Okui Demo - V.0.01

Hello everyone!

I’m glad say that we’ve finished making demo for Okui!

Right now it’s pretty short (since we’d rather focus on making the full game) but we’re hoping that it’s good enough!




  • game might not work on 32-bit systems
  • animations freeze up (when V is pressed)

Little hard to tell you defeated an enemy, but I love that you definitely eat them as you go! Or are they just stunned?

Nothing to interact with, if the signs are meant to say anything, especially the one before the building at the end, I don’t get anything when I hit E.

Anyway, I love it!! Looking forward to seeing more!

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Yup, the enemy is stunned.
Team opted behind soft vore, so I don’t think anyone dies in this game (ignore the skulls and bones in the pit)

I’ll release another version with a lil bit of extra stuff sometime later, so there’ll be extra stuff to interact with! (rn there’s only one sign)

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I’m really excited to play once I finally get home! :slight_smile:

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Pretty neat, animations are great.
Changes between start and first belly is a bit sudden.
Controls feel good.
Bit choppy with spamming buttons.
Great start imho.

I mean, the MC swallowed a whole creature, too.

The demo is really great so far! Will you add an WASD control scheme in future versions?

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I hope so too

Hmm only thing i say is could use some actual eating animations showing frog girls gobbling up their prey, some jiggling or movement in bellies perhaps.


its amazing so far, the only thing I may request is some air attacks if there aint any already cause I couldnt pull it off if there was, sorry if that sounds rude, but yeah, other than that and a little fine tuning and it’s great for me! oh, possible jiggling cause I mean, who doesnt like some jiggle


question, can we play as different character later on?

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Pretty good lookin’ demo, my dudes! I’ll probably wait until the game gets a bit closer to Version 1.0 before I make my own Q.O.L suggestions and whatnot since I’m sure plenty of changes are to come during development!

Based on the current demo though, the controls are very responsive, which is a fantastic thing to be able to say since that is what typically makes-or-breaks a platformer for me, personally. Likewise, the sprite art is as good as it looked when it was shown off in some of the other topics so nice to see it all in action in the demo! Not much else I can really comment on, but I’m sure I’ll have more to say in future updates~

Pretty good first impressions overall though, especially from a more “tech-demo” perspective, so looking forward to whatever the team has planned for the next build!


Love the slight belly sway when she runs. Controls feel great, nice and tight, ideal for a platformer, love how she gets slower and how she can’t hop as far as she gets fatter. This is going to be good.
edit: there is an extra character at the tallest point in the map, is there a way up or is that just an easter egg?


fantastic game :smile: its a good start

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We have this on our to-do list!
But we’re not sure whether those characters will be just unlockable reskins, or actual characters

It’s just a lil easter egg, you can’t get up there

@viewtifuljoe66 Yeah we plan to make things more lively in the future

@yandere12133 Yeah, I was the only one who noticed that at the discord server, I will inform the programmer about that, this is absolutely not rude btw :green_heart:

@Maria_House We might have different outfits or maybe different characters in the future yeah, but that is such a heavy load and we need to focus on other stuff right now, so we’ll see

@Disguy Thanks, dude!

@eman006 Huh, I did not even notice that you got slower, and yeah, the easter egg is just a lil nothing

@theo_diksen Thanks! It actually went better than I thought

Thanks all of you for playing the demo! We really appreciate all of your comments and feedback, we love you all! :green_heart:


Breaking News: @Goodlew just said that it was because of BalAnCiNg IsSuES

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I really like it so far. You guys have done great.

One thing I would appreciate is the ability to install it to a different folder.

I try to keep my C drive exclusive to my OS windows.
Also I try to keep all the stuff I got from weight gaming in one folder. (away from prying eyes)


You got it, chief. Next one will be an .exe