Growth Academy (expansion visual novel)

Hey all, not my project but their’s a expansion themed visual novel called growth academy being regularly updated on deviant art. Themes include: WG, BE, PRG, Muscle, Butt expanion, and giantess.

here’s the group page: GrowthAcademy | DeviantArt

Definitely support these guys, it’s very well written.


Man I made a post about this around a year ago lol

Damn really? Sorry didn’t see that post lol

Nah it’s all good my man, my old post was in a very obscure thread haha

Haha well I do hope this game gets more attention. It’s really good.

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They have there own Discord

And I’ve been trying to signalboost WeightGaming over there- with marginal success. Maybe one of their mods/admins could come over and commandeer this thread, but that’s probably not going to happen.

I hope they do, putting up a thread or taking this one would definitely give that game much needed attention

Just wanna say this game is GREAT and they did a major update just a couple days ago!!!


I’ll need to check this out :eyes:

Yeah I tried the demo, it seems real interesting. Idk why they would be opposed to putting their weight gain game on a weight gaining game site but that’s their loss.

Unfortunately, it’s been months since any of the updates actually added new scenes for Alice, the gainer girl. A big update was supposed to come out in November, then December… The arc has been in limbo since like the summer.


No major updates unless their name is Shiori, Aida or Honoka.

Shiori, as much as I love her, has nearly triple the scenes of most girls.


I’m on their official discord if you guys want an invite or something

It is kind of funny I played this game for the fetish but now I play it for the story.

That’s because she has the most dedicated writer on the team. Each girl has a lead writer, and Shiori’s is by far the most prolific.

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Huge update for BBW content, Including a new full arc set at the beach. Will there be swimsuit sprites? Perhaps.


new update dropped:


New update is out This update has Alice’s (the WG character) route updated with rewrites and revisions to 20 scenes mostly on the earlier part of her route.

One thing that was off putting to me was the way Alice’s route was early on, this fixes that in my opinion. She is a more likely and understandable character without losing any of her normal charm she had originally. So if you felt many a bit put off by Alice or how the scenes were structured like I was, now maybe a good time to check out what they team has been up to.

Of course as always the best place to see the full update description and info about the game is on the GA discord which is linked right under the update on their deviantart.