Fantastic Dungeon Extender for American Audiences (TM)




In this version, you will find:

The new Casino! Have fun, gamble, interactive with the ever-charming staff!
-Win wonderful prizes!

A new and improved Small Hut area for combining items!

Spelling improvements!

A shit ton of new dialogue!


This update might seem a little light, but it’s because I had a lot of back-end stuff to do… And also the card table and casino area took way longer than I’d care to admit to finish. Mostly because I put too much time into the casino area.

For the fetishy stuff that I’m sure everyone cares about more than all the lore and backstory I spent hours writing:

[spoiler]The creditor is picky, but loves a new wine flavor

Busty statues can be destroyed if you have the right tools[/spoiler]

That’s about as descriptive as I’m gonna get. If you find something and feel the need to share it for unlocking said smut scenes, go ahead. I’m aware of the Prize Table displaying a blank message if you’ve already claimed a prize- I’ve fixed it in my core game and it will actually have something to say next week. Beyond that… It’s a mystery what I’ll finish! I have some more ideas for what I want to do, the main issue is finding the time to do so. I know I’ve been doing a lot of writing with an admittedly small amount of fetishy pay-off, but I want this game to have some serious length to it- and that means future proofing it as much as possible.


Hooray! So hyped for this! I was about to ask on deviantart if the preview was related to the SNES game as it did indeed seem familiar…


What time? I live in Britian so I guess in a few hours or something?


Demo is now live.


I’m kinda stuck on what to do after I pass through the forest and into the room with the bookshelf. Any hints?


Between that and the sacrifice room, thats pretty much all i have done :I


I like what you’ve got so far! The hint that the dragon wasn’t always like that makes me excited what the heroine might similarly experience through the course of the game. The possessed glasses were a nice touch of humor and personality as well! Keep up the good work!


Maybe I’m too much of a G&S wonk, but the instant I read “they smell slightly floral, reminding you of the fresh flowers that bloom in the spring.” about the Small Patch of Mushrooms, I couldn’t think of anything but the song “The flowers that bloom in the spring” from the Gilbert and Sullivan musical, “The Mikado.”

The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la,
breathe promise of merry sunshine…


Looks promising so far. I like how eating the mushrooms after being forced to drink tons of wine adds a little more bloating.
Found a little bug, though. Going west from the mysterious forest doesn’t actually put you right in the center of the room; it puts you off a little to the right side. And going east again doesn’t re-center you. You can keep doing this to go off the map entirely.


I’ve into a similar thing to Joerandom. I definitely like how the game is starting out, and look forward to more. Just one question: how do you save the elf? The sacrifice option I get, but there’s no key or keylike device as far as I can tell, and even knowing the outcome of the event, the idea of sacrificing someone for personal gain is not one I would contemplate.


[spoiler]Raid the dragon’s hoard before you talk to it. Just once, though.[/spoiler]


The incorrect map tracking is unfortunately an issue in the engine itself, theres nothing I can do. I might disable the map in future versions.


‘Falonde’… ‘magiks’…‘pink’… HMMMMMMMM




No but for real I actually got all my names from a random name generator. My love for the Lalonde family is mostly unrelated to why I chose Lalonde.

That being said, any resemblence to Homestuck is all but coincidental unless it is totally on purpose- a certain cat with a curious name of Vodka Mutini may make an appearance at some point ;D


Can’t wait for more! This is what I’ve always wanted :smiley:


I wonder what will happen when you are able to drink the mushroom wine…


Hoping to get the new update up tonight or tomorrow. Probably going to post weekly updates on here with whatever I manage to get finished. This update involves a casino area, which will give you the chance to get one of three two very special items- each of which will allow you to access a different path! Ive also introduced a karma stat and a coin pouch which… Im sure I’ll find more uses for later, at the moment its only good for gambling. Initially, gambling WAS completely random, but I broke the game and had to roll back a few updates to get it stable again, so now it’s a linear set of events.

If you knew the effects of the mushrooms that you dumped into it, you probably wouldn’t be foolish enough to drink wine inbued with them :stuck_out_tongue: it will have its uses, I promise.


New version is up! Details in the initial comment.


Hi. New to posting on here. Love your work, jerkajerk <3

Is there a way to get the sword in this current build? I feel like I’ve tried everything…

Edit: Wait. You said before, “This update involves a casino area, which will give you the chance to get one of three very special items- each of which will allow you to access a different path!”

But the fourth wall breaking tablet says we can get items from the casino… “A whopping two of them” head scratch