Monjoshi Conquest, a prototype for a monster girl strategy RPG

Download/Play here:

The game is a prototype so it only consists of a single level which is also a tutorial, you play as the “Rat King” leading your new army to take the fields back from the lamia.

The gameplay is explained during play but for an outline, It’s a chess-like unit based SRPG where you can “feed” and “promote” a series of basic units according to whatever strategy you need to employ, I didn’t have enough time to implement promotion but the feed command is ready and you can probably get a bit of fun from that. due to no promotion, you are given 2 advanced units right away.

I’ve tested with only mouse and it feels good that way,
LMB - Ok
RMB - Cancel
if you want keyboard its arrow keys for navigation,
Z - Ok
X - Cancel



This is a great Advanced Wars style game! The artwork is superb and the game plays great. It is wild to me that this is in RPG maker.

Had a bug where one of the units became invisible and unselectable, had to either manually end turn or do auto battle.

I would love to see a continuation of this project beyond the Gain Jam.


My favorite game genre!

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honestly pretty good, aside from a few small things(like units still being counted as active despite being defeated)

would really like to see this made as a full game, maybe with the other races playable? maybe even with some racial bonuses like

rats: chance to gain extra food from defeating foes(scavenge)
lamia: gain increased defense at the cost of movement(scaled stomach)
slimes: increase attack potency depending on level of fedness(liquid reserves)

x2 on the invisible/unselectable unit bug after they die, round doesn’t end unless you skip it, but if you auto end it will move the invisible unit for you.

This one was dope. Do you guys intend to use rpgmaker for future iterations as well?

Forget how to quote comments on here, thanks for the feedbacks so far, failed to give much attention to dead units since I kept on testing alone and hardly ever dying, the dead unit thing should be an easy fix in any future release.

Another thing I forgot to clean up are the invading slimes at the end, I think the graphics are still facing wrong?

@xoyv Alot of races would be available in a complete version, I had to drop a few guys due to time restraints:
The gnome was just to appear in one form for demo but would have its own army employing lots of mechanical weapons and constructs.

The Wort (small plantlike one) was to appear during the tutorial to represent wild/neutral units, it can be attacked to gain items for your team to use.

@WonkyWankit If its to stay a solo project it will probably stay on rpgmaker


Dang. I might be able to replicate this on HTML… Don’t have proper software for non-pixel-based stuff, but still. Give me, like, a few months and I’ll be back to you on that. Love your work, by the way.

Your game is extremely well polished but I think it really needs more stat bonuses/detriments for higher weight levels, maybe a strength buff but a speed nerf as they get bigger? As it stands there isn’t much of a reason to feed your units past “well-fed” (besides aesthetic reasons of course), I was also thinking more food = more heals, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Really interested in how the “promotion” skill works out in future builds. Would love to see more base building stuff, unit production and a replayable game mode. Can’t wait to see more of this game.

I joke, I joke :grin:

Ran out of time but weight was supposed to be a skill resource for the troops and also would effect how certain battles go, like the lamias skill “Tempest” is supposed to fling the target into the air and then have them fall and take damage, the fall damage would be more if the character was heavier and if the target was heavy enough they would never lift off.

The healing is based on the on the weight level which is called “stocks” in game represented by the little hams or wahtever under the HP, the max for this release is 2 and every turn the exact amount becomes healing so the max regen per turn is 2.


OH MY GOD! THAT OPPAI PLANT! TOO CUTE! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I think Rat King unit need a little change, king get fatter but servant didn’t, poor servant need some fat to lift up fat rat king.

Er… don’t try to check the accessories in the equip menu for a unit. XD
It gets stuck.

lol And units only have 2 fat stages(currently maybe), trying to feed them a 3rd time makes them go skinny again. XD

I have won! The slimes wrecked me and my own rat king when they fell on top of us, but I was able to save the day with the scrapper and monk.

This was fun! Would very much like to see this get fleshed out. Tactical/Strategy Role Playing Games are MY JAM! But I’d like to see your pokeparody get into a publicly playable state first.

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The game is very simple and short, curiously, it is the best I have played, you can see the effort and love dedicated to this small part of the game is very well done, I hope to see the complete game

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This game I like very much. Now I think Fire Emblem is supposed to be similar (I’ve never played it) BUT I have played Advance Wars, so it does remind me of all of that. Now that you’ve released this prototype, I’m surprised that nobody (I can recall) has done a WG SRPG before! Thanks to its turn-based roots, weight gain doesn’t occur too fast but it’s just noticeable enough with each sequence (For the smaller units. The Rat King’s gain is a bit more apparent, but I don’t got no problem with that!). I like how the weight gain was implemented through feeding with items that healed your units, until the food became a sudden weight loss program after the 3rd meal!
Art is reeeeally good, gameplay is simple and straight forward, as well as fair, and it’s challenging enough to demand a couple tries (at least for me). Honestly, I’m pretty pumped to see what more complete versions in the future will have in store! The only problem I have is not really knowing what else the weight effects substantially enough aside from healing each turn in the prototype (Though I saw statements about the tempest move and weight affecting your unit being ragdolled from it as well as other changes, so this criticism would likely be nullified when you release a later version down the line). Other than that, I really like this game!


Hey, this game is really good. Been missing some strategy in my fetish games.

Would love to see more abilities as well as some more weight levels.

Hope you continue this project afterwards!

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This concept is looking very good. I’d love to see it be continued after the Jam has concluded. Super cute sprites, the weight gain is great, and I am a little curious about the allusion to the lamia eating up the rats, unless that was just some cute flavor text. The way the bellies grow and the units fill out is awesome and the artstyle is just super adorable, it must be said again.

Only things I’d say might need a tune-up are clarity of what kind of damage to expect from units exchanging blows, squashing the bug of dead units continuing to be recognized by the game, and perhaps balancing, given the Slime Princess had a habit of oneshotting full health Rat Troops if she got too close, same with Scrappers.

Overall, very excited to see this continue. A top entry for me, as short as it was. If you ever want or need help with additional sound design or writing, lmk.


Thanks for clarifying. I know you have your monster girl trainer game in the works, but I hope you keep on developing this, it’s a gem. Really would like to see a matchmaking mode, unit production, and base building/upgrading to almost turn this into a RTS style game.

I dunno if you already know about this, but there is a game called “vore wars” that is somewhat similar to this on eka’s portal. It’s a Unity based game, features unit production, town upgrades, randomized matchmaking, and even random map generation. Might be worth checking out for some inspiration. Obvious warning: there is vore in it, you can make the game almost exclusively slime inflation/cake stuffing with a little tweaking though.

Ah, Vore War… I was actually able to contribute a bit to that, The slimes whole existence belongs to me, as well as the old Leader Flag designs and the concept of the Slime Queen, and… that’s it. Otherwise, as for features the game has, there’s also map and race editors, don’t forget those.

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Yo wait, can I get a link to this game? I’m interested now. Sorry if this is the wrong place.