Birth of a New Realm

Hey, I made a new game for the 2024 Pregnancy Game Jam!

Birth of a New Realm by Ellie - Go play it, it’s free!

It’s pregnancy focused, but will have AE and BE when I’m done, and we all know pregnancy leads to weight gain. I plan on finishing it - the women only get to month 6 of the pregnancy in the gam jam entry and I made renders to full term plus have the story outlined, so I hope to update it soon!

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I got a bunch of views, but no comments! Let me know what you think! :smiley:

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When I used the current browser version, Lili’s last two stages didn’t load in properly, so it was just her face. Is this a bug, or have you simply not had the time to implement them?

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That sounds like a bug. There is some content still missing - but it should have given a placeholder image at least. Do you remember what part of the story that was in? Was it during the rescue or before that?

During the rescue (as in the stage where the excess energy from that one spell flows into her and the stage before the fight with Leah)

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is there a way get all the girls knock up at the same time?

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Another lovely game from a lovely dev. You have such a knack for writing such cute and loving characters and this game is no exception! Love the world building and story connections. I will need to give it another go sometime and try and get the best dialogue choices


I didn’t know if it’s a dialogue choice things, but all three girls ended up becoming preganan when I did a playthrough, but it’s not very obvious at first until like a month passes and everyone has a baby bump

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Hm… well i like to have all of them get pregnant at the same time…

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Yes, they all are. You can’t even get past a certain point in the game without them all being preggers! :slight_smile:

oh ok thank you. I can’t wait for next update.

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This game is fantastic. The story so far is great and the content is amazing. The implied belly stuffing and weight gain is top tier for sure. If there was an option for a little more belly stuffing aftermath shown and burping, either from the main girls or even from some of the side characters like the Thunder from Down Under or Millie and her girls, this would be my perfect idea of a game. Not considering my own personal preferences, this is still a 10/10 game. I can’t wait to see it finished.


I have a couple questions. Why a web release? Is it possible to save? The “export” option downloads a save .zip, but “import” doesn’t seem to do anything.

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It’s frankly embarrassing, but it’s simply because I didn’t have time to make a proper menu screen.

The next debug fix (out no later than Sunday) will be a full release with saves, menus, etc.


Various little thoughts

On Day 34, scene The Intervention?, soon after you get to Penny’s room:

Somehow it reminds me of the sillier kind of vtuber, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, most of the rest of the scene has that floating face.

Found a bug in game/roxy.rpy, line 725:

$ ascore -= 1

I like how the ladies have clear preferences about your personality, and they’re neither obvious at first or the same. You have to get to know them!

On the map, when you hover over a girl, she goes from :slight_smile: to :D, and I just think that’s neat.

I wish there were music and sfx but no biggie.

When Lili tried to talk me into making her a BE potion? 10/10 moment.

In Day 64, Elsewhere in Einstaad, the two orcs are cut off a bit above the eyebrows. Note, I’m playing fullscreen on a 16:10 display.

The Dwarven women’s support group is fun

Interface nitpick: When coming back from a scene, first there’s a fade to the blank map, then the overlay with the clickable characters fades in. One fade would be better.


Awesome. Lots of good feedback. I already squashed the $ascore bug, and will fix the face floating. The suggestion / interface nitpick is noted, I’ll see if I can make that less jarring with only one fade.

Thanks for taking the time to write up all that! :smiley:


I have a question about the current ending, or what I think it was supposed to be so after defeating the lich woman, I forgot her name sorry, and that pregnancy gas got everyone even more pregnant was the plan to make every woman including the orcs and dwarves pregnant as well with it, but the models couldn’t be done due to the jam’s time constrains so the characters affected were only the main ones? Or I’m just speculating too much?

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That’s actually only 3/4 of the story but was a good stopping point.

The surge of magical energy only affects the women in the room, so the three protagonists and Leah.

I plan on revisiting the game soon and adding the true ending!


i love this game and i do hope you continue with this and make a 2nd story for it, love the characters if a little clique

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