The Big Fat Vore RPG

Here’s a project I’ve been working on for about a year and a half now. This here is the latest update.

Uh, yeah. Lemme know what you think, and I hope you all enjoy it! :V


I have been waiting for an update to this game for so long really hyped that you have been able to do so.


I was surprised and pretty stoked when I saw the tumblr post; glad to see you still have this project going!


really tho Chitrab is best kobold


Oh, the game’s here now too? Fantastic!

I liked it well enough. Not particularly challenging, for the most part. Face-rolling’s pretty easy, especially when Wendy gets to Level 7; that’s when I recall trash mobs going from vague annoyances to completely trivial. In addition, I only realized after poking through the game files that a lot of enemies could be fattened, as I hadn’t bothered to do so; I never particularly felt the need to have Libra not cast Arcane Arrow/Doomwave, plus every other RPG in the world has conditioned me to assume that debuffs don’t work/aren’t worth it.

Nothing wrong with easy, though, if that’s what you’re going for.

A couple criticisms, though.

  1. For all the enemies that have mass-fatten/inflate attacks, it’d be nice to have a mass-deflate spell. Gumdrop Goblins are the bane of my goddamn existence. ETA: Welp. Only just realized Kyra had this all along, and I am stupid.
  2. Maybe a little more variety in decor and furniture. The early hallways seem especially sparse. A few more NPC’s to interact with might be nice, too, to make some stretches feel less sparse. Granted, it seems you’re only putting people’s OCs in for such roles, so that’s probably not something you can fix without a lot more effort than it’s worth.
  3. It’s probably a little late in development to change something this big, but… I’m not sure I’m a fan of being confined to a mansion for the entire game. It probably helps keep the scope in check, but I find myself not particularly caring about the setting.
  4. The amount of locked doors was semi-frustrating. It’s not that I’m put out by the existence of obstacles; rather, I’m slightly disappointed by the lack of variety in them. I can kind of understand there’s not a lot of possibility inside of the “sinister manor” setting, but still. Here’s an idea, actually: Replace some locked doors with stuck characters. Kass might’ve been strong enough to get free, but others might not. It’d be a much nicer way to integrate progression and story. Leanne already intermittently picks off people; instead of locked doors gating a lot of areas, why not have Leanne “unclog” some passageways at certain points?
  5. The lack of puzzles was kind of disappointing; I appreciate there’s not really a lot one can do in RPGMVX without scripting, though; at least, not a lot that aren’t annoying. Do you think it’s possible to have status-based puzzles? Like, say, an area that can only be accessed through a weak bit of floor broken by one or more characters being afflicted with fat. That might be fun, especially since we already have access to items that afflict us with the necessary ailments.

I apologize for the giant, rambling post. I just completed most of the content about an hour ago, and figured I’d just sort of dump all of my thoughts here.

TL;DR: Game’s pretty okay, and if nothing else, it’s got my imagination running; frankly, not a lot does that, nowadays.

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pretty good, but I have a few suggestions:
Bestiary: lists enemies you have fought, how much of them you beat, their stats, whether or not they are immune to expansion effects, their sprites (and expanded sprites if valid), and their attacks
Adjustable Music/Sound volume: the game is so dang loud it overpowers anything else I may have on my computer such as when I am trying to watch youtube while playing
Full Character View: an extra option in the menu called “View” that lets you look at a full picture of each character, with additional pictures for their expanded states

you get a red panda red mage with a spell that does just that

Full disclosure: I never touched Kyra. My bad.

it helps to look around for all the possible party members because some of the things you are complaining about may already be solved by someone you haven’t found yet

Yes, I found her. I simply didn’t put her in my party.

oh, you can only have 4?

… Did we play the same game? You can only have four people fight at one time; you can collect every party member, but they can’t all participate in battle at the same time. Thanks for the facepalm earlier, though.

Now, let’s stop shitting up this thread with our natter.

I haven’t gotten to the point where I have more than 4 characters yet, so I didn’t know

Yeah, I like that idea. I’m definitely planning on fleshing out some of the early areas more.

Sorry, but my current plans involve the game taking place entirely in the castle. <:V

That’s a good point. I’m planning on having the castle be more open after the clearing the second floor and smashing the third crystal ball, but a larger variety of obstacles like the ones you mentioned are good ideas.

I’m honestly pretty apprehensive about trying to design puzzles into this game. I’m worried that they’re either gonna be way too obtuse or buggy. Something status oriented might be workable, though.

I like the fact that the main character is a skunk. I like skunks a lot. What do you think of skunks?

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this game is great, I loved your work and the new things, especially a certain chocaholic bun…

I loved the little bosses, but I noticed that now has the “immobile” buff but so far I couldn’t finish a battle with him active, or I didn’t see either of my party characters get huge as a fat jelly

I don’t know if it was supposed to be like this or not so I was wondering if this buff will affect the character like inflated, fattened etc.

my only complaint so far is the “immobile” status, it wears off after like 5 turns. I feel like it would be more interesting and fun to fight against with a few changes:
1: make debuff removal skills or inflation removers also remove the condition
2: don’t let the skill wear off so the player actively has to worry about it instead of just heal the immobile character
3: allow it to persist through a battle, but not effect overworld skills or movement
4: have more enemies use it, and bosses use it more frequently. I only ever saw it twice and only once per fight. And I was sitting on a boss that could do it for plenty of time to trigger it again.
5: add a rule where if everyone is immobile either the party is forced to swap to the characters in reserve, or it triggers a game over. Potentially add game over scenes on bosses where it could happen

Sorry if it’s a bit longwinded, just a really interesting mechanic that is severely underused and easily ignored right now

So kinda like a “Petrified” status? I can dig it

Sorry, but my current plans involve the game taking place entirely in the castle. <:v

I mean, I figured as much. It’s just that it must be kind of difficult to squeeze variety out of a setting like this.

Out of curiosity, is the building in the courtyard going to be a greenhouse or a tool shed? The courtyard’s already a pretty nice idea, and it’s ripe for expansion. I could see a garden/farm subsection.

Another area I could see being added would be a sort of cold-storage/giant walk-in freezer. In fact, I can already think of a meta-puzzle/gimmick for it: A thermostat that, when interacted with, either increases or decreases the temperature. Certain areas melt when the temperatures lower, removing walls and making certain treasures accessible, but also melting bits of floor into deep puddles and making other rooms inaccessible. Should only need to toggle one switch for a mechanic like this, but I’m not sure how simple it is for RPGMVX to continually swap out/alternate room layouts. I wonder if it couldn’t be cheated by having two different rooms, one version frozen and one melted, for a heavily affected room, and simply have the entrances to the rooms choose which one the player goes to based on a conditional page.

Again, probably a lot more work than it’s worth, but it’d be pretty neat.

I don’t think I put enough encouragement in the first post, so I guess I’ll dump some here:

  • Characters are fun, and so are interactions between them.
  • PC variety seems pretty well taken care of. I was about to be upset about the lack of Weeaboo Fightan Magic characters, but then I got Yva, so we’re okay.
  • You have obviously put a lot of work into this, and I appreciate that.

Hopefully, I don’t keep vomiting text walls at you. We’ll see, though.

Ever plan on adding humans as a playable race, or is it strictly furries-only?