Fat Fortnight 11/2018 Winners & Scores!

Before I go into the winners I would like to take this time to thank all the participants for their hard work. There are many concepts here that if expanded on could become really amazing games! We hope you all had fun with it and maybe learned some stuff along the way as well.

Ok so now the rankings:

  1. Rpg guy’s submission - 66270
  2. Penelope’s Christmas - 65942
  3. Hunger (EHCB Fat Fortnight entry) - 65409
  4. Salem’s Appetite - Cakehoarder Game Jam Submission & Cookie Disposal - 65307
  5. Valentime at Shibo Mansion! - 65271
  6. Reindeer Gains! Snailofapproval’s submission - 65007
  7. Hansa And The Festival - 64653
  8. Twisted ways (Exas4000/g12olo submission) - 64128
  9. Holiday Clicker. A cookie clicker style weight gain game. - 62649

And the community pick is:
Penelope’s Christmas with 36 likes! Congrats @sometimescozy!

So with that done we would like to congratulate our winner @Grimimic! Congrats on getting 1st place! Expect us to get into contact with you to discuss payment methods within the next day or so.

And once again a final thank you to not just the participants but our awesome community! With out you all this would have never been possible!

Raw score sheet for those interested:
FF_FinalScores.xlsx (27.6 KB)