Housewife Simulator (Waifusim v1.1)

Hey everyone! I’m Moose, I’ve got a new project I’m working on.

If you don’t know me, I’ve released 3 games so far, they’re free, go check em out!:

  • Cowgirl Casino - wg, female, bbw, ssbbw, stuffing, renpy, fully released, pc, mac
  • Cowgirl Casino 2 - wg, female, stuffing, bbw, ssbbw, immobile, renpy, fully released, pc, mac
  • Overstuffed - wg, female, bbw, ssbbw, stuffing, renpy, fully released, pc, mac

Back to the new project… I enjoyed the story-telling aspect of Overstuffed, so I combined that with a low-stress resource / time management game. You play through the story of a newlywed housewife and her mad-genius husband and their shared biomedical company. Just like my other games, there’s themes of BBW and stuffing, but this one also has the option in the first chapter for AE and BE. There’s random events, side characters, an achievement gallery, and the “weight room” where you can see unlocked progressions for each unlocked character.

Chapter 1 is released to Patrons on PC and Mac. I’ll release Chapter 1 publicly here when Chapter 2 is out for Patrons, but wanted to go ahead and post up some teaser images for Chapter 1 to get the hype train rolling. I’m a few weeks from releasing Chapter 2 and therefore the public release of Chapter 1.

If you want to try Chapter 1 now, please support me on Patreon and download it here:

Some teaser images attached!


I have to say I do like your last project so this one so going to be very fun.


Question, are BE, AE, and WG mutually exclusive?


Yes - at the beginning of the game, you’re given the option for chapter 1 for BE, AE, or WG for the protagonist.

You don’t get a choice for the side characters - they each have their own transformations (mainly BE or WG).


You have piqued my interest! I will be watching and looking forward to your developments.


Played the demo a while back when you released it on Patreon, I’m excited to pick it up again!

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As a goofy ahh patron, I adore this game and look forward to more of your work, even if Ive already seen this one hint hint


Ohoho that looks very exciting


Chapter 1 is still out for Patrons and Chapter 2 is almost done - but I’ve changed gears for the next week or two to Neon Dreams, my Game Jam entry. Neon Dreams

I’ll be back to Chapter 2 soon, and hope to have it out for Patrons soon!


I took a quick break from dev work of this masterpiece to work on Neon Dreams, which is free for everyone!

I’m picking up work in stride again this week on Chapter 2 of Housewife Simulator and will be posting updates on Patreon and in my Discord, so support me if you want to see updates and try out Chapter 1! :sunglasses:


Simple game but fun to play!

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Glad you liked it!! :grin:

Progress on Housewife Simulator Chapter 2 has been… Fast. I’ve made three scenes in the last week with lots more to come. Chapter 2 is going to be huge compared to Chapter 1, and I’m excited to release it.

Anyways, here’s the housewife in 2nd trimester belly bumping Ashley! More to come soon. :grin:


Can’t wait! This is a great combo!

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