Penelope's Christmas



A short, cozy little game about helping a reclusive girl with bear ears have her first Christmas.


This is adorable! I love everything about it. One question though, are you supposed to choose different combos of food on different days, or does that not affect anything?


Nope, not really, the food system is pretty straightforward, the foods that are unlocked later are generally more fattening.

Glad you like it!


I enjoyed the expressiveness of the dialogue and the motivations of the characters. They have these fun yet relatable personalities and struggles. Each day you feel a little bit closer to them and they grow on you more and more. My only complaint is that the text box seems to get cut off after the first cut-scene.


Short and simple, but incredibly cute and sweet. Penelope is a very adorable character~


I really liked it! Love how her belly can be stuffed and pudgy at the same time~
Rooting for you to win~
(And also maybe hoping for anything else from you~)


anybody with the text issue. yoiu gotta play it in it’s smallest window.


Oof, thanks for the heads up. Resizing the game seemed to cause all sorts of weirdness, hopefully I put a stop to that.


playing the game right now and loving it.
Advanced merry Christmas <3


frickin love penelope. I hope to see her again someday!!!


This game got me with the nice tender feelings.
Its is simple, little bit like cakehoarder’s submission.

Its a vote for simplicity, cute and nice visual (the snow, the expression, the body)
And its a vote for it to become something in the future. Maybe not it the same shape, but with the same
kind of attention to detail.

this gets my comunity vote.


Even if you don’t win the game jam, please develop more games. The relationship felt on point, with the back and forth between MC and penelope and the art was adorable, my only gripe is i wanted more.


Aw thanks, that’s super nice! I will almost certainly be making more games in the future, so look out for those.


I love the game! The characters are great and the art is so cute!


She’s too cute and the kink content was too exactly-my-speed I am overwhelmed!


this was a v cute little quickie fattening :3

also, if you decide to elaborate on this, maybe go in a direction like an old feeder game called “chief”? some people might know about it, but the gist is finding ways to make your guest gain the most weight in a limited time frame, and without making them mad by overstuffing or underfeeding them, or giving them cruddy food. could be fun to see how ready for hibernation you could get her in a certain amount of time with a bit more challenge!


I loved it, your pixel art is amazing. Would love to see something with these sorts of graphics but with more fleshed out gameplay.


My gawd this is so freaking cute! Loved it^W^


This really reminded me of like undertale’s art for when buying things from a vender. I hope to see more like it in the future if possible!


How do you change the window size? It pops up too big for my screen and I can’t Alt-Enter it to fullscreen.