather simplistic. Even without upgrading Lynx’s tech at all, I was able to get a perfect score on every run and it soon became more boring and exhausting rather than challenging, especially when the target to hit goes over 10. I wonder if rather than making the game slower, there was an upgrade to reduce the number of correct bits you have to match so the minigame goes quicker or increase the payout so they’re more rewarding at least, but that doesn’t really solve the problem of hacking not being all that fun to begin with.

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There is a without after required that i think is an writing error

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Oh, that’s definitely a typo. I’ll fix that now and integrate it with the next patch. Thank you!

It’s amazing. I think the game is too easy too, and there was an over-100-message-long discussion in the Discord this morning about how the game is too hard. :rofl: Finding the balance is hard, so I appreciate the feedback. I think where it’s at now is a happy medium.

One thing is certain from feedback - the next update will reduce the number of times you need to play the minigame to progress. I’ll probably half it. I want to add achievements, so I will probably experiment with updating the minigame to have added complexity as the story progresses.

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