Some Girls are Bigger than Others v.2 [07-07-2022]

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Here’s a game I’ve been working on, just something to give back to this community of fellow masturbators. It’s somewhat inspired/lifted/derivative of Lost Girls, an erotic graphic novel from Alan Moore, for those familiar with that work then you’ll get that this game is essentially an erotic fan fiction of an erotic fan fiction, you might also know about some of the controversy that surrounded the graphic novel, so I should be clear in stating that the characters in this game are all, obviously, of a legal age (18+) to be subjected to eroticism.

V.3 coming very soon!

Some (well-deserved) praise for Some Girls are Bigger than Others:


I really enjoyed playing that, it looks like an excellent setup for a very good story. The corpse bit turning sexual caught me very much by surprise but I appreciate the warning and I look forward to playing more of the storyline. It’s also great to see some more TextAdventure games cause they can be really fun. The only bug I found is that I seemed to end up with two Thought Processors?

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Thank you for giving this a game a try, that bug with the thought processors should now be fixed

I looked under the cloth. all im finna say

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Goddamn’t RussianInternet, I specifically told you not to look under there.

shits too late now. u do u homie


the translations for Frau Hahnrei! Wie war dein erster Tag in der schlafenden Krähe? So ein wunderbarer und luxuriöser Ort. Sie können kostenlose Schnitzel unter Ihren Matratzen finden.

Meine Seele brennt mit einer Flamme, die ich nicht zurückhalten kann, und mein Hintern entleert endlose Schlammflecken, die meine Windeln nicht zurückhalten können.

Achten Sie auf Ihren Innerer Schweinehund. Das ist alles, was ich sagen muss. Auf Wiedersehen! caught me off guard soo badly, namely the second one

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I rather liked this. I do enjoy more unusual settings and with them more unusual treats. Looking forward to what may come next.


Yeah, that concierge’s got some serious unresolved issues.

Is that a Smiths reference???


^ came here to write this exact post


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Found this quote from Morrissey on why he made such a song:

“The whole idea of womanhood is something that to me is largely unexplored. I’m realizing things about women that I never realized before and ‘Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others’ is just taking it down to the basic absurdity of recognizing the contours to one’s body.”

I’m personally just being tongue-in-cheek with this choice of title.

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Next update will be released this coming Sunday, March 6th, and my intention is for this game to start to have more of an open-world feel. In the meantime, I’ll put out a poll just to get an idea of what I could be focusing on for this next update.

What do you want more of?
  • Just focus on that weight gain (‘take the cake’ route).
  • I’d like to see what that ‘don’t take the cake’ route has to offer.
  • More of Dr. Harold Cuckold PhD for whatever reason.
  • More dead cadaver sex for one reason only (I have a problem)
  • More of Alice and Miss Gale for obvious reasons.

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please stop mentioning the dead cadaver sex stevie we are all praying for you


I think you’re under the impression I’m into that kind of stuff RussianInternet, fact of the matter is is I’m not, I’m only offering variety for those who are. I don’t really know this demographic too well, so I have to make some tough choices and one of these is incorporating a grotesquely detailed scene of necrophilia into the game. It’s very likely that’s not the worse to come for this game, in fact it’s only a sample, but again-- these are the tough choices I’m willing to make for the betterment of this community.


it’s honestly best to just focus down one route and get that over with and the move onto the next one often times games feel super unfinished because they just have routes that end up going no where lol.


That’s a really good point, I do have an entirely different narrative established for that route but I’ll hold off on it, for now.

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Quick update: just so there’s a bit more parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme in this next release I’m going to delay Zeta update v.1 until sometime next week rather than this Sunday. In this update I’m looking to/have already include (besides the continuation of the main story): a flash-back story which you can shape and dictate, an explorable and sprawling home-base and two side missions. Side missions are offered through letters in the mailbox, if you accept a letter the side mission will subsequently begin. Some side missions might end the game depending on your choices (save!), others can disappear from the mailbox after a while, they also affect the main game in many different ways.


maybe some screenshots of the game?

It’s a textadventure game, not really much to see other than words lol