Hansa And The Festival

Heres my submission, MEGA (updated link)

Its the short story of a gourmet fairy named hansa who is rushing back home to take part in her peoples equivalent of thanksgiving.
Its a short RPG with collectibles and light combat. can be completed in 5-10 minutes.

I would have liked to add more spritework but im very busy with my main project and the time limit was kinda short.

It contains a few of the features in-combat from what would be a larger WG game project, If those are enjoyable please do give some feedback so i can gauge interest.

Note: (In case people are missing)
-You are able to manipulate enemies through destroying their clothes and forcefeeding them.
-Theres is a low chance of encountering special larger sized enemies.
-The larger sized enemies cannot be stuffed because they weren’t finished.


The creator is missing an img / char / Hanna% 25 (6) .png file

If you go to the folder path, replace the “_” character with a “%” character (not including quotation marks) and it should work.

Thank you so much, It solved.

but solved because it arrived at a certain point in the game that appears the same error

If you replace all the underscores with “%” in all the image files that start with Hansa, you should be able to get through the whole game fine, that’s what I did.


what am i supposed to download??

i feel lost.

do i need to download everything and put them all in one folder?

Download the whole folder, I think you should be able to right click the title in the top left?

thanks -_- seem like i was blind

wow thats weird, google drive seems to be messing with the files, ill try to find a solution.

Edit: replaced with mega link and added some notes to original post incase people have been missing minor features.

The game can definitaly go somewhere!
I do like the ennemies and characters designs. :smiley:

I’m sorry, it’s not allowing me to download it…

This game is amazing I love being able to forcefeed your opponents .

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x2 on the force feeding, healing your opponent but eventually can immobilize them, more games should adopt it
I have to ask though, is it possible to immobilize the fat goblin girls? they seem to be like a bottomless pit


okay, finally got it to download and yea, force feeding like that is a nice mechanic and I’d like to see a game a bit more like this


In the current game its impossible to immobilize the larger ones, due to time constraint i wasn’t able to do the art for all the forms. the plan was to have a really flexible system where you can transform the enemies in a variety of ways:

normal → stuffed → immobilized


fat → stuffed → immobilized


fatter → stuffed → immobilized

All with custom art for all the stages, I was also working on a bloated, water and air inflation states.

I keep getting this error. Based on the fixes posted above, this probably has something to do with the filenames.

I run my PC in Japanese locale, so my computer can parse Japanese characters correctly, so what the game looks for above is actually this file name on my PC- Capture

I’d recommend renaming the Japanese files to English filenames so that this error doesn’t happen- this makes the game borderline unplayable as-is. :confused:

How to save the game? I can’t open Options with Esc.

It’s really not long enough to really need to save

Yeah, after I finished it like 5 mins. I thought it would be longer. After all, it is fun to play.

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