Growth Academy: Second Year

Growth Academy: Second Year is a fan-made mod of Growth Academy, an expansion based visual novel. It takes place after the original students have graduated and follows an all new cast of characters as they live, adapt, and struggle with their newly expanding bodies.

As of right now the mod is being worked on by just one person, me. I’m working on the art and writing side of things, however I hope that anybody interested in helping or just interested in general contacts me.
The Characters
Kasumi Hatanaka
Kasumi is the artist of the academy. A creative girl who looks to the stars and the spirits for guidance in life.

Soo-Min Yung
Soo-Min believes herself to be the centre of attention at all times, however rarely she actually is…

Suzume Suzuki
Suzume is the street punk of the academy. She is the definition of street smart and is the toughest of the bunch.

Mimi Ryusokomaru
Mimi is a total fluffy bunny. She’s rather fragile, and maybe a bit chicken, but she’s got inner strength to match her new outer strength.

Penny Hagakure
Penny is the athlete of the academy. She is an adventurer who doesn’t mind getting down and dirty. (Image is a placeholder, will be replaced as soon as the sprite is ready.)

Takumi Katsuya
Takumi is a good-hearted yet often belligerent student of the school, his small stature and weak form often lead to him… overcompensating.


Hoo boy, I was waiting for something like this ! I wish you good luck in the developement of this mod.


Seems quite disrespectful to the original devs to try to market this as a sequel, a name change would probably be for the best as to not create contempt towards the team


The devs have said people can make whatever type of story and sequel they want



Oh pls, no, don’t tell me that AGAIN girl that gains weight gonna be most annoying and hardest to romance with…


It’s kinda worse for me, the character with the kink I like the most is my least favorite and the only girl I really liked had my least favorite kink :skull:

But yeah best of luck on this project, I’m interested in seeing what you do with this! I never clicked with the original game despite REALLY liking the premise.


I’m curious now. Which is which?

My GF is actually former staff and the artist for that penny sprite up there


I’m curious now. Which is which?

What do you mean?

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Was talking to the Halberd guy

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In that case I’m just as curious.

Updated her description to be more accurate.

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The weight gain and breast expansion girls, respectively.

(Also this is not meant to be a knock on anyone working on Growth Academy proper, my issues are just down to personal taste and y’all did a great job on the game)

Volunteers for Growth Academy: Second Year

We are searching for writers to help out in our mod for GA. It isn’t a professional project, so if you just have a passion for writing then come and join us.

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This is exciting! Looking forward to a follow up of one of my favorites

i would like to help with the sprites uhhhhh wheres ya discord server?

to this response, remember. It will most likely be released. The thing is its just me and Engi Working on it. So still have high hopes up, we are always looking for more staff.

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Good luck on your future projects
And I hope someone takes up your work in the future so you may at least see its fruits


meh, if someone steps in, it might aswell revive itself

what was the point in this post? You’ve refreshed a threat in everyone’s feed for a project you yourself called dead.