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This is the official Growth Academy Thread. We will be posting updates on the games development here every three months.

Links to our DA page and Discord can be found here

The game focuses around 6 girls that each have a particular “growth”. Weight Gain, Muscle, Giantess, Ass Expansion, Breast Expansion, and Pregnancy are all here for you to date and explore.

Link to the most recent build is here:

School is now in session!


Welcome! Glad to see you here!


Does a little twirl and trips over self Hey everyone! We are back with a new development journal for Growth Academy! I hope everyone’s month was good, and everyone is staying safe. But it’s time to go back to class, as GA has much more stuff that has been in the works!
What in particular?

More scenes were written for most of the girls this month, especially Alice, Akira, Aida, Naomi, and Shiori!
Along with that, we’ve been working hard on touch ups and rewrites.
New cgs and backgrounds!
Things are looking really good, and we can’t wait to show you all of the great new art we’ve got!
New sprites!
We’ve been working on getting in new sprites and outfits, which should enhance the scenes even further.
Updated and new music!
and more!

Keep your eyes and ears out for October 1st, when we’ll be releasing the new build. Until then, thank you all for following the progress of Growth Academy!

Looking forward to it! It’s a great game/story/experience! Thank you for all you do.

Any way to combine threads? There already seems to be a thread for GA here Growth Academy (expansion visual novel)

Enjoyed going through Alice, Honoka, Shiori and Aida’s routes. Probably not going to go through the others though.

Just wanted to toss it out there since this has come up the game was updated yesterday and the mega link in the first post will lead you to the current update (released Oct. 1st this is the same link as the one on the GA discord).

Clock’s internet has been in and out recently. I’m sure he’ll want to make an official post here like last time, but in the interest of making it easy to find I’ll post a link to the announcement on the DA page Latest Demo Build of Growth Academy: Sept. 2021 by Diant707 on DeviantArt

The file name always contains the date of the build, so be sure to double check that against any previous builds to know you’re downloading the most recent one.

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Thank you for the latest update - it is an amazing game! One of the best!

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Congrats on being Curated. :smiley:

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It is good to see it! I’m glad the discussion thread on the game will be consolidated to one channel.

Hope everyone has been enjoying the new update. It’s been one month since it’s been out. I didn’t want to spoil anything, and I might be a little biased, but I think this most recent update for Alice (WG route) was our best one to date, both in terms of quality and quantity of content.

BOO! Happy Halloween everyone! I hope Diant treated you well when I was trapped in the wilds of the great mountains of the northwest on a journey to achieve enlightenment by going “Haha, mountains look like booba”. I hope you got a lot of candy to tribute to the ladies of thiccness, because this October update for Growth Academy’s progress will involve some big things.

This time around, we’re doing a ton of rewrites. Alice, Naomi, Aida, and Akira are all having their scenes tweaked and touched up, and our writers have been paying close attention to making sure their scenes are the best they can be! Lots of new scenes coming in! We’re all doing some good work so far on getting in new scenes, and they’re coming along really well! Most all girls are gonna have new scenes, and as it so happens Shiori will be nearing her first ending phase. This means that, assuming everything goes smoothly, the next build will get you to a point where an ending sequence begins, and her route will culminate in a final scene after! I hope you’re prepared. New arts! We’ve been coloring sprites, and hope to have some new ones too! Along with that, there will be a lot of new and updated backgrounds! Lots of 'em! And as per usual, there will be lots of bug fixes all around!

That’s all we have for now! Thank you for keeping in touch with us, and I hope that your October month was as fun as it was spooky!


Oooh… I wonder when the new update will be available

January 1st. Check out this journal post they’ve made on DA.

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Hey all!
We are here with another Development Journal for Growth Academy! I hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving, and if you’re hungry for some more GA, you’re in luck because this upcoming update is gonna be a four course meal! What have we done to prepare for next month?

MASSIVE bug fixes. Some particularly tricky bugs have been patched by our boy, LuckyJack! He’s done a bunch of hard work in making sure the game runs smoothly, so big props to him!

Sprite updates! There will be new and newly colored sprites comin in hot!

New backgrounds for everyone to enjoy!

Aida, Akira, and Alice have been getting some touch ups to their routes so far!

New scenes! Lots of new scenes for Akira, Naomi, Alice, and Shiori!

I know everyones excited for the next update, and it’ll be coming at the end of the year to give us time to polish things and give the team time to rest for the holidays. Get ready for it though, this one is gonna have some big things in store: some thicc things.

As always, thank you for following the progress of Growth Academy! I’m thankful for y’all, and I hope you have a good one!


Welp happy holidays, hanukkah, whatever floats your boat, this hound will be toasting to a better year ahead this month and can not wait to see what you’ve cooked up, so cheers to you so whatever holidays you guys celebrate be merry and new years bring good fortune for us all

Really looking forward to it! It’s one of the deepest games around… ! So many different aspects of culture etc.


Clock here, and I hope you all have been doing well over the past few months! This time around, we’re ending off the year with a new build! And this one is HUGE. We all have been hard at work, and I hope you all enjoy the results! This build, you can expect:

10 new scenes for Shiori, including a size up to size 6! She will soon be the first route to reach an ending ^^

Two honoka scenes are added!

Alice’s rewrites have been completed, which means the first 40 scenes have now all been revised - players should definitely replay the route if it has been a long time. Plus new scenes!


m-more rerwrites of a-aida

Naomi has two new scenes and one rewrite!

A lot of new backgrounds, a few new CGs including ones for Akira and Alice, some missing art content for prologue, new expression for Tomo, updated Tako’s size 2 sprites, Tako’s size 3, Alice’s size 3 athletic swimsuit And a new MC001 by Murp, which you can check out to unlock a side route for Daichi!


And lots, lots more!

And with that, we hope with the new year you’ll enjoy this new build! Make sure to swing by our discord and let us know what you think :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Have a wonderful year, and here’s to a great 2022!

that art team is :b:retty good at their job eh

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I’m not sure whether or not I’m allowed to say this (I’m not sure if this counts as a spoiler), but I love the preview of Alice at the carnival. She’s so round and soft and cute. I hope as her story progresses, she gets rounder and softer and keeps her round, soft form

Hoping for the best in the next update :vulcan_salute:

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I was really pleased to meet Kei’s sister Tomo in the introduction - she’s really cute in her black outfit. But they are all cute - great credit to the artists and the whole team!