Cowgirl Casino

Ever wanted to fatten up your very own cowgirl? In space?

In the distant future, humanity has spread in all directions beyond the stars. Space travel takes a long time - so what better way to pass the time than watch gameshows of fattening up willing cowgirls?

In Cowgirl Casino, your host Colt Springfield puts on a televised card competition. You, as the trainer for your selected cowgirl, help her pick cards and bets to bring home the most money you can each round. Behind the scenes, you allocate your winnings each round optimally to maximize gains, get closer to your cowgirl, and unlock progressively higher weight tiers.

The game features 4 main characters, each with a set of dates that take place over the competition (40 dates total!). There is an achievements gallery, and lots of new content since the original Game Jam Entry!

You can download Cowgirl Casino from Itch: Cowgirl Casino by AnonymooseProductions

Let me know what you think - please reply here or join us on Discord: AnonymooseProductions

If you like the game, Cowgirl Casino 2 is already out for Patrons. I’d love to make these games as more than just a hobby, so please support me if you can.


This is a great game, really good concept too, but I can’t seem to be able to save

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I swear I’ve seen this game before, is there another thread for it already?


It was a game jam entry


love when a gain jam entry still gets worked on

It might help if you described exactly what exactly CC2 is - is it more of the same? New characters, alternate scenes for existing characters, different gameplay? I assume the Patreon post goes into more detail, but it can’t be viewed by non-subscribers.

If you’re getting errors when saving, make sure you’ve extracted the game from the .zip file. If you’re just trying to figure out how to save, use the save button on the bottom toolbar, or right-click inside the game window to bring up the save screen.


Could you give a changelog on what’s new in Cowgirl Casino 2 vs the public release?

Some custom cards have numbers that can’t be read, like Ellie 1 and 5.

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Saving works fine! Jimbobvii’s advice is good, make sure you’re extracting before executing. If you’re on a Mac, there’s sometimes other issues that can happen. Let me know if you’re on a Mac and I’ll dig up some instructions

I’ll take a look - thanks you :smiley: .


Sure! Cowgirl Casino 2 takes place after the game in this thread. The show gets cancelled due to poor ratings, so to save the show, the Captain challenges you to fatten up the host (Colt) as much as possible. The game is a minmaxing game where you must balance resource usage against food allocation and maximum fullness. The game focuses on the host and has a side / secret story for the cook, Fiona.


I’m not on mac, in fact I am emulating the game on a phone, but I can download it on my pc and see if it works there

It does in fact work on pc, so in conclusion the emulator handles saves with this game weirdly

Er, anyone else getting this error?

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Did you unzip the file from the download? Or are you trying to open the game from the folder without unzipping it

No I definitely unzipped it before trying to run the executable :man_shrugging:

What OS are you on, and did you download the latest from That looks like 1.3 - but just want to confirm it came from Itch.

I haven’t seen that error before. Can you navigate to the folder it’s specifying and manually run the executable from there?

Yes, I did download it from itch. I’ll download it again and try to run a fresh download using the method you indicated. Thanks again, by the way.

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nope, wasn’t able to find the executable in the specified file, even on a fresh download

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Something is wrong with your system. I just spun up a fresh Windows VM, went to Itch, and downloaded it, and the exe is there.

It has 12k downloads and this is new even for me! I think it’s a client side issue. Is AppLocker or a corporate policy blocking non-whitelisted executables blocking it?

I totally forgot to post here… The sequel to this game, which follows the host Colt Springfield, was posted for free download! Check it out!

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