Penelope's Christmas



Currently, there is no way to resize, as changing the screen size essentially breaks the game in the current build. I’ll try to create a version that allows for resizing soon-ish!


This is absolutely amazing. Penelope is so cute and adorable and you did amazingly well bringing her to life.

Seeing the end result was magical. I hope you win your competition, and I wonder if a sequel could potentially happen.


How do I give this a vote, this is the best little game I’ve played in a while


I think you just hit the heart.


Right to vote, click the heart like button on the original post.


I just Love your Game! I think I am in Love with Penelope! I look forward to more of your great work!


Grotlover2 Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 280
Writing: 315
Concept/Design 890
Msc: 110
Total: 21595


A neat little VN. Having to plan what you fed Penelope and moving room to room was a nice way to shake up the standard format. Unfortunately, the feeding mechanic feels shallow since you just move onto stuffing her with the next high calorie food item as soon as it opens up.

Kilif Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 370
Writing: 330
Concept/Design 1205
Msc: 185
Total: 22090


Extremely polished game with a great visual style, very solid writing/character building, and with very little establishes a warm atmosphere. Main complaint is the ‘game’ element itself is underdeveloped compared to other entries, but the presentation more than makes up for it.

Juxtaterrestrial Score

Category Total
Basics: 20000
Art: 372
Writing: 330
Concept/Design 1376
Msc: 179
Total: 22257


This game oozes style from the very firts moment. Loved the set up, and the pay off. The minimalistic mechanics serve it well i think. Dialogue and writing were good. My biggest wish would be for a bit more granularity between weight stages, and maybe a bigger final size, but i can’t fault you for where it is now. Really good all around

Total points: 65942


I can’t get this to start for some reason. it says win32 function failed.


From what I can discover, this seems to be an error that will sometimes occur in gamemaker games on certain graphics cards. Updating your gpu/directx drivers seems to solve the issue for a lot of people.