Cowgirl Casino 2

In the distant future, humanity has spread in all directions beyond the stars. Space travel takes a long time - so what better way to pass the time than watch game-shows of fattening up willing cowgirls?

In Cowgirl Casino 2, your host Colt Springfield is in crisis - ratings have plummeted since you led the show to success seasons ago. Can you save Cowgirl Casino - and the enigmatic host, Colt Springfield, from failure and the fate of being airlocked into space?

This game is the sequel to my Game Jam entry from last year: Cowgirl Casino - now released to the public.

You can download and play it now on here: Cowgirl Casino 2 by AnonymooseProductions

Let me know what you think - please reply here or join us on Discord: AnonymooseProductions

If you like the game, my next game - Housewaifu Simulator - is already out for Patrons. I’d love to make these games as more than just a hobby, so please support me if you can.


I understand why there is no Rollback, but I would appreciate at least having a message log. Double-clicking is a bitch in this game…

Pretty neat, though. Got the Huge Ending first try.


Pretty good game, well written, good visuals, only grime being no rollback, sometimes I just mindlessly click and accidentally skip important dialog


There is a message log, it’s right at the bottom of the screen called history. Plus, you can use the space bar to advance dialogue which I found to be quite useful

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Shit, completely forgot and missed that. Thanks.

Bug report: I only got up to the penultimate weight stage (<800) on my first run, but it still unlocked the final date in the scene viewer. Additionally, viewing that date through the scene viewer (having seen all other dates already) was sufficient for the “viewed all dates” achievement to trigger.

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Thanks! I’ll take a look and see what’s up. Do you know what weight you were at when the ending happened?

Viewing the dates through the scene viewer unlocking the achievement is intentional to save grind. I definitely need to see why it unlocked the final date though! :slight_smile:

Afraid I don’t recall the exact weight reached, but I believe it was in the 700s.

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I enjoyed this. I didn’t love it as much as the first one, though. The absence of the card game mechanic admittedly doesn’t affect me at all, but missing that, the game feels a bit tighter. Too tight IMO. There’s only 2 real character endings, and about 50% of the main endings tread similar ground due to similar sizes. I wish there was something of more meat to do, or it was over a longer period or something, or that there were more choices and cows.

I liked this game, had fun, got most endings, Fiona best girl, but… It doesn’t live up to the original IMO, because, even though backtracking to survive Poker could get tedious, it felt like I had multiple stories to play through, not just one with a few branches.

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Really enjoyed this! Never can go wrong with a BE/WG combo game with cowgirls. lol Especially enjoyed how big the sizes got. Pretty much would just like to see even more content with the game through more stages/girls. Overall a great, fun little game!


Thanks! Glad you liked it!! :smiley:

Really enjoyed it, I like how it encourages multiple playthroughs

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how do you get fionas stuff?

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never mind figured it out


Waste food to unlock her storyline. The results aren’t apparent at first… But you’ll figure it out!

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I updated my SDK when I was building Neon Dreams and did Android builds…

So I added an Android build for Cowgirl Casino 2 and Cowgirl Casino on Itch with Android builds!

I can’t test them, so if you can, please try and let me know if they work!


How do you get the biggest ending? Ive tried quite a few times and still havent been able to

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It seems counter intuitive but don’t focus on gains at first, max out the office and gym. That will allow you later to have way more energy to gain.

So it’s been a while since the last post on this thread, but the last achievement wasn’t auto unlocked once I finished all previous 8, great game btw

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That’s a new one. Thanks for the bug report. Did you manage to find a workaround, or is the 9th still locked?

Do you remember which of the achievements you unlocked last?