Whole Hog - Version 1.5.1 (Bugfix) Update (PC and Mac) Now on Patreon! Version 1.4.2 now linked here for free!

Hello there! (This is an edit to the OG post to get it current with where the game is at. This thoughtful suggestion comes from @Krodmandoon. All hail krod!)

I am making a visual novel I’m calling Whole Hog using ren’py. It’ll be made with Daz3d elements (currently using Gen8 and 8.1). There will be multiple sprites per weight stage for the main character to express “emotion” as well as the main supporting characters. I have several weight stages planned for our leading lady (and maybe some for her friends). I’m working on this like a scruffy looking nerf herder (Solo)!

Version 1.4.2 update: PC version

Mac Version:

Here is the 1.3.5 update! This should have most fixes in place, but there will still be the odd (hopefully rare) spelling error.


Here is update 1.2! I added the gaming activity and resized the assistant sprite. This means a new game will need to be started as a new variable has been introduced. Other than that it is much the same as the version released on patreon way back when. Buttons still suck, typos abound. Beware!

Here is update 1.1 for free a few days early! This version features the updated sprites, some updated backgrounds, and the next weight stage. The sprites in this version are still too small lol, the buttons are still cumbersome and there have been no dialogue updates. I just tweaked a few minor things.

Here is the original demo! It goes up through the first weight stage and has some (I think) fun activities.

(Note some of the backgrounds are place holders for now)

If you feel like supporting, a link to the Patreon is at the top of the page.

Here is a brief summary of the plot: A new job offer and a failed relationship send you from the East Coast of the USA to the West Coast where you move into an apartment and meet a nice neighbor girl, Danielle. After sparking some interest for a few weeks, you end up on a first date. You find out she has quite an appetite for many things (mainly food). From there the typical weight gain hi-jinks ensue.

The basic structure of the game will breakdown kind of like this; each new weight stage will have a “Big date/event” and between these events there will be day to day activities, going to the park, visiting the local bar, stopping at a bakery, checking out the beach, and hopefully more! (These four are “fleshed” out, pun intended).

Enough with that, let’s meet the cast!

Danielle: Our leading lady. She is the typical girl next door with a bit of a foodie streak and a tendency to gain weight.

Next we have Kim: Danielle’s long lost college roommate, who turns out to be a baker and her waistline has suffered because of it. Will she warn Danielle about the dangers of overindulging? Or help fatten her up as a revenge for the teasing she endured?!

(Can be found at the bakery.)

Next up Rachel: Typical athletic friend, always harping on Danielle for any tiny overindulgence! Will their relationship hold up under the weight?

(Can be found at the park.)

Tracy: Sassy brassy bartender who has no time for fools. Will free beer and extra food from a handsome new cook plump her up?!

(Can be found at the bar)

And rounding out the cast (somebody stop me!) is Cindy: A hefty honey from HR. Will there be a catfight between Cindy and Danielle? Maybe an eating contest for the heart of our hero? Time will tell!

(Currently only in the beginning sequence)

There is also your assistant Shelly, will your influence work wonders for her waistline?

(Can be found at work)

The last main character: You!

No picture here, just look in a mirror or something.

There are several versions out, the most recent one is of course on my patreon page. Anytime a new update drops there, the old one will go here for free!

Let me know what you think!

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Always love to see a new daz weight gain project, this sounds interesting. I’ll definitely be giving this a watch, best of luck to you on development and can’t wait to see more :wink:.


This sounds amazing I’m super looking forward to this and more details.


Interested to see what you can get out of Gen 1, good luck!


Honestly not much lol. I’ve experimented with how big I can make it go, it’ll take some creative posing but if things go well I may change out the models.

Since I’m not rendering whole scenes I can render an image in about 5 minutes. Trying a whole scene took and 2.5 hours. I may throw a few in just for giggles but I’ll have to see how it goes.

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So just an FYI Gen 1 will not let you get as big while also keeping the model looking good. In general those models are way less high def than say Gen 8 or even Gen 3. But also DAZ is very expensive so I definitely get it.

Some things you might look into if you’re looking to do this on the cheap are things like high polygon count Geo Grafts which are just skin replacements essentially. You can use those and then mess with crap in Blender to get all sorts of good stuff if you have the time.

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I don’t actually use geo grafts but if you’re interested I can ask a buddy where he bought his.


Yeah, Gen1 doesn’t do super well at larger sizes. My hope is to completely replace the models in the future with gen8(hopefully keeping Danielle’s style the same). I won’t turn down help but geo grafts sounds a bit beyond my skill level right now. But I’d definitely experiment with it!


PS maybe I’ll figure out replies too lol


Experiment endlessly, look up tutorials on Youtube, and when you want to switch to Gen 8 just let me know and I’ll be happy to tell you what specific things to spend money on so you don’t waste anything.

Basically all of us using DAZ pretty much go to some of the same products for morphs but there’s a lot of duds out there.

“Experiment endlessly” - I think that’s my new favorite quote!

I appreciate any help I can get, especially when it comes to being more economic with my resources!

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Really looking forward to this one!

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Here she is a little further along the gaining path.

I’m planning on having her character be used to having a big appetite, but not always so happy with the consequences of it. Until a certain someone (you) comes along and basically gives her permission to go Whole Hog.

We’ll see interplay between different variables that can be influenced by your choices. This will in turn effect how fast she gains. But she will gain nonetheless. I’m new at ren’py and most of what I’ve learned is from google and so the variable will be pretty basic. I’m hoping to flesh out some variables that will give emotional consequences to player choices. For example, if you side with Rachel, her exercise obsessed friend, or agree she is eating too much, we’ll see some ramifications for that in the “Big Date/Event” when she goes up a weight stage.

One of the day to day options will be inviting her over for dinner, (a sequence that will trigger when you enter the kitchen and have reached a decent cooking level) you will pick from four food options, and the choice of adding certain things to the meal that may “enhance” her dining experience.

You will also be able to bake snacks, or treats for Danielle, to gift to her. As a rookie you can make boxed cake off the bat, but as you practice you will learn recipes for cookies, gourmet cakes, and the classic: Cheesecake. These can be given to Danielle as a treat. Her reaction to these will change with her weight and her outlook on her gain.

As for the other day to day activities, I am planning on having them culminate in a choice that will effect Danielle’s outlook on her gain. For example, one sequence is her going to the beach with you (yay swimsuits) and overindulging. Will you support her? Or mock her for eating so many nachos? This will be tracked in a variable system that will lead to different outcomes for the big scenes.

That’s all for now!

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This is getting better and better I am looking forward to see this pull through.

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is this a little like the weighting game?

I guess it will be “like” it. But firstly, I cannot stress enough that I am no Tiggertoo. His game was a masterpiece, mine is more like a finger painting. For example instead of fully rendered scenes there will be sprites on a background. I may throw a few full scenes in there but with the sprites I can render faster, however it does come at the cost of quality. My storytelling style is different (worse) as well.

Secondly, I guess it will probably follow a similar gameplay style? Big events to showcase the new weight stage with daily events in-between.

I’m not trying to copy his style by any means. It just seemed the best gameplay mechanic when I was thinking about starting this up.



Ok just kinda wondering

It seems to be a very promising game, can’t wait to see more of it.
I also have a question, are the characters going to gain all the same way or some of them may have more in one part (butt, breasts, belly…) ? I don’t know if that’s possible with DAZ.

Sure thing, I’d say structure is built in chapters like The Weighting Game, but the visual style is closer to Gain of Life. The navigation however, isn’t done through menu options like in Gain of Life. I went for more of a “button” appearance.

It is possible to have different kind of gains, but as the sizes get bigger it gets harder as it all starts to even out or looks cartoonish.

For Danielle, she starts out kind of all over but I’m planning on having it mainly settle in belly.

For Tracy I have a feeling she’ll be a bottom heavy kind of gal.

Cindy is straight belly, and her starting weight is higher than the other girls.

I’ve not had luck testing with a top heavy or apple shape. This could be the limitations of Gen1 in Daz or just my own limitations lol.

In the future I’m hoping to update to Gen8 as it has greater variety in almost every aspect.

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PS here is a look at my design for Tracy. This is her starting weight.

Gotta get them tips.


It’s more a limitation of morphs than anything else. There are specific morphs that can let you do different kinds of shapes but all the ones I know of are for Gen 3 and 8. Even then a lot of those are really not perfect you have to mix and match with a ton of them.

Like I said, experiment endlessly. I’m almost never fully satisfied with what I have.