Cookie Disposal

Welp, here’s the version I’m submitting to the jam, good luck to everyone participating!

This can be played in internet explorer or any standalone flash player, fullscreen works best since the bottom can get cut off at some resolutions. Arrow keys and up/z/space to jump, p to pause, r restarts.


this is just unplayable…

How so, i just played through the whole game. nice job on it

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Hmm, for me, it wouldn’t load up in firefox, but that may be on my end. Chrome didn’t even try.
In explorer, it loaded the scroll with the story, but the button to progress was hidden until I right-clicked and set it to show all.

If it won’t run in your browser or runs slowly, try using the Flash Standalone player.

Just download that, run the program, and open the flash file.


That was really cool! One problem, though…I beat the game, but all I can do is go back to the start!! Are the levels supposed to unlock?

Yes they are. Is nothing happening when you’re clicking on them or are they still grayed out?

Okay, so I got it to start on that player, but now it’s just… on that screen, nothing is working…

Which screen are you on? If it’s the intro screen with the scroll, the bottom of the screen might be getting cut off, try going full screen or zooming out to find the arrow to click to continue.

They’re still grayed out. By the way, I really like how the screen shakes when she gets heavier!

EDIT: By the way, I played through in the standalone projector instead of a browser. I’m not sure if that saves progress the way you designed the game to do it.

EDIT EDIT: Tried in Firefox, still no luck.

Oh, I think it’s just because you’re closing out of the session. I don’t have any sort of saving implemented at the moment, so if you shut the game down you’re back to square one.

How do I get back to the level select screen without closing the session?

EDIT: The running animations are absolutely gorgeous, btw.

If you press p to pause the game there’s a level select button.

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I absolutely love this! Silky smooth controls and well-designed, satisfying levels.

(Worth the absolute nightmare of trying to run a swf in 2018)

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Even if im not into furry i just loved the game,the concept of rewarding after the hard work of finishing a level just feels satisfying,if this would change somehow the minds of the Jury members then you have my vore

I must say, I really appreciate the improvements made to the level design. The later levels were still hard, but they presented a far more reasonable challenge than the earlier versions.

This game is somewhat tough, controls are a tad slippery, but it’s winter themed, so that is excused. Jumping feels like a hold/tap thing. It’s also a tad floaty, which does look funny when you’re really fat. Hit boxes also get bigger, which does add some challenge. Would love to see the game save progress, since I don’t think you can force unlock all the levels or some just to get back where you were with a Flash Player Editor. Overall, not bad for a platformer.

Grotlover2 Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 355
Writing: 0
Concept/Design 710
Msc: 125
Total: 21190


A nice little platformer for the most part. The art assets are nice and the level designs are fairly well thought out. Unfortunately, the controls are loose and feel sloppy, and I would have loved to see the weight gain feature effect the gameplay in some manner as it felt inconsequential.

Kilif Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 375
Writing: 30
Concept/Design 1295
Msc: 180
Total: 21880


Ambitious to make a platformer; though extremely floaty and controls being pretty loose, it wasn’t enough to detract from the game too much. Art assets and animations were great, the screen shake really won me over. Unfortunately, no dialog so couldn’t give you points on that.

Juxtaterrestrial Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 364
Writing: 227
Concept/Design 1476
Msc: 170
Total: 22237


I really love how you implemented weight gain as a mechanic. It doesnt make you able to jump less, but it makes them harder because your hitbox is bigger. It kind of creeps up on you as well. You made a tight game with tight mechanics and it’s great

Total points: 65307